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Speculation Nation / Re: Do you think Casca will be cured soon?
« on: September 09, 2014, 11:13:04 PM »
I'm also another fan of Aaz's idea of Guts delving into Casca's mind, that'd be really interesting.

I really can't help but think we'll see that inside Casca's mind she's experiencing something not exact but similar to what happened to Griffith at the lake before the eclipse. In her own reality and inside her mind everything is happy and pretty perfect. The eclipse never happened, Guts never left, and Griffith became king of Midland and attained his dream. I think it'd be quite an emotional experience for Guts to delve into her mind and have his eye and left arm back and be put into that kind of fantasy world that he knows isn't real but that she made up to block all of the horrible things that happened at the eclipse. It'd be heart breaking.

You know until reading this thread I have never considered the possiablity of Guts going into Casca's mind to try to convince her to come back. My personal take on Casca's healing is that Guts would sort of hand her over to the Elf King and he would go to work on piecing her slowly back together. Because my impression of Casca's condition is that she is shattered and that her personhood would have to be retrieved by the elf king and put back together and that Casca would have to gradually have to be rebuilt from the ground up from the point she is now (an infantile person) to the point she was before the eclipse and that the last step of her reconstruction would be the events the eclipse. I also imagined that this piecing back together of Casca's personhood would involve the Elf King coaxing Casca to accept the events of her life who made her who she was so she can accept that person again and hopefully become whole. This is just my perception but I have always thought that a portion of the reason why Casca completely shattered was her belief that Griffith literally made her who she was and the destruction of her image of Griffith destroyed her as well. I mean Casca has two versions of herself, the feeble peasant girl who just endured life and hardship meekly and the warrior woman Griffith gave her the opportunity to be. An opportunity she would not have had at all if it were not for Griffith. This is something I have always wondered her healing would have to include to make the real Casca come back. That she can be the woman she was independantly from Griffith. I mean Griffith was almost like a God to her, and even though she was moving away from this rigid devotion (Judeau saw this and pondered on it) having someone she revered so much, who she gave credit to creating the very person she was in Hawks, betraying her contributed to her going insane and not wanting to deal with life.

I think Casca's co-dependence on Griffith is really going to be an issue that needs to be dealt with in her healing in addition to her accepting what was done to her during the eclipse. And if this is not addressed during her healing maybe it could be a good character arc for her. I wonder if a healed Casca would experience an identiy crisis when healed due to this.

But this is all my speculation if the Elf King was acting alone on this which brings me to this issue that was brought up:

I have a question. How the living hell would the elf king or guts be able to do that? I guess we are going under the assumption that Guts is going to (with the help of the elf king) pull a Schierke and dive into her mind, but when he is there, what iis he going to say or do? Would the act of entering into her mind be enough to jog enough of her self for her to even recoginize Guts? Or will it take more manipulation then that. Why id there an assumption that restoring her mind will involve her remembering Guts at all. Guts is not the reason she went insane. It is Griffith. Why do people assume that remembering Guts personly is going to (or should0 play a significant role in Casca returing? Wouldn't remembering the eclipse and the rape (the actual things that made her lose it) be the actual things that will factor into her remembering herself?

If Guts is the one who is entering her mind to convince her to come back and what he could possiably be said to her to do that, I was wondering if the expereince of his own rape could be something Guts would remind Casca of to come back. Guts was sold to someone by his own father figure, Gambino, and suffered a horrible  trauma of it, and then years later told to his face by a person he considered a father that he engineered the whole situation. That sort of pain and betrayal could be something Guts could remind Casca of that he has expereinced and that he understands her own pain inflicted on her by Griffith's betrayal and the trauma she endured as a result of the rape and that she does not have to feel ashamed. If Guts can remind Casca that he has gone through a similar experience as her, maybe it could help her find peace of mind and come back. Casca healed Guts of his childhood trauma after he told her about his expereince and she even said she felt like closer to him after that. Maybe a similar situation could occur.

Because Casca being upset or angry over Guts bringing her to be healed like some have speculated just does not cut it for me. I would be really pissed off if Miura played the story out like that. That Casca would be so ungrateful or cowardly that she would not want to come back or resent Guts for restoring her mind...or not even wanting to go deal wth Griffith after what he did, just sounds stupid to me and really tacky and even lazy way of handling the situation. It would make me feel like Miura is just beating around the bush, creating problems and drama just to avoid getting around to the ultimate confrontation with Grifffith. This speculation that some fans have that Casca is going to be a bitch who stabs Guts in the back and take Griffith's side for drama seems really cheap. If Miura does play it off like this I would be very dissapointed because Casca's character deserves some decent pay off for being stuck in child like mind set. What would be the point of making her the bad guy like that? It make me wonder if Skull Knights words could mean something that we have not considered yet or an event that Miura has not addressed yet as something Guts and Casca will have different views on. Because the popular ones of Casca resenting Guts for restoring her mind, or not wanting to go after Griffih for what ever reason just doesn't sit well with me.

I really enjoyed this project you did ApostleBob it made the movies seem slightly more bearable and it was the first time I seen the new movies in it's dubbed form. I am glad you chose the english dub for your project rather than the japanese one.

