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Video Games / Re: Bloodborne
« on: July 19, 2018, 04:19:18 PM »
Even something beyond weird, it was wrong. I focused today on Logarius only and was even closer to kill him, but died. I think I'm gonna get him tomorrow. It was very wrong trying to take down both of them in short period of time. :D

EDIT: OK, I got him. Still I needed 15 attempts, seriously. I don't like Logarius at all after this fight  :ganishka: For me, beast blood pellet was useless in this fight, maybe other players could utilize it better, but not me, I struggled and I had weaker blood gems than most of the BL4 players out there.

I'm glad you got him man, the whole ordeal sounds like my original NG run at him at whatever level I was at (plenty high because I didn't find him until I was at Gehrman myself), and he just kept kicking my ass until I figured out I could break his buff (I almost killed him by luck on like the second try using big slow ass tricked out Ludwig's, like I was a hit or two away, but got greedy, made the wrong moves, fucked it up, and the rest was history). Anyway, I got my revenge on him yesterday too doing my overpowered NG+ run and just kicked the shit out of him. I didn't need to rely on power though I'm happy to say, my timing was so much better now I think I visceral'd him like 3 or 4 times if that's even possible. I actually thought the second part of the fight was easier because I didn't have to go around his dumb slow moving AOE spell anymore and he'd come to me.

I was so confident after I immediately tried taking on Ludwig with the Whirligig and barely did any damage before getting stomped (my timing/spacing with it was just off, I need to stop trying to make it my thing =). 2nd try I'm back with Ludwig's Blade but get off to a bad start, getting caught flat footed picking up my Echoes. I don't know if it does that usually, like how you have to dismiss an item pickup message, or I accidentally did a gesture, but my guy just stopped moving and I was hit by his jump attack! I recovered and danced with him a while, almost got him to his second phase, which I was confident about, but then he stopped moving directly in front of and a little away me, so I couldn't really see him, which, fine, whatever, time to hea... but then I see the telltale green disCHARGE!! I roll but too late, and he killed me with that fucking charge attack. Third time was the charm though, got him to phase two and a few slashes and a couple of visceral's later it was over. I actually managed to stun him, do a charge attack, and follow it with visceral, which I don't think I'd done before (usually I just fuck up the visceral after stunning them and have to settle for regular attacks =).

Video Games / Re: Bloodborne
« on: July 18, 2018, 03:10:34 PM »
I'm struggling ( for real ) now with Logarius and Gehrman. I was about to finish Logarius 10 times and I died every time :(  I was really scared about safety of my PS4 controller. Something similar is happening right now with Gehrman. I can already tell that Logarius and Gehrman are doable for me but I will need more perfection in my attempts. Especially at the very end of boss fights, because I'm getting too greedy when their HP is getting low.

Weird you're trying them both concurrently (especially Gehrman but I'm assuming you'll Mark out of there if you beat him first). I could see that driving me nuts, I'd be scared I'd dodge a Gehrman attack like he's Logarius and vice versa, but is it a nice change of pace? I love those wins where you stop playing them for awhile after multiple consecutive frustrating deaths, even a few hours, then come back and waste them on the next try like a master. That's how it went with Maria, and Sister Friede too (by the time I could beat her final form she couldn't touch me anymore and I punished her at every opportunity).

I'm at Cainhurst myself in my attempt to wrap up NG+ and get the morning ending trophy after I grab all the chunks here and in the DLC. I've got nervous excitement about Logarius, even though he didn't kill me as much as Ludwig and others have been equally hard since, but, he was the first to make me truly uncomfortable and give me a lot of trouble (smash cut to a flashback of me running to his fucking boss room again and again and again). I'm excited at the chance to get a little revenge (I smacked Paarl around for the Loran Darkbeast and went directly to waste the Bloodstarved Beast for good measure), but I'm nervous he'll kick my butt again, especially if I don't break his ritual as Cyrus said. I'll really be disappointed if I'm just over-leveled and win despite playing poorly or something.

James Gun director of guardians of the Galaxy teased a image on twitter from maybe Bloodborne. Maybe it has something to do with a Bloodborne movie or even Bloodborne 2. Sony also had a panel that day. I don't want to buy into all of this but being a huge fan it's hard not to.
I wouldn't buy it myself. The Caryll Runes in Bloodborne draw a lot of inspiration from the Germanic runes of yore, which in turn are very common in horror stories. People are speculating that a Berserk film may be in the works for the exact same reason, and I'm even more skeptical of that.
Nope. It's likely an adaptation of a Grant Morrison comic, Nameless:

When I saw Wally posted in here I was excited at the prospect that he was so intrigued by all the activity in here he lost his mind, bought a PS4 and Bloodborne, and was now playing it too! Alas... :griffnotevil:

But yeah, this is obviously far-fetched and in no way necessarily related AT ALL. I didn't realize being a Bloodborne fan came with so much BS rumors. I mean, I've only been playing a few weeks and it's been constant nonsense about BB2 (which spurned me to buy honestly, so sign me up to the sucker's newsletter :ganishka:) and now a James Gunn movie(!?) even though we know he's working on some pretty big other things and From specifically DIDN'T announce BB2. C'mon Internet, give us a break. The intersection on the Venn diagram of Berserk and Miayazaki fans that are hopeful/gullible must almost be a perfect circle with all the obvious crap rumors and "connections" we traffic in.

If they wanted to go all crazy with the Lovecraftian goodness, FROM would probably do much better making a new IP entirely. Though, I suppose they could do a decent sequel if it was more like something that took place in the same universe as Bloodborne, rather than a direct continuation of its themes, like what Dark Souls' sequels tried to do to disappointing effect IMO. A kind of "stealth sequel" as the case would be. In the days leading up to its release, there was some speculation that Bloodborne might in fact have taken place in the Demon's Souls world, thanks to a line Father Gascoigne uttered in an alpha build, but which was ultimately cut.

