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Shootin' the Breeze / Pick up the character that most resembles you
« on: November 02, 2001, 06:43:21 PM »
There are lots of characters in Berserk.
I'd put the subject Who resembles YOU most in appearance and personality.
As for me, I have dark eyes and hair because I'm an Asian woman. So unfortunately I can't find the character can match me perfectly since the characters in berserk are usually Europeans.
But how about one of Luca's prostitues? Can you remember?
Sorry I can't remember her name.( is it in the manga?)
She has dark bobbed hair and eyes just like me and she gets even hair-bang. The girl has a couple of things in common with me, especially hair style. So I'd pick up her for my dead ringer in berserk in terms of appearance.
And I think Farnese is much like me in personality though I don't have any saddistic memory in my childhood. :(
Farnese has a strict belief and lonely heart. In addition, she is damn stubborn and very hard to deal with.
But I'd make it clear she is warm-hearted person who can devote herself to somebody --- maybe Guts in berserk.
In many respects, Farnese is almost me in a viewpoint of personality.

p.s) Guys and dolls ? ;D Have a nice weekend!
but not me because my right leg injured since last week.
So I have to stay home only with my computer! ? :'(

Berserk Miscellaneous / The way I meet Berserk
« on: November 09, 2001, 03:24:42 AM »
How do you guys get berserk?

Where: just a simple small bookstore(everywhere can buy the manga in Korea)

Language: Korean and English(in case not yet published)

How much: 3,500won(about 3dollars) for one volume

since when : not very long since this August

YA: I don't have any YA.

How many times do you think you've read the whole volumes? :just three times

favorite volume : oddly I love the first three volumes and prefer "Black swordsman" to "The Hawks"
Guts' "Defeat apostles" scene is No.1 but confused, depressed Guts with Casca is not so good.

DC: Never. I just enjoy a few kinds of puzzle game and then I'm totally puzzled!! ::)

and~ enjoy my questions.

Shootin' the Breeze / your IDs
« on: December 16, 2001, 06:31:35 AM »
we have hundreds of IDs here.
where are they from? and what are their meanings?
As for me, "puella" means " pretty girl" in Latin. :-[
a few years ago, a friend of mine asked me to name her furniture company. That company produced furniture for young women.
So I find out that brand name and get a little money in reward.(the pay was only enough for a coat)
but the company had to close its doors only in two years(not because of my brand name, never!!)
this is my ID's story.__

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