 In my opinion the new japanese cast for the movies do not compare to the original voice cast from the Berserk anime series. I really liked Nobutoshi Canna as Guts in 97 anime series alot better than the new guy they got. I know some people have complained that Nobutoshi Canna voice does not fit Guts but I thought he did a good job with him, he has this very raw almost guttural quality to his voice that I really liked. Same for Casca's voice actress in the 97 anime Yuko Miyamura. To me she is the definite Casca voice and I hear her voice in my head when I read the manga. I read someone say in another thread on here that her voice was too shrill but I disagree. I like the take Yuko Miyamura did on Casca's voice in the 97 anime because it was both feminine sounding without sounding too girly, but appropriately tough. This is an important quality for Casca because I feel that japanese actresses, when voicing a tough or warrior type female character tend to pitch their voices to low and come off sounding kind of mannish I really dislike that when it happens. Like a female character can't sound tough unless she sounds like a guy whose voice is about to change. And the voice actress for Casca in the movie absolutely does this and it was a turn off for me.

That is why I am glad that you went with the english dub cast and I appreciate that the 97 anime cast was brought back. I prefere the japanese voice cast to the dub actors but they were not bad. I think they have all improved over time and I honestly do not mind Marc Diraison and Carrie Keranen as Guts and Casca respectively. It was kind of fun how with your project I could see side by side how they did their performances from years ago and now and how they have changed things up and/or improved. Kevin T. Collins as Griffith has changed alot and I am still undecided on how I feel about his performance. Whoever said that he was trying a bit too hard in trying sound "subtle" while being evil hit the mark. Not sure how I feel about it.

You have alot of motivation to go and do something like this I am really impressed with your efferts on threading the two versions together into one in as most seemless and coherent manner the two source materials would allow. I enjoyed watching these very much and I think you did a great job with trying to make the saturation and music match up. Your editing skills are pretty good...what sort of editing software did you use? It also makes me think that the movies should have been four or more to cover the the material. I sort of wish though that you could have been able to squeeze in the scene where Casca, fatigued, drops to her knees, and Guts tough talks her. It is one of my favorite Guts+Casca moments, but I understand to make it flow smoothly you probably had to sacrifice that. Good job.

It's a fictional age in a fictional world.

Am I? She was his right-hand woman, not some random girl. I don't think saying it was insensitive is untrue (her reaction is proof enough), and I don't think his attitude in that particular context was a great display of gender equality.

I don't think you understand what "insensitive" means. The definition of the word is "deficient in human sensibility, acuteness of feeling, or consideration." Having his second-in-command keep a wounded enemy warm at night "because it's a woman's job" shows a pretty severe lack of consideration for that person's feelings. There really isn't much to debate here. And I didn't say anything about testing her loyalty either, on the contrary... I meant that her presence could have been a way to ensure Guts' safety.

you know I never considered this before you make a good point. I never understood why Griffith would  order her in the high handed way that he did to warm Guts using such a reason as that. And since Judo told Guts Griffith's exact words when he ordered her to warm him, it suggests he ordered her her right in front of the other men (or at the very least in front of the commanders of the hawk/falcons) which must have embarrassed her. I always kind of got annoyed with Casca's reaction (punching Guts in his wounded stomach/chest), but taking this in consideration she had a good reason to be pissed.

There is no doubt that Guts would have tried to catch any member of the Band of the Falcon if they'd been falling off a cliff. And taking care of Casca as a woman versus taking care of a man was, if anything, a hindrance for Guts. As warriors, the guys likely had no problem seeing each other naked, that's part of life in such a setting.

However, if there is one point that could be contentious, it's the fact he warmed her up with his own body. Guts had a distaste for physical contact at the time because of what had happened with Donovan, so it might be argued that he would have been reluctant to do it, even though in the spur of the moment I'm not sure that would have come into play.

I did not think he was that much bothered by having to touch Casca as he was with the fact that he was he was self conscience/put-out over having to undress some one who already hated him and has a history of reacting hostilely toward him and that that his stripping her would cause a volatile reaction from her...and he was right. Guts expression over contemplating
what to do for Casca:

but I did not consider his distaste for physical touch, only because I thought facial expression during those scenes came across to me on the lighter side then it being personaly unpleasant for Guts.

Also I agree Guts wouldwould have helped any one out in the same situation as Casca. It's not like after dragging who ever out of the river and finding out they had a fever he'd be like "oh your sick? Hope you make it through the night buddy, I'm climbing back up the cliff..."

The only thing I can't buy is that he would have actually warmed another man up with his own body like he did for Casca. He certainly would not have had a fellow hawk perched on his lap at the mouth of the cave like he did Casca.

Manga Mausoleum / Re: Manga character designs
« on: July 15, 2014, 06:02:55 PM »
I have always enjoyed how nuanced and detailed all of Berserks character designs are none of them are cookie cutter like some other manga artists are where every woman pretty much has the same face and the all the men look like Hercules.

Though I have to say that I like the evolution of Miura's character designs after the Golden age arc better. In the Golden age everyone had a sort of elfin appearance that I wasn't too fond of. I like how Miura draws noses now, during the golden age arc some character, Guts, Casca, Griffith side character had these pointy up turned noses I did not care for at all.

People are going to think I am weird but I like how Miura draws eye brows, look at some the up close shots of Guts eye with his eye brows framed prominently. It's not just a lazy line but he draws all the hairs and angled in different directions to make it look like an actual eye brow.