I think the implications would have been pretty neat if that were indeed canon.

I mean, beyond just being similar FROM games I feel like all the Souls games from Demon's to Bloodborne are pretty much as canon to each other as any of the Dark Souls games are, whether they're overtly acknowledging the direct connection(s) or not (like you say, even the connections and shared characters between Dark Souls 1-3 are held together by completely vague and nonsensical gobbledygook, "the Blood of the Dark Soul," my ass =). So yeah, I know that dialogue was cut for one reason or another, but it makes little difference to me as all these games seem to go directly back to Demon's Souls anyway. The Old One is definitely a Great One, if not THE Great Old One. I wonder how Sekiro will connect, lore-wise. It'll turn out it IS Bloodborne II when lesser Amygdalas start appearing all over feudal Japan. Let's make this rote speculation an "official" BB2 rumor! =)

A good, if cheesy, tactic, to use on bosses once they're low on health is to go all-out with your guns (Cannon if you've got the strength to hold it, Repeating Pistol if you don't). Bone Marrow Ash makes your shots very powerful, even if you're Bloodtinge is low. Though if you failed to disrupt Logy's ritual, that likely won't help.

Yeah, it's lovely how you basically can't stagger or visceral attack him when he does that! I think I beat him the 2nd time I figured out how to stop that, and was pretty sad I didn't get him the first ("Will I ever win now? :judo:" =). I've never really taken advantage of kiting with the gun because I just haven't used them for their own damage potential at all, but that's basically how I finished off the Orphan of Kos using Molotovs. Why lose at the last second when they unexpectedly zig instead of zag, which they often seem to do, on that outcome-determining exchange? I've got Bloodtinge up to 18 now so I could use all weapons and guns, so maybe I'll experiment with some different strategies like that and see how I like them (I've found a lot of cheesy advantages are more trouble than they're worth if they don't suit your style and you just end up fumbling around trying to pull it off).

I don't know where the reply went to my comment, about the difficulty of the Boletrian Palace, that mentioned the giant flying Storm Beasts that spear you and how they and the Amygdalas make you feel so small and insignificant in an uncaring world, but I liked it and wanted to add that the Boletrian Palace dragons were like that for me as well, and fittingly enough the Amygdalas are basically filling that "dragon on a castle wall" role relative to Bloodborne, particularly the one's that will actually grab, laser or interact with you. It's too bad you couldn't otherwise hit or fight them like the dragons (maybe if you had enough Insight =).

Video Games / Re: Bloodborne
« on: July 17, 2018, 07:03:04 PM »
That's pretty impressive  :ubik: On my first playthrough I was struggling more than you. In general I had x3 or x4 ( or even x10 ) of your number of attempts.
My boss deaths were way, WAY worse. It was the first soulsesque game I played, so I had no idea what I was doing :magni:

Yeah, this not being my first rodeo is definitely a major factor in my favor (I can't even imagine starting with it, Johnstantine; I could barely persevere through DS1/2 at first =). My Souls series hours leading into Bloodborne:

DeS - 38
DS1 - 198
DS2 - 289
DS3 - 233
Nioh - 101

Once I finish with Bloodborne (115+) I'll probably break 1,000 hours, I think only Diablo has claimed more of my life, so I arguably should have done better. On the other hand I wasn't exactly fighting Taurus Demons and Gargoyles this time. It's crazy how scary and seemingly impossible those early fights seemed in retrospect. I finished my DS1 Remastered run out of obligation the other day and Gwyn kinda straight up sucked! Like, he was slow and predictable and didn't have any variety of moves as you took him down (this guy practically used to give me nightmares and I had to cheese him from behind pillars to survive =). The only reason he could hit me was because, other than rolling, everything you do takes FOREVER in that game, leaving you stupidly open to attacks (I was using a Black Knight Greatsword though). Even drinking Estus' takes so long and leaves you so vulnerable you're better off abandoning it altogether and just surviving without it, but other than that he's not fast or aggressive at all compared to what was to come.

That's one thing BB and DS3 definitely have over their predecessors, their tough boss fights are objectively the hardest and you more or less have to learn the fights. If I fought the Nameless King right now I wonder if he would seem as hard as I remember or if it would disappoint me like Gwyn. Funny enough, Demon's Souls still has among the series' hardest environments in my mind. The latter areas of the Boletarian Palace, the first fucking world, have yet to be surpassed in my eyes.

Now, on BL4, after 9 playthroughs ( till NG+8 ), I've beat some bosses on my first try! Like Rom, Amygdala, Micolash, Darkbeast Paarl, Blood Starved Beast, Vicar Amelia, Witch of Hemwick, Cleric Beast or Father Gascoigne. With others I had tougher battles. Especially with Shadows of Yharnam and Ebrietas ( 7 attempts ). Now that I've beat Ebrietas I'm fighting with Logarius and I consider him easier than Ebrietas, but still tough. Gehrman is a whole different level, I think it will take more than 30 attempts.

I don't want to talk about DLC for now  :ganishka:


That's really impressive, but I guess on your 10th run through everyone feels more manageable and within control, which you'd have to have in order to accomplish a BL4 run I imagine. I definitely felt that way on NG+, but it's interesting you brought up the Shadows because they're the only boss I found way harder. Fucking giant snake summons and the order you kill them and shit suddenly mattered like it didn't the first time! I can definitely see Gehrman being a big problem under these conditions because even though I got past him I never mastered the fight; he hit me plenty and I had to heal a lot, which he thankfully allows. Those sort of encounters won't be in the player's favor though once those hits or combos kill you outright. Ugh, I don't even want to play the DLC bosses again on NG+, let alone BL4. :judo:

Video Games / Re: Bloodborne
« on: July 16, 2018, 07:40:30 PM »
I know a lot of people are probably disappointed that it's not Bloodborne 2, but frankly, I'm relieved. I loved Bloodborne, but it has the same issue Dark Souls 1 had; it pretty much revealed all there was to the setting. Sure, there are still tons of unanswered questions, but what worked so well about it was the gradual (or, depending on how you played, outright sudden) reveal of the Lovecraftian elements behind everything. You can't rehash that plot again, and going all-in with them in future sequels just runs the risk of diluting them and make them not feel as impactful as they're supposed to be.

Sorry to bring this back up so late, but I've been thinking about this since playing through the game and I pretty much agree, except part of me wishes they WOULD go all in on the weirder, Lovecraftian elements in a sequel and do it justice, like basically make it as off the wall, weird and surreal as possible from the get go and all the way through. Unfortunately, based on From/Miayazaki's history with sequels, I don't think it's likely they would, so you're right.

Griffith, after you achieve platinum trophy and clear the hardest dungeons on your main character, I would recommend you to play with "Waste of Skin" character without leveling up. So basically Blood Level 4 challenge. I'm doing one myself now and I've beat ( in order of beating them ) bosses such as: Cleric Beast, Father Gascoigne, Blood Starved Beast, Vicar Amelia, Shadows of Yharnam, Rom the Vacuous Spider, One Reborn, Micolash, Witch of Hemwick, Mergo's Wet Nurse, Celestial Emissary, Amygdala, Darkbeast Paarl. So basically 13 bosses. Now I'm struggling with Ebrietas and after her I'll be going for Logarius. Then probably proceed to DLC which is the hardest.

BL4 challenge really teaches you about gameplay mechanics and how to manage to beat bosses on such a low level with use of different items and combat tricks.

Damn, this sent me on a BL4 youtube dive that kept me up later than I'd planned, including one of a guy doing all the base game bosses without dying, one that beat the game without even visiting the fucking Hunter's Dream(!!), and one video of a dude doing a BL4 NG+6 Kos fight! :ganishka: I didn't see one with every DLC boss included, but I'm sure it's out there.

Man, that's crazy, you basically have to master the game to the point you don't get hit (though I saw even some late boss strikes were survivable). I don't know, it's tempting. I sort of want to start a new character because after a lot of Chalice Dungeons my guy is in the 200s and kind of boring (NG+ is way easier than NG at this point), but then I'd just do the same build over going Vit, End, Skl with Cane, Spear, and Ludwig's (I can't think of a better one unless you're doing a completely different playstyle). Watching those vids actually reinforced a theory I had that for the high NG pluses that you'd eventually want to run a glass cannon using beast pellets because your defenses will become pretty flat by then even if you keep putting points in Vit after 50, so your best bet after that is a better offense if you're going to get one-shotted anyway (in the vids they also cheesed out on the 2nd part of the Micolash fight like I did in NG+; glad to see even these guys don't want to deal with his uninterruptible A Call Beyond spamming =).

Interesting that SL1/BL4 runs are also basically what Sekiro is doing by eliminating the RPG elements; it's completely game mechanics and human skill across the board at that point, no grinding to win, so you just gotta git gud (NG+ in that game could be crazy). An interesting proposition if I get bored once I get that platinum trophy (just need the other two endings methinks).

By the way, this reminded me that before I completely forget I wanted to catalog my boss fights, specifically the number of tries. I may not remember them all exactly (in which case some of my past posts might be more accurate) but these should all at least be in the ballpark:

Regular bosses:

Cleric Beast 2
Father Gasciogne 4
BloodStarved Beast 1
Vicar Amelia 5
Darkbeast Paarl - 2
Shadow of Yharnam - 1
Rom - 2
The One Reborn - 2
Micolash - 5
Mergo's Wet Nurse - 1
Witch of Hemwick - 1
Martyr Logarius - 9
Amygdala - 1
Celestial Emissary - 1
Ebrietas - 5
Ludwig - 12
Living Failures - 2
Maria - 7
Laurence - 1
Orphan of Kos - 4
Gerhman - 1
Moon Presence - 2

Chalice Bosses:

Undead Giant - 1
Merciless Watcher - 1
Watchdog of the Old Lords - 1
Beast-possessed Soul - 1
Keeper of the Old Lords - 2 (ugh, was fucking around with weapons/not healing up)
Pthumerian Descendant - 1
Bloodletting Beast - 2
Cursed Keeper of the Old Lords - 4 (Holy Sword FTW!)
Cursed Watch Dog of the Old Lords - 7 (en fuego with only half life =)
Cursed Amygdala - 6 (maybe fighting his base form more would have helped; was embarrassingly easy one figured out)
Depth 5 Pthumerian Descendant - 8 (fuck this wall clipping cheater, but 1 handed Holy Sword proved itself)
Headless Bloodletting Beast -1 (probably dumb luck)
Abhorrent Beast - 3 (dude sticks to you worse than Kid Kos)
Queen Yharnam - 1
Maneater Boar - 1
Brainsucker - 1
Forgotten Madman - 1
Pthumerian Elder - 1
Loran Silverbeast - 1
Depth 5 Abhorrent Beast - 5 (Whirligig FTW, and the fun!)
Loran Darkbeast - 4 (now that I'm counting I regret not taking this one more seriously; it's basically Paarl but his electricity blast will 1 shot you at the end if you're fucking around and being lazy/stupid/me and not healing up to max or even wearing lightning gear. I was also Whjirligigging when I already knew Ludwig's wrecks him; I don't know why this one's so stuck in my craw other than this boss was lame and shouldn't have killed me so much near the end =)

I don't want to think about how many tries each of these bosses would take at BL4. :magni:

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: July 12, 2018, 02:48:12 PM »
What have we lost that these games have, or conversely, what have we gained that these games lacked?