I aslo like how Miura can give off so much about some ones personality and attitude with just the way he draws the expression on someone's face  or their stance r body language. Especially when it comes to Guts. I have always felt that The anime and the anime movies failed to portray Guts lighter aspects of his personality and they make him too serious.

Casca I never really thought she was all that attractive in the early manga. It seems Miura is better at drawing feminine women now than in the early manga. I agree with Hot Chic that Casca was portrayed prettier in the anime. I loved her character design. I kind of think the anime animators made her even more exotic.

I do think he has improved on drawing golden age Casca, like what was mentioned in the other thread her face is more womanly her lips are fuller and her eye brows are thinner. I think Casca is prettier now with the longer hair but I feel he does not draw her as exotic looking as she used to be. In the earlier manga I thought the shape of her eyes was more exotic. Now her eyes seem to be wider and more circular. But that may be due to her being child like right now

Character Cove / Re: Guts' Eye
« on: July 15, 2014, 04:47:52 PM »
some how I think it would be kind of cheap if Guts eye was just restored through magic. It is a permanent injury of the eclipse. Same with his arm. 

Podcast / Re: The FloraCast: Women's Berserk discussion
« on: July 15, 2014, 08:47:53 AM »
I really appreciate seeing a podcast like this from a female perceptive.

Just a few quick comment/observations from listening to the pod cast. About Casca's desire to maintain a distance from her troops under her  in general I sort  of disagree with. I don't think it really fits her personality to do that. One of the things about Casca that I think made the hawks respect her was that she did not put on airs of superiority because of her position and was down to earth and showed them she can be capable like they can be. After the cave incident she is shown to be sitting among some of her own troops that I was under the impression her own men and she is relaxing and talking to them while drinking wine. So I definitely believe she mingled with her troops in a camaraderie manner. Though your over all the point you made that she would not allow her self to become inebriated  around her men  so as not and in a compromising position I think is her personality. I think Casca strived hard to make herself respectful around them.

Also I think in a future pod cast it should certainly be discussed how much the Hawks admired and respected her and how exactly she came to earn that respect. That in its self is a grand feat for her to have accomplished considering how gendered the roles are in the time Berserk takes place in. I have been curious about how she got to the point where she gained their respect and admiration. When you first see Casca as a peasant girl and Griffith allows her to be a falcon some of the hawk members already apart of the group show mild disdain for her. Corkus of course was the most vocal but I find it interesting how Casca went from being a peasant girl very much regarded as a possible burden and liability due to her sex, to earning her respect among them. By the time Guts joins the hawks Corkus and his posse are intimated by Casca and do not want to provoke her (hell Casca is almost a bully toward Corkus), and the other hawks admire her skill claiming her only second to Griffith. That's a accomplishment. Did Casca accomplish this all on her own? Was Griffith heavily responsible for the other members giving her a fair chance? Was Casca's early days as member filled with Girffith lecturing the other hawks to put up with her?

Also something that you touched on that I want to expand on is how her treatment by fans now that she is broken. I find outside of this site she gets very little sympathy and she is blamed a lot. All I hear is (oh poor Guts, the love of his life hates him...that ungrateful bitch!) Complaints of Casca being ungrateful and a bitch abound in the fan community mostly due to her affect on Guts who has sacrificed everything for her run rampant. My berserk haunts besides this place is youtube, and tumblr and some lesser known ones. Those places really seem to hate her and really seem to forget that Casca actually has a legitimate reason act the way she does around Guts. In one discussion I had on youtube, he expressed how annoying Casca is now that she hates Guts and he expressed she had no reason to act that way. When I reminded him that Guts assaulted her his reaction was "oh yeah...but still." Casca's ore deal is just not front and center with a lot of fans. They pardon Guts actions. This baffles me.

Another thing to bring up when it comes Miura's handling of women and men, I would like to point out Guts mature reaction to Casca having her period when he undressed her. I was impressed by how he wasn't really grossed out or derisive over her condition like I would expect a man to be in that situation. His first response was to be empathy and compassion. He does not even bring her condition to embarrass Casca the next day until she throws a punch at him and he gets mad. He even keeps her secrete the real reason she was sick when they got back to camp. I don't think any one was aware she was on her period when she fell ill. When she was apologizing to Griffith for her condition slowing everyone down I don't think any of them thought anything was wrong with her other than being feverish. I think that is an impressive angle Miura played with in regards to interactions between men and women in the manga.

I have much more to say but I'm going to bed now. LOL

Character Cove / Re: About Luca's troupe...
« on: June 29, 2014, 07:17:44 PM »
adulthood came much quicker during the medieval times then it does now. Teenagers were pretty much fully grown adults. I think if you reached 30 you were considered middle age back then? It doesn't surprise me that Luca's  troupe look very young. They were probably orphans and had no choice but to become whores to support themselves.

Character Cove / Re: Whose/What back story are you most anxious for?
« on: June 29, 2014, 07:14:00 PM »
the God Hand all the way. Hasn't there been some speculation that Slan was possibly a nun in her life?

Anime Asylum / Re: Berserk Golden Age Arc III: Descent [Review]
« on: May 31, 2014, 12:15:20 PM »
This is an argument that I hear alot of when people are trying to justify that she enjoyed and that she was kissing him Griffith back (not here mind you outside this community) and it is not taking Casca's mental and emotional state during these scenes into consideration. Something that some people always seem to miss is that Griffith forced Casca's mouth open and stuffed his tongue in her mouth.