The ability to break the game and fuck yourself, for one. I just talked to a co-worker the other day how I almost prematurely ended my Bloodborne run, and DID in Demon's Souls, and he relayed a story of wiping out an enemy village in the middle of Ultima III that he ultima-tely needed to broker peace with to finish the game! He even called Origin to ask if there was anything he could do and they basically told him the same, "You're fucked." :ganishka:

What you're doing is pretty remarkable, Rhombaad, particularly playing earlier iterations in series just to have the proper foundation for "the good one!" :isidro: I can't even get into modern classics like The Witcher 3, let alone it's forebears from just a few years ago. There's been a few times I've gone back and played a transcendent classic I missed for the experience, but for the most part I've just come to accept that I missed the boat because I'm probably not going to get into it at this point. Play 'em all for me, Rhommy! :ubik:

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: July 09, 2018, 08:30:50 PM »
Got bored with DS3

To expand on our PM convo, I'll admit I've lost a lot of respect for DS3 since getting into Bloodborne, it's basically a watered down version of BB they regressed into a Souls game, and it may be boring by comparison, but it's not bad. It's pretty damn exciting coming off DS2! And maybe all you "bored" guys just can't get to the good stuff because I'm noticing it's usually pretty early in the game people drop it. If it's so boringly easy just rush it (Puss =)! Anyway, I acknowledge it's basically a greatest hits remix compilation of Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne for better or worse, so not exactly fresh like any of those transcendent classics are, but a loving sendoff/tribute if that's all she wrote for the franchise (I don't think it was meant to reinvent the wheel like Bloodborne or Sekiro, more like give DS fans without a PS4 a nice treat). I was actually replaying it just before I started Bloodborne but haven't played it since, so it will be interesting to go back and see just how different it feels (I kind of want to start over again with a Bloodborne build since BB is basically just forcing you to play DS the "right way" =). I hadn't finished Dark Souls: Remastered yet and trying to go back to that the other day was like playing at 15 fps and putting a 2 second delay on the attack button. I looked like a PS1 game too. Waste of time (still put in 65+ hours so far =). They should have remade it in the DS3 engine or not bothered. I'm just going to free Gwyn from it and be done.

In addition to my never ending Souls quest, I also fired up Cuphead and Sonic Mania this weekend. Cuphead is obviously gorgeous, and hard, but the tradeoff is it's more like a boss rush mode with a few "run n' gun" levels in it than a fully fledged side-scroller (it's hard because if it wasn't it wouldn't last long at all). Still, it's literally like playing a classic hand drawn cartoon. Very Cool.

Sonic Mania brought back a lot of fond memories and adds some new wrinkles to classic stages and ideas, along with new ones (much like DS3, it's basically a mashup of Sonic 1-3 and CD), but it might actually be more frustrating than Cuphead! How is that possible? The save system will only save the zone you're at, not the act, and the game's pretty stingy with 1 ups so you can't build up a reserve starting again from a zone. So, say you have a couple a cheap deaths on traps at the end of later levels. You could spend 20-30 minutes playing some long ass remixed Sonic levels and die twice and have to start over. It's not THAT bad, but it's not fun. Maybe I'm taking Sonic too lightly after these other games, but it's not like the game is stimulating in its challenge either. =)

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: July 08, 2018, 07:20:07 AM »
Hollow Knight for Switch (finally) came out around E3, so I've been playing that about 1h a night, sometimes with my kid watching. It's a pretty well designed game that takes some of the lessons of Metroid and the Souls series and stirs them together with a dallop of Tim Burton. It's also supposedly pretty long (20-40h?) so I'm happy about that.

Good game, I've played it for only a few hours but it felt like a lot more considering all that's going on and that you can do in a short period of time (before I checked I thought I'd played it for like 20 hours). I think I stopped because I missed a portal somewhere and I can only tread the same ground on a giant map so long looking for that exit I missed or whatever. I should get back into it.

Video Games / Re: Bloodborne
« on: July 08, 2018, 07:15:42 AM »
:ganishka: BA-HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, man, that was a close one Griffith. Good thing you were able to cheat the system, or else that probably would have soured your opinion of Bloodborne forever. Thanks for th eongoing commentary in any case, it was very entertaining to hear about your progress.

My pleasure, but yeah, loved it even though I had so many close calls where I would have completely screwed myself and resented the game! This is precisely what happened with Demon's Souls when I could no longer level at the end (I didn't even mean to accept any end game scenario, I was just clicking through the last of the demon boss I beat for item pickup and thought I activated the arc stone... ugh).

Most tools aren't particularly useful until you get to about 40 Arcane. After that, they get real nasty, and they only get nastier from there, continuing to scale in damage all the way up to 99.

I'm finding out, I completed the Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice and got the Yharnam Stone, and man with Moon runes and heir I'm leveling like a motherfucker. I have 50 strength and skill respectively and now I'm just leveling arcane which I think I've already got to 36. Still, I'm finding the Chalice's, especially the layer 5, cursed and defiled ones, to still be quite challenging and rewarding, at least moreso than NG+, which is way too weak for my level after the labyrinth. I was happy how quickly I could get the Red Jelly I needed though, basically going right after Amelia.