See, he has his finger in her mouth and is prying it open. Casca is crying and looks like her face is forcibly being turned in Griffith's direction.

Here Griffith his has his tongue in Casca's mouth and she is clearly not kissing him back, her tongue is not even being shown here just Griffith's and again look into Casca's eyes here, see the pain and shock in them? It would have gone a long way in portraying the true nature of this scene if the movie adaptation had shown these details of Griffith forcing his fingers in her mouth. I have not seen the movie since the first time I saw it but I do believe that it looks like Casca is kissing him back.

Manga Mausoleum / Re: Adonis...collateral damage?
« on: May 17, 2014, 05:02:26 PM »
I think Griffith planning Adonis's assassination  along with his father would make him appear way too evil and heartless then what Miura was intending for his character. There is no way he could have known no matter how good a tactician Griffith is. Adonis's death was linked into Guts personal drama not Griffith's.

Anime Asylum / Re: Berserk Golden Age Arc III: Descent [Review]
« on: May 17, 2014, 04:51:22 PM »
I think the 97 anime should have had it's own ending, it was already it's own self contained story by the end of it's run what with all the changes it made through out it's adaption. I think it would have worked better that way instead of being a glorified trailer for the manga.

ALso Hot Chic I am glad that as completely unbiased new viewer of these movies that you saw "rape" and not eroticism during that scene. Have read the manga version of the eclipse yet? How does it hold up to the manga?

I did not mean to imply that she was simple in some way or 2D, I was just commending her for her the maturity she has shown thus far. However I am still skeptical of how much she might look up to Casca when she is restored. I like to think she would show the same maturity she showed in episode 287-288 when she decided not to begrudge Casca because she had her own personal bond with Guts, but would she still feel the same way when Casca is restored or would she start to feel jealous of her when she is well enough to actively reciprocate Guts's love for her? I just have this feeling that Farnese and Schierke would be closer toward the bottom of the group to warm up to a restored Casca due to their crushes on Guts.

Also I wonder how the other would react to Casca if she came back to her full self. Casca was something of an alpha and she came back to being that way after being as helpless as a child and acting somewhat mentally challenged, would the find her true self kind of abrasive in comparison?

Manga Mausoleum / Re: Did Farnese get through to Casca?
« on: May 13, 2014, 06:59:20 PM »
I don't see how, and especially not now that they're practically there. It's pretty silly to get hung up on this now.

It is something I have been hung up on since volume 23. I was hoping that she would eventually come to retrust Guts again over time I thought it would make her healing go smoothly if she got to a point where she at least did not hate him, but yeah since they are almost there now...

Allow me to remind both you and Heavenly Maiden that our forum rules stipulate that every member here is supposed to be supporting the author by actually purchasing the manga, and that those who don't are liable to have their account deleted. Furthermore, it's a waste of time for us to discuss things if you don't know what you're talking about because you're reading bad translations. It's quite annoying.

I have read the rules and yes I am buying the manga, I'm not just reading fan translations and not supporting the author. If referencing the fan scanalations is not allowed I will be more mindful of that in the future and be sure to go over my volumes first before I post some reference of the dialogue.

Considering that Guts has shown absolutely no interest in Farnese so far, I really wouldn't consider that a fair assessment of the situation. Not to mention that Guts and Casca have a son together.

A love triangle was probably a poor way to word it since they are not one any more Guts, Griffith, and Casca were. But since Farnese does have feelings of Guts I was afraid that this would create tension and jealousy between the two of them that I am not interested in seeing. But there is no clear way of knowing if that is what Miura will do...though it does seem like he might be setting things up that way.

I believe this because Casca trusts and depends on Farnese the same way she did Guts at first, and Farnese actually got physical with Casca during the bath scene by grabbing her shoulders (I'm not sure if she actually pushed Casca against her against the wall or if she just grabbed her forcefully) and yelled in her face, and Casca did not act fearfully and start distrusting her. Kind of makes me wonder if things would have worked themselves out after the strangulation incident if Guts had not forced himself on her.

Farnese did not get physical with Casca she just grabbed her shoulders, that is hardly a rough act. True if it had been a man that did that it would appear more threatening because men are stronger then women and it would be a more threatening act then if a woman does it to anotherv woman. As to how Casca would have reacted had Farnese had actually hit her? Thats a good question. If it was an isolated incident I think Casca would have cowered or even been emotionally hurt if someone she trusts like Farnese struck her. Casca reacted to Farnese's yelling at her as disaproval at her behavior like a small child would have, I think it would have played out the same way.

Also something to consider is that Casca despising Guts was not due to an isolated incident. It was a series of incidents that escalated into an assault that made Casca hate Guts. Regardless if it's a man or a woman I think if someone treats Casca poorly or roughly consistently over a short span of time she would despise them as much as she hates Guts now. So yeah, if Farnese struck her intially I think she would react like a chatised child. but if Farnese were to continue that behavior and it escalated in intensity over a short span of time I have no doubt Casca would hate Farnese and even physically attack her like Casca did with Guts in volume 23.

Some how I feel as though when Casca is restored that it would be up to Casca to actually approach them rather then any of them making the first move to be friendly with her. I imagine that Guts's group would give Casca wide berth (at least initially) when she comes back as herself. With that being said I think the one most likely to approach Casca is Puck. Like others have said he is very gregarious and non judgemental and I think out of all of them I think he will eventually wind up being Casca's confident. I always enjoyed in the early part of the manga how Puck attempted to be Guts Jiminy Cricket during his black swordsman days, and though I don't think a restored Casca would need someone to act as her conscience, I think Puck would play a similar role for her he played for Guts, but more suited to her situation. 

As to who Casca will graviate toward when restored? It is hard to tell I think she will graviate toward Puck for the most part but I actually think she would try to warm up toward Serpico and Roderick (assuming he sticks around after landing on the island) because I think, do to her position in the hawks she is more accustomed to interacting with men with a military back ground. I have this image of Casca practicing her swordmanship with either one of them. Some how I think Casca will feel a little shy or akward around Farnese and Schierke at first.

I like to think Casca will retain memories of how much Farnese have taken care of her. Maybe, like how Schierke has taught her to use magic, Casca will teach Farnese how to fight (better) with a sword. That might be a bit too much going on with her character though.

I would love for this to happen to and it is what I was hoping for until  Farnese's crush became more prominent. I think Casca and Farnese have more in common with each other then difference and I would think that Farnese (whos world was turned upside down) would have been a good person to confide in that there is getting over and evolving from a situation where what you believed in turns out to be a lie, like how her foundation in her faith was shaken. I would have loved a scenerio where Casca tryies to teach Farnese how to use a sword.

I think when Casca returns to her former self Schierke will look up to her, being a strong female and what not

hm, I wonder if Schierke would consider Casca like that... I mean what would she look up to, she is already a very capable and wise young lady whose mental and emotional maturity is far beyond her years even now. other then her warrior prowess what would she look up to in Casca? I never really thought Schierke was all that impressed with that sort of thing.

Speculation Nation / Re: Do you think Casca will be cured soon?
« on: May 05, 2014, 05:26:35 PM »
I hear ya. I've worried about it occasionally, too, but I think once Casca is able to rationally think she'll be far more understanding.

I've wondered about this, how exactly would Guts explain himself over assaulting her after the incident where the bandits tried to rape her? The incident where Guts gets possesed and tries to strangle her he can explain away because, well he got possesed. And the incidents where he had to tie her up and lead her on a leash he can explain (and hopefully Casca will be able to objectively evalulate his reasons for doing what he did) because it was necessary to keep her from running off in order to keep her alive. He can even explain away and hopefully even gain her sympathy and feelings of guilt over smacking her away from him when she tried to take his dagger to free herself (which resulted in her getting a bleeding lip on page 44 and 45) because he was under sleep deprived stress from watching over her in their dire situation and he had a knee jerk reaction to her trying to get away. But the actual assualt where he pins her down and forces himself on her (kissing her against her will) and biting her breast, which was clearly sexual--how does he explain himself in this scene where she would understand? He was not necessarily possessed in this scene since it has been established that his beast is a personfication of his own self (his dark frustrations from the eclipse), so it was him that was assaulting her. Given the fact she went insane to begin with by being full on raped by someone she loved and trusted, what excuse could Guts give to Casca for nearly doing the same thing to her? Yes he has done alot for her before and after that incident but given her abuse at Griffith's hands and how it destroyed her but some how I think this is going to be viewed as a betrayal almost as bad as Griffiths. How would this work out? I don't think a mere verbal explaination of Guts's beast would be enough for Casca to look past that.

Also slightly off topic, but is it reasonable to think that Casca will remember her son (or even giving birth to it) while sane? Before the eclipse Guts and Casca made love the day before everything happened. Waaaay too early by human standards for her to become aware of being with child, and a few days after the eclipse she gives birth to it (born early because it was tainted by Griffith's seed) and in her altered state understands its her child and tries to nurture it. And all times afterwards when she encounters it she recognizes her child and wants to mother it/him. But when she gets her senses back will she remember any of this? Will the fact she gave birth to Guts and her child early and the child was corrupted be something she remembers or even on her radar? If this is the case do you think Guts would bother to tell her about it? I just wonder if she forgets about those events while in altered state of mind how she would react if the moon child appears before her with her restored sanity.

Speculation Nation / Re: Do you think Casca will be cured soon?
« on: April 29, 2014, 08:08:14 PM »
I have thought about this since the day Casca lost her mind and I have wondered how this event would play out. I have never liked how Casca lost her mind, it was engaging at first but it got old very quickly for me and I am anxious for the "insanity arc" of the story to come to a close already. I am wondering to what extent she will get her senses back. Will it be a full cure where she will be able to intelligently and objectively absorb what has transpired since the eclipse and Griffith's role in what was done to her and Guts and the hawks, or is the cure just going to return her to a lucid state and nothing more. Some how I think it would make Casca's restoration cheap if all that happens is that she pulled out of her regressed state and her pyche is bombarded with all the horrors that she endured with out also being given some kind of magical/pychological means to cope with what happened to her to heal. If she is healed I want her to be healed in a way that allows her to tackle what was done to her and over come it.

It's hard to say. I think that Casca will definitely want revenge, I mean SHE was the commander of the Band of the Hawk for a whole year after Griffith was gone. It's extremely hard to predict... because it's so complex (...) I really hate when people say "Casca will join Griffith" these are usually disgusting and insensitive people who have only seen the anime. In the manga Casca is definitely pissed off at Griffith during the eclipse while Pippin and Judeau are saving her and she expresses that she can't believe Griffith would do this. So there is no way in hell that Casca would just go and join Griffith.