Going strictly by the challenge: "BERSERK!!!!" :mozgus:

Better yet, if we're counting by the character, pun intended:

"GUTS" :guts:

Ok, in reality I'd probably start with some boring genre description like "A Dark Fantasy" and pivot to, "but arguably the best thing ever written." :carcus: I think the biggest selling point, at least to me, is the depth of the human condition and depravity it explores literally and thematically while pulling no punches, not being exploitative (YMMV), and with great characterizations, making is superior to most things for the effort. That'd be my focus anyway, then I could work on word count.

Video Games / Re: Bloodborne
« on: July 05, 2018, 01:52:26 AM »
So, by the time I got everything in order, or so I thought, last night I was pretty tired but decided to take down Gehrman anyway. He had some pretty good moves and combos if you're not careful, but after the DLC he wasn't anything one couldn't manage, and unfortunately for him he was very susceptible to a jumping R2 with Ludwig's as he passed from mid to close range.

Anyway, I was so focused on beating him going in that it wasn't until the PREY SLAUGHTERED message flashed on the screen that I realized I DIDN'T CONSUME THE UMBILICAL CORDS!! I frantically tried to open my inventory and consume them, bumbled a bit, and wondered if it's too late and I'd just waste them then? Too late either way, the Moon Presense descended as I was freaking out at the prospect that I blew it all, I pause wondering if just having them was enough because I don't know if the Presence shows itself either way, and I'm so new to the PS4 I don't even know how to reset the damn thing quickly. I look on transfixed as The Moon Presense takes me in its arms, starts putting me to what most closely resembles a mouth, and... I finally shut it off!

Oh man! So, I blew it!? These games auto save all the time. Gehrman was dead, I consumed no cords and the ending started. I wasn't even sure if the game wouldn't start me directly in NG+ when I restarted it, or if it was even possible to change the outcome at this point if it didn't.

I couldn't just run right to it again in NG+, it's literally the last thing you do, and I wouldn't want to. So, I restart the game, fully expecting to be fucked, and I reawaken in the Hunter's Dream outside the literal iron gate outside the Gehrman fight. Doesn't look like a new game, hopefully not how NG+ starts. There's no fog, so Gehrman's still dead. I go to the Doll and level up with the Echoes I got from him (heh), consume the umbilical cords, and head back in. The cutscene begins again, it's all the same, the Presence grabs me, puts me to it's mouth, and... is repelled! The fight is on! YES! Goddamn that was close and I'm an idiot. Wheeeeew. So, the Moon Presense! His movements weren't too much to handle, and he didn't hit especially hard, but he was sneaky and unorthodox in a couple of ways. Particularly, he had a lot of ways of damaging you without it being obvious you got hit, which is more disorienting than you'd think because you don't recognize the threat (you're being hit!) or your health situation right away. Suddenly, I'm at half life. I have no life! I'm dead! He seemingly got me with a one shot attack in our first fight, but I realized during the second he must have drained all my life and then damaged me again. I was disappointed but got him the next time, though not without some drama as it hit me again with its life drain and also numbing mist type attack that prevented healing for far too long. It made me glad tougher bosses didn't employ such tactics, and made this one fittingly unique. On to NG+!

Oh wait, what the hell with that ending? Am I the squid or helped make it or what? I liked the other endings I looked up after better. :guts:

I couldn't quite get into the Kos Parasite weapon myself, but it's not a bad idea to stat up for it; Arcane builds get stupidly overpowered with all those beautiful hunters tools you can now use that were just gathering dust in your inventory before.

Yeah, I put 20 into arcane to try most of the tools, but at they level they really don't do enough to justify the investment, except Beast Roar which can be a life saver or make some of the tougher human encounters simple. Considering the rate I'm leveling in NG+ I should be able to invest more in it but right now my priority is capping strength and then I'll decide between more skill or arcane.

Yup, those are the guys I was talking about. Those two are hands-down the most hated non-boss enemies in the game, with many citing them as being tougher than most bosses. But there's a very good reason why players go through the pain of hunting them down. They drop a really kickass weapon.

Got 'em, was almost a cakewalk but I let my guard down after killing the ceiling one and getting the other down to like 5% life... :mozgus: Then I HAD to beat them or lose like 60,000+ echoes.

The only thing I would recommend to make sure you do before starting NG+ is get the two Red Jellies from the Lecture Building if you haven't gotten them already. You need 4 of those total to reach the deepest layers of the Chalice dungeons, and frankly, just grabbing the ones from the Lecture Building on two NG cycles is the most painless way to acquire them all.

I made sure to get those too, I already experienced the pain of ritual material shortage just getting to the lower Chalice Dungeons. Beat Rom and now I'm at the Beast that's even below him. The labyrinth is starting to get more interesting! :zodd:

Video Games / Re: Bloodborne
« on: July 03, 2018, 06:20:19 PM »
That was very well written, man... it really made me visualize your fight.

The Orphan is a tough beast for sure. Oddly, I always struggled more with Ludwig until I started using the Jigsaw. That weapon is totally op.

Thank you, and I struggled more with Ludwig too, or at least died more in the process, but it's all a process, and circumstantial; Ludwig is a huge leap in difficulty from anything before him, if the Kos Orphan came before him it might be the other way around, or Kid Kos might seem impossible. I know I was far better prepared for that fight after getting those reps against Ludwig and Maria and therefore having some idea what I was in for.

I tried doing an Arcane build with the Kos Parasite, but I gotta admit that I never really got accustomed to that sluggish moveset.

Yeah, maybe it's too gimmicky to be viably fun. It's mostly the fun of the idea of ascending and becoming a Kin Hunter of Kin. =)

Congrats on beating Ye Olde Huntyrs in any case. The game is pretty much over now; Gehrman is nothing compared to the likes of malformed centaur, the not-so-beautiful baby boy, and those two Deep Assholes in the well.