I have this fear that part of the reason Casca went insane is because her godly image of Griffith she had was shattered and that she she does not want to face that. I can accept that she went insane because of the horror that happened to her and the cruelty of the rape of someone who empowered her and made her feel wroth used her like chattle. But I think I might have a problem if she just doesn't want to accept her treasured image of Griffith is false. Some how if that is the case it seems unfair to Guts as her lover. That is why I hope if Casca gets her mind back that she will want to fight Griffith instead of just avoiding the situation. I know some reluctance would be natural, but I hope she does not completely refuse to go up against him. When you think about it what Griffith did to Casca was even more depraved and disgusting then what he even did to Guts. SHe should have more reason to want revenge on Griffith/Femto than even Guts does since Griffith betrayal (and abuse)is even deeper than that of Guts in some ways.  She was the stand in commander of the Hawks. Casca in her old personality would have blamed her self for anything that happened to the hawks under her charge. I want to see some rage from her when she wakes up and avenge them and herself, and the turmoil Guts has gone through because of Griffith. Judeu and Pippin in particular protected her with their lives, they deserve to be avenged. I would almost be disapointed in her if she does not want to honor them by going after Griffith. I do not want to see Casca give Griffith a pass because of any former feelings of respect she once held for him, the only valid or excusable reason that I can see for Casca not wanting to go after Grifith should be involed with her son...and even then I would hope she would feel more outrage and vengeful that he would use her child in such a way instead of if it being a reason not to make him pay.

As for the crap about Casca possiably going to Griffith after getting her sanity back? The only way I would accpet an outcome like that is if she was restored to a mind set where she honestly did not remember the ecplise and she had no memory of what Griffith did to her. But I do not see Miura doing this.

As much as I love Schierke, despite what others may think, I believe it'd be more appropriate if Farnese was the one to aid Guts through the process. It would be a grand test for herself, display how far she's come, and lend valuable insight as to why Guts deems Casca as his true love, and finally allow her to get over all these stupid and unreciprocated feelings she has toward him

I don't think I want any of the group involved with Casca's healing. Her truama involved her and Guts and I think it should be dealt with only her and Guts. Some how think, due to their feelings for Guts that Farnese and Schierke would not be a benefit in a situation meant to restore the love of Guts's life. Schierke may have her emotions in check but Farnese is another story.

Also I really hope when Casca is restored that she will not grudge Guts in any way. One of my fears is she is going to hold the events in vol. 23 against him, and I do not want to see that. I really want to see Casca aknowldge all that Guts has done for her sake and show some consideration. The old Casca would have been devestated by the thought that she had caused Guts any harm or had been a burden on him.

Manga Mausoleum / Re: Did Farnese get through to Casca?
« on: April 15, 2014, 09:41:26 PM »
Are you serious? Casca's distrust of Guts goes along with her distrust of men in general. That's because she was raped by Femto, an experience that was extremely traumatic to her (that means she did not enjoy it). Her attitude will only change when she regains herself, a process that can only occur... in Elfhelm.

That is kind of disapointing really. I know Casca has a good reason to have an aversion to Guts but that still does not make her attitude toward him when he has done so much for him and destroyed his body for her sake any less hard to see. I kind of hoped something might happen between Guts and Casca between getting to the elf King to lessen the tension. Guts deserves a tiny bit of pay off for all he has done and if she could just at least get to the point where she does not snarl at him when he is close to her it would go along way I think to having a positive outcome with the King of the flower storm. All this time I have been hoping that something will happen to lessen the hostility between them. But I guess Miura has stuck to his guns that Casca should hate him till she gets "cured." I was hoping for a scenario where Guts could demestrate that he means her no harm, like a repeat of the cave incident during the Golden Age where she realized Guts does care for people when he took care of her, if not maybe on an instinctual level in her state. But I guess that is impossiable until she gets cured. 

She doesn't call Casca a bitch. She calls her cruel (ずるい). Your translation is an exaggeration of the line, like many scanlations tend to do for whatever reason

I am glad this is not true, I hated how she called Casca a bitch and "cunning" and I am glad this was not what she trully said.

Deep down though, the root problem isn't her watching out for Guts, but rather WHY WON'T HE LOOK AT MEEEE.

 But at any rate I have to say I am disturbed by the implications in this scene. I really do not want to see a rivalry develop between Casca and Farnese and it looks like that is exactly where this is going. It took me a long time to warm up to Guts new group, especially Farnese I was afraid of something like this happening as soon as a another female of similar age to Guts and Casca was introduced, but since Farnese's crush seemed harmless and served to humanize her I paid it no mind. Even though I hate Casca being regressed into a state she is in, I thought it was an interesting angle for Casca to have a relationship with another woman given her past of male camaraderie among the Hawks. Even if  in her present state it is one reminiscent of a child and mother. Also considering Farnese's past for her to take on a care taker role like she did. And I was looking foward to how the two would interact with each other after Casca became herself again and see how someone like her (who is used to having male friends/companions) would interact with a female friend on an equal footing. But now it seems like Miura is introducing a love triangle.

But in a weird way it would be something if Miura is playing up an angle where Farnese acts in a manner toward Casca (when restored) that she acted toward Guts during the Golden Age arc. This scene It sort of reminds me of the way Casca lashed out at Guts after Griffith risked his life for him during their first encounter with Zodd. I think Casca had similar feelings during the early  Golden Age days about Grifith's feelings toward Guts and her frustration over it. That would be one hell of a twist. 