Thanks, but you know, I didn't know what you meant by the Deep Assholes in the Well until I remembered the two Sharkboys. That them? I never actually fought them because I snuck around the room, didn't find anything, the one on the ceiling never dropped, so just left lol. I think I'll go back and kill them for good measure. Along with Willem and all those other NPCs that might drop something unique for me. :zodd:

I finally managed to kill Queen Yharnam and get Platinum about two month ago... clearing all these boring dungeons wasn't a lot of fun though (except for a few interesting new bosses).
I suppose the biggest challenge you'll face now is not dying of boredom in the Chalice Dungeons, considering you'll be breezing through the first few with your super-inflated levels.

I did finally put on my Tomb Prospector gear, which is damn snazzy, and descend! Very cool idea, it's like they gave you Diablo Souls on top of the base game. But yeah, despite the thrill of new enemies and even bosses, it's already kind of repetitive and I've only done the first couple and a Root but have been using different weapons and minimal healing to keep it interesting (Moonlight Sword beams have actually been useful). I do die occasionally out of carelessness though! Hopefully it'll get more compelling once the scenery changes or I have to take things a bit more seriously. It's pretty awesome that it's like it's own game though, but I'm not into it yet and may just be a bit fatigued (I'd played 250 hours of DS3 before this, and by now am well into over 800 hours of SoulsBorne and derivatives). Maybe I'll just make sure I have everything I need/want from this run and finally go see Gehrman and then take a break, since you say the Chalice's are unaffected by NG+ and I can just resume them exactly as I have them next game? Anything I should watch out for though, like supplies or ritual materials I should buy now that I won't have access to at the beginning of the next cycle? The idea of casually jumping into and doing Chalice Dungeons at my leisure has appeal. Man, it's a shame this is a PS4 exclusive; this should be a PC game.

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« on: July 02, 2018, 08:29:10 PM »
I tried finding if someone announced this yet, but didn't find anything. Amazon leaked a few games today I'm reading, Bloodborne 2 for PS4 and Xbox1 being among them. Flipping A man!

Potentially a Dec 2019 release date as well.
Is this true though? From Software is working on three titles and none of them is Bloodborne. I can't believe that Bloodborne II can exist without From Software and Miyazaki.

It looks like a crock of shit. It's Amazon Italy (Italians are saying so? As a fellow paesano take it with a healthy dose of Alfredo sauce =), December of a year is just code for no release date and Bloodborne is Sony published, so it ain't coming to X-Box, and as Vladdy points out From Soft is busy right now. I mean, it might still be coming some day, but this is no more solid than all the other Bloodborne 2 rumors that haven't panned out.

Now, back to the real news; MY Bloodborne playthrough!

The Orphan of Kos is no más! This was a great "final fight," maybe the most exhilarating and "high level" in the game, it was like Guts vs. Zodd on the Hill of Swords intensity the whole time; just constant attacking, dodging, movement, action or you'll be creamed (truly skirting the edge of death at every moment =). :guts: :zodd:

Part of that was how I approached it from the beginning too. I really wanted to make a go of it on the first attempt so went in loaded with bolt paper (fire would turn out to be better I realized) and all sorts of other would-be useful things and a serious mindset. But I had to settle for just seeing the second phase the first time out because I was combo'd to death after dancing with him like that for a while, but I already felt like I could hang with him.

The next time was more of the same, I didn't have the same urgency but started getting his timing down better. Third try I got experimental in the beginning, tried some Moonlight Greatsword Arcane stuff to little use and took some necessary punishment that cost me in the end; I basically ran out of vials on this attempt. BUT, that was the turning point battle because I spent the rest of that fight with my 10% remaining life just surviving and taking safe shots, experimenting with projectiles, throwing Molotovs and knives, everything I could to dodge and kite and chip away until he got me with a charging attack I didn't recognize until it was too late to back away from (which sounds dumb, but constant back dodging worked for all his other melee attacks).

By that point I'd pretty much learned how to avoid everything and knew his openings so the next time I was ready. I even timed a charge attack just right on his second phase transformation to score a visceral and basically started phase two with him at 25% life (I knew I had to close the deal at that point or risk regressing badly afterward =). So, I kept dodging around, like two away at least to avoid his attacks and one or two back to counter, and then back out again (except his lightning attack scream when it was safe to punish). I eventually reached that point where I got him from about an inch of life left to a quarter inch and then I backed out and finished him off with two motolovs from just out of his range, so no missteps/mistakes at the end, and that was that!

Got the Kos Parasite and now I'm tempted to do an arcane Kin build with Kos Parasite, Milkweed Rune and the Holy Moonlight Sword. That'd be fun for NG+, but quite the project, which is half the appeal I guess. :void:

Before that I want to check out the Chalice Dungeons, especially the original bosses down there. I'll need to read up how to approach that and what order, etc but I'm on my way.

Meanwhile, Gehrman is still waiting under that tree, as the Doll reminds me every time I level up. :ganishka:

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Friday night:

Living Failures - Lived up to the second part of their name.
Maria - Lived up to her reputation.
Laurence - Lived for only one fight.

Had to break off the hunt to travel for a wedding Saturday, but I'll be back at it in the Fishing Hamlet tonight (cleared the town, but not done with the caves). Maria reminded me of a lot of tough fights from precursers like Allant to offshoots like Friede, Gael (those really ripped off everybody =) and the tougher human bosses from Nioh (particularly Date Masamune and their own lady Maria, who is still like cheapest ever).

Sadly, no. Maybe FROM should consider adding in a boss replay feature for future games...

Yeah, it's a funny thing that as soon as you git gud and enjoy the fight it's basically over. Maybe that's part of the charm and why they only have you replay them in NG+.