Knowing Farnese, I'm pretty sure she would side with Guts.

I would really hope not. As a woman I would hope Farnese would empathise with Casca's situation under the circumstances if she was aware of them, regardless of her feelings for Guts. It is not as though she is not aware of how Guts can lose his mind (and what he is capable of while in that state) because of his inner beast.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 334
« on: April 15, 2014, 08:46:34 PM »
Great to see Luca and her sistas, again. She was one of my favourite minor characters to the point that part of me wishes that she had accompanied Guts & co on their quest at the expense of say... Farnese, who hasn't grown on me.

I enjoyed Luca so much. She is probably the most positively potrayed character in that whole arc. Maybe the manga. I would have loved for her to have joined Guts party (but not at the expense of Farnese, as an addition).

In any of those panels was Nina present at all? I am wondering if she had succumbed to her ailment. From what I remember she was suffering from some kind of sexually transmitted desease wasn't she, and she was worried she was going to die soon?

Anime Asylum / Re: Berserk Golden Age Arc III: Descent [Review]
« on: April 15, 2014, 08:38:08 PM »

Are you saying Casca wasn't raped? Please stop the bullshit train right here. Sure, the Griffith-Casca-Guts triangle is complicated (actually, allegiances were more clear at this stage of the series--she pitied Griffith), but she's confused at first. As she's being groped while waking up, she utters Griffith's name. But then she realizes what's happening, and she has a look of terror. Tears in her eyes, saying No, No, No, then telling Guts not to watch, thrown to the ground afterward like a chew toy--the ordeal shattered her mind and caused her to fear being touched by men. I guess she just liked it THAT MUCH, huh? This line of reasoning transforms what should be one of the most grueling scenes in the series into a love scene. How do you rationalize that? If you'd prefer to disregard all of these obvious narrative and visual clues that it wasn't a consensual affair, and want to bring the word "moisture" into the conversation, then I would point you in the direction of any number of articles on female physiology and sexual response during rape scenarios. It's sure to be light, sunny reading for "half the fan  base."

While we're here, maybe Guts liked his night with Donovan, on some level? Sure he was held against his will, and the ordeal made him pull back from people and fear being touched (hey wait, this sounds familiar!), but Guts ultimately shot him in the mouth with a crossbow, and that's an utterly phallic form of killing someone--I'm detecting clear undertones here, people

reading this makes me feel really good. I was seriously beginning to think that there were not anyone out there that believed  Casca was truamatized and genuanly a victim during the eclipse. It is nice to read a defence for Casca that is based in logic and facts. Some fans either completely misinterpret this scene or they go off on emotional biased rants on how "Casca was no innocent victim" during the rape. Is it fair to call it a rape then if she was participating in it as actively as some fans claim she was? Most people get hung over on the fact that Casca had deep feelings for Griffith and that she had chosen to stay with Griffith instead of going away with Guts right before the eclipse happened as one of the many reasons they beleive she "enjoyed it." How does that make sense? But it amazes me how some fans drive this fact so hard as evidense that she did.

I swear to God on one message board I was on once I actually saw someone claim that her going insane doesn't prove that she didn't enjoy it. Their reasoning? She could have enjoyed it and then lost her mind out of shame of enjoying it in front of Guts...really? :schierke:

I'm sorry to say this but I suspect that the ones who insist so hard that "Casca enjoyed it" might have got off on the rape scene imagery in the manga themselves and are just projecting that onto the character...the things I've read from some of the more perverted fans out there on the "rape scenes" in the manga is pretty out there. And the female fans who insisit she enjoyed it I suspect they just don't like Casca the character to begin with and they just want a more substantial reason to be biased against her. 

All I want is for Casca to get healed so all this "she enjoyed it" speculation can finally stop. But after this movie and the craptastic way they portayed it I can only imagine they are going to have more fuel to work with. Walter is right, Something that should have been a scene made up of pure horror for Casca is trivilzed by this way of line of thinking...and this movie did not help it.

Casca has no present feelings (...) for anyone really

except her child. And she relies on Farnese.

Speculation Nation / Re: Falconia vs Elfhelm: Will it happen?
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I kind of do not want a confrontation to happen between the two, at least not right away. I would like to see elfhelm arc to concentrate on the emotional issues concerning Guts and his party and the changing dynamics. I want the issue with Casca to be tackled head on and the repercussions  of her "healing" and her issues to take center stage in elfhelm. And then tackle Guts issues with his inner beast and his new relationship with Casca and the dynamics of the Guts new group to be thoroughly explored becfore we get into any issues of a confrontation between Falconia and Elfhelm. I want a major chunk of the elfhelm arc to be devoted to just character focus and exploration. I am going to be annoyed if the Casca Guts Farnese and flower storm King thing gets dragged out further once they are there due to military talk and confrontation.

THIS! I definitely want to see all this addressed before we get into any kind of confrontation. I really want to see a Casca character arc that's for sure.

Speculation Nation / Re: Falconia vs Elfhelm: Will it happen?
« on: April 11, 2014, 06:43:51 PM »
That's hardly been the elf way so far... Lastly, if anyone had to lead the "rebel army" against overlord Femto, the most qualified by far among Guts' group would be... Casca.