Never used it myself, so I can't comment. It's designed for a specific build I have yet to try (Strength + Arcane) and likely requires a certain playstyle to get the most out of it, whereas Ludwig's Holy blade is good for, well...just about every build (Strength, Skill, Strength PLUS Skill, and Arcane) and is as straightforward as it gets.

I can see it becoming more useful as a deep end game NG++ weapon since it scales well with strength, skill, AND arcane and has that crazy moveset and mechanics. With high arcane and the right gems it could really be insane, but with a high cost, degree of difficulty and learning curve. Ludwig's is the far more utilitarian choice.

That thing is an abomination and it makes your journey to Mergo's Loft a pain in the ass, but I can't help but feel a bit sorry for it. It has to have some sort of intelligence, I mean, it's a big brain and all. If only there was a way to communicate with it... :???:

I did "Make Contact" and got a Moon rune out of it. =)

Those FIENDS! :beast: Guess you're going to have to go get some special medicine to cure that illness. I hear there's this city that, while it's not the most welcoming place, has physicians that can treat just about every ailment under the moon. Try asking around for Paleblood, I'm sure that'll do the trick. :carcus:

Luckily I recovered enough by Saturday to make the drive (and play some productive Bloodborne the night before =).

Getting close to the end now I assume. Once I'm done with the Fishing Hamlet (perhaps it was called Innsmouth?), if there's nowhere left to conquer, I'll try some Chalice Dungeons and then Gehrman and on to NG+.

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I finished Ludwig last night, and you two weren't kidding about health and diagnosing his every move, respectively. I upped my vial count to 27 and learned to heal every opportunity unless at full HP.

Exilierating fight, and great feeling taking him down. For the first form I tried staying in front of and under him to attack and rally as much as possible, only stopping to recover health and stamina (which is something you can obviously do simultaneously with great efficiency in a fight like this). Specifically, to start I'd go right at him and roll under his initial jump attack and hit him two to three times, though he'd usually back out after two (the beginning of the fight was this almost every time). His close range bites and swipes are easier to dodge under and counter than his midrange swipes, thus why I'd stay close (sometimes he even retreated!). Same with his biting combo that's easy to avoid but hard to punish if you're being safe. The only attack that'd unpredictably nail me underneath him was his tramples, but it was low damage and offered opportunity to heal after so I just lived with it (maybe not NG+ viable). For his high/ceiling jumps I'd just start running and he'd never hit, went outside right or in for the water gun depending on position (great charge attack opportunity when you can get in, even starting late), and most critically you MUST safely avoid his charge by double rolling sideways (the giant warthogs were good practice for this), or make sure you're at full health and heal immediately if he tags you.

Once I mastered the first form I actually thought his second form was easier after you got over the intimidation factor just because he wasn't as fast or in your face and his attacks were relatively easy to dodge. I switched to one-handed Ludwig's then to trade reach, power and stagger for more speed and stamina to go inside, dodge continuously, and punish him (it actually wasn't bad for staggering him either with the extra volume of hits). Once I realized to stay close and go behind him to deal with his super attack, starting with his sword in the air, it was over. For the coup de grace on that I actually missed the visceral when I staggered him but luckily he was low enough on life it didn't matter. Well, if he'd hammered me with his greatsword another time or two it might have, so I'm glad I kept my cool and didn't stop rolling.

That fight was a lot of fun and never frustrating despite the difficulty because you kept learning things and getting better, reminding me of the Sister Friede and Gael fights from the DS3 DLCs. Anyway, I want to fight him again so maybe before I move on I'll be ringing my bell in the area. Is there another way to consistently repeat boss fights besides NG+, like in Chalice Dungeons?

Oh, I also played around with the Holy Moonlight Sword/Moonlight Greatsword, hoping it was a possible upgrade to Ludwig's, but I have issues... As much as I love the claymore, it's not much of change up switching between a greatsword and essentially an ultra greatsword, especially considering the value the speed of longswords have in Bloodborne and DS3 alike. Also, I don't like the strong attack waves that cost bullets and seemimgly gimp it at close range, hitting with the sword rather than the blast is weaker, etc; the R2 jump of Ludwig's is half the point. I'm still leveling it (need more twin shards) but I don't know that whatever additional scaling it has will overcome these reservations, especially for my build. Will it really be worth it for me over a fire/bolt/arcane buffed Ludwig's? I have my doubts. Then again, if those L/R2's hit hard enough at a distance, they might make some tough encounters rudimentary.

Lastly, I found and dispatched that nasty Mensis Brain last night as well. Good riddance to horrifying rubbish.

P. S. Ludwig and the sinister forces of the Eldritch truth may have got the last laugh on me because I'm getting so little sleep my real life Frenzy resistance is vulnerably low and this morning I woke up with a horrible cold.  :mozgus: :ganishka:

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They're not even the worst things! There's an enemy that's even more hated and feared than these guys down the road. :ganishka:

Well, speaking of bosses, I already ran into a familiar face after I killed that hunter in the blood cave, none other than the Bloodstarved Beast, just creeping around as a regular enemy now! I wonder who else I'll see just casually strolling around? :ganishka: :magni:

Also, cleared the Nightmare Frontier and Amygdala (I must have managed to skip EVERY optional area =). I think the environment was scarier than the boss though, especially considering how prominent and iconic it is throughout the game it was a disappointing fight. If they'd been able to hurt me when they jumped it'd have been a different story (can it? I rolled though it seemed like it didn't matter), but I basically had no incentive not to camp under their crotch and hack their legs to death.