I would like nothing better but there is still a definate question mark on what Casca will want to do about Griffith when/if she recovers herself. This aspect of the plot occupies my thoughts quite a bit.

A member of the God Hand attacking Elfhelm would be awesome. Perhaps even more so than the kinds of battles we are imagining here. They appear very rarely in the story, that could be a good moment for one of them to show up. Regardless of their possible presence in the Island, I think we will hear some neat information about them there. But if one of them is to appear there, who do you think would it be? Void? Too soon perhaps. Slan has had her fair  share of appearances so far. Ubik could be so mind blowing that I think Miura would leave him for later too. Now Conrad... it's interesting because he's by far the less outspoken out of the group. Considering that Elfhelm will most likely be a very lively place, the contrasting pestilence that he seems to be associated with could bring a very interesting conflict.

wouldn't the Godhand be unable to manifest admidst a Elf sanctuary? From my understanding of elves and pixies any place they take up residence acts as like a barrier that evil or negative entities can not tresspass on. It is like they leave a inprint on places they used to live. Used to live. Would an apostle or other evil being be able to step foot in an area with a high concentration of elves that are physically living be much stronger then a place they used to dwell? Or does this only apply to low level  evil spirits? Also I thought God Hand could only manefest in areas where they have a high level of negative influence, like Slan during the orgy scene during the conviction arc. I do not think there would be any influence in elfhelm for them to manefest there.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 334
« on: April 09, 2014, 01:29:46 AM »
oh my goodness it's LUCA!  :ubik: I have been hoping I would see her again. She was one of my favorite aspects of the conviction arc. I loved her personality and while she was interacting with mentally regressed Casca I always wanted a scenario where Casca with her old personality could interact with Luca. I can't wait for this episode to officially come out now!

Character Cove / Re: Pippin's badassery!
« on: April 06, 2014, 05:46:16 PM »
I think Pippin is one of the unsung heroes of the Hawks. He does not stand out like Judo or Corkus but he has just as fascinating. It is a shame it is not until the right before he dies that we get so much back story on him. I cannot remember the specifics  of what he did when the kushan assassins were attacking them in that tunnel but it was awesome and something related to his experience of being a miner. I really loved the glimpses of his past. And his death during the eclipse was something else. I can't decide whose death was more glorious, Pippin's or Judo's...

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 331
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Am I the only one finding Farnese is getting more out spoken especially when she made a rough comment on Guts. :farnese:   PLease don't let these 2 pair up, if that day comes I'll quit reading the manga !

Can anyone explain to me Farnese's comment on Page 10? Is she saying that like, "I can't believe Guts is dating THIS girl." or "This girl is Guts lover? he's too good for her." I really can't tell if this line is insulting (for lack of better word, it's not really an insult either) Guts or Casca, but Guts response leads me to believe it's towards Guts.

The comment Farnese made almost came across to me like something Casca would have said to Guts while she was still herself. Casca was someone who told it the way it was and it is interesting to see Farnese becoming more and more confident to the point where she can make comments like that even unconsciously.

Based on her actions in this episode, I wonder if Farnese will end up attempting to interfere with Guts and Casca's relationship when things get more complicated in Elfhelm. There's been growing tension there for a while for her (see volume 33), but it never really occurred to me that she might become a monkey in the gears until this episode, when she makes up an excuse for Guts to keep his distance from Casca.

ugh...I really hope not. The last thing I want to see is conflict occur between a restored Casca and Farnese. I have not paid too much mind to Farnese's crush on Guts because it seem to humanize her and it seemed harmless, but if it starts girl drama down the road I am not going to be too pleased it that. I would like for Farnese and Casca to become friends if she gets her mind restored. I imagine Farnese would be the one person Casca would have the clearest or fondest memory of while insane since she took care of her. Please Miura don't do it!

Anime Asylum / Re: Berserk Golden Age Arc III: Descent [Review]
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The eclipse in this movie was disgusting. I was so angry over how Casca's "rape" was handled, like others have said it looked erotic and that offended me most of all. None of ther anguish that Casca goes through is even present during the rape and she is moaning the whle time. WTF? I really want to know what kind of direction the voice actress for Casca was given during the recording session for that scene. Was she told by the voice over director to sound like she was excitied and make those little sounds? This makes me worry what kind of impression the creative developemnt staff had during that scene in the manga. Did it come across as she was enjoying it or erotic in the manga? Did they bounce any of these details off of Miura while doing this scene. How how much say did Miura had for this project?

Casca in even has a scene where she looks at Guts and almost looks like she is smiling a little bit when she tells him to look away:

look she is fucking blushing here. She does not look at all like she is in anguish. ANd when she tells him to look away she sounds like she is orgasming. I was so pissed off with how this played.

This movie tottally fucked up this whole thing.The movie even did something else that changed the perspective of the rape, when Casca looks up at Griffith and says his name the movie frames it that she has a little image of Griffith restored to his former glory for brief moment before he kisses her. It is small but it makes Casca come off like she is aware it is Griffith and she is admiring him right before he kisses her instead of being exausted and dazed in the manga and the anime series. It gives off the impression that she is willingly accepting his kiss because...she is glad he is him again...or something. I know maybe I am making more out of this then I should but that is the sick impression I got from the scene.

 I can only imagine all the Casca enjoyed it people are going to have more fuel to work with now.

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