Now Ludwig on the other hand... that's going to take some careful consideration. I actually think a similar strategy might be in order, going at, inside, or under, because I don't think he'll ever get tired of chasing. I was actually fending him off pretty good and doing decent damage in return, got him down to almost half life, but then he hit me with his charge in a corner and finished me with his damn squirt gun, which I'd previously found to be a preferable attack to avoid in order to heal/rally. That was disappointing because it was too late to continue, but I'll be back at it tonight hopefully! Lookin' like a great boss fight and I'm sure there's more wrinkles to it once I get him lower because he hasn't even used that sword I saw on his back yet.

Hmmm, you're right on both counts. They are intimidatingly confusing at first blush, but get pretty straightforward once you dive into them. There are effectively two types of chalices: "normal" and root. The normal chalices create pre-determined dungeons with set layouts, enemy arrangements, item placements, and bosses. Think of them as a kind of an old-school RPG superdungeon where you start at the top and work your way to the bottom, with each new chalice you acquire serving the purpose of a "door" that opens up a new level in the dungeon. Root chalices are the ones that create the randomized dungeons. They're more like "side areas" in the main dungeon; you don't need to set foot in them to reach the end, but they're typically where you go for more lucrative rewards. You can also add more ingredients to them when you open them up to increase their difficult, but which will in turn make the rewards even better.

One thing to note about the Chalice dungeons is that your progress in them is not reset on NG+ cycles. You keep all the chalices you acquired, and any dungeons you had active when you beat the game will still be active when you start NG+ and can be hopped into first thing. So don't feel too pressured to see all there is to them before you beat the game, because you can immediately pick up where you left off.

Thanks for all the info, I'll probably dip my toes into the prefabbed ones first and then check out the root dungeons, like you said it seems pretty intimidating until you dive into it. Ludwig also has me questioning if I diversified too much already and should have just put my vit higher (the arcane stuff is fun and useful sometimes... but I could sure use those points elsewhere now =).

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Holy binging Batman, you just about ran through the whole game and nearly completed it over the weekend?! Including most of the optional places? :schnoz:
Good lord, Griffith! I was hoping to catch up to where you were, but you blew me out of the water (I’m at the Nightmare).

Please allow me to sit at the feet of the master. How did you go so fast? Did you grind/farm at all? What level are you now that you’re at the end of the game?

Not to mention while attending a Quinceañera and "raising" an infant! :carcus:

I guess I didn't think much of it at the time, thus why I momentarily felt the game was a bit short, but I played A LOT this weekend, even getting extra sleep Thursday to facilitate late night gaming sessions Friday and Saturday. Then I basically got to play all day Sunday too while my wife and baby napped to the soothing song of the Carrion Crow, and even though it was way too late for it I just couldn't go to sleep until I beat Ebrietas.

Anyway, besides weapon upgrades and vials I actually didn't grind save for grabbing a few extra echos when I was close to leveling, and most importantly, almost never losing echoes. As soon as I could level, back I went, and whenever I discovered a boss, I'd teleport out, level, and spend the rest on vials so I had nothing to lose. Though I noticed the latter part of the Nightmare of Mensis is excellent for racking up echoes and vials and I'll be grinding there when necessary if I don't find something better in The Old Hunters. I think I'm in the high 80's or early 90's right now, but I'd have to check. Maybe I'm way off on that (I don't really look at my level, just stats, and they're pretty high across the board now save for Bloodtinge, which I have at 9 for Ludwig's rifle).

Well, at least you still got the Old Hunters to do, which'll give you more of that Lovecraftian goodness.

I began The Old Hunters last night and could immediately see what everyone was talking about; the lowlife village enemies are basically all Hunters now! :daiba: And that Cthulhu-looking axman... he's one of those regular enemies that's more intimidating than most bosses. Anyway, I got to this literally bloody cave a little down the way with something akin to those Cainhurst blood bugs running around and got wasted by a Hunter in there, so I've got another bunch of echoes in the wind to collect tonight. Also, that one Man-Beast in the other direction was tough! I still need to check what his patch gets me...

BTW, I don't know yet if it's supposed to take place before or after the current events in Yharnam, or another dimension, plain or Nightmare altogether (probably some combination of the latter outside time), but I love that it appears to be morning following dusk, night, and the bloodmoon phases. =)

And the Chalice Dungeons, if that's your cup of tea.

The Chalice Dungeons are actually one of the things I find most intriguing about the game, but also seemingly impenetrably complicated (I'm sure it's simpler than it looks)? I see all the graves, chalices, and ingredients along with these codes people share and it makes my head hurt, but seems like there's some rhyme or reason to it in addition to the random generation element I've heard so much about. Looking forward to that as sort of an end game for my character, though maybe it would benefit me to explore some now because I hear they contain some pretty enticing stuff? Again though, no idea how they work yet.

Sounds like you killed them too fast, because they are snake-related. After a certain point, they sprout snakes out of their robes and get more stretchy attacks, and really late into the fight (typically when there's only one left), they start to summon big honking snakes that erupt from the ground and eat you.

Oh shit, they did have super long reach on their attacks! :ganishka: Otherwise I didn't notice any tentacles coming out like the regular snake dudes and yeah I killed the last one, the caster, very quickly after taking out his melee counterparts so didn't see any summons.

And that's why Bloodborne is the best Soulsborne game ever: because it's the only one where you can give the rat bastard his just desserts without consequence.

Yeah, no regrets, and so perfect it was an unprovoked back attack! :guts: I guess I missed out on a pretty good stamina rune, but can get a better one in a Chalice Dungeon. Another reason for me to figure out how/where!

Since Micolash is, in a way, the main antagonist of the game, it's only fitting he nearly destroyed your marriage. The evil of those who delve too far into the eldritch truth runs deep. :femto:

Yeah, it was the old "well, you were talking to me!" excuse and it didn't go over well. =) Micolash is more interesting the more I think/read about him, especially his reference to Kos... or Kosm, and the implications of his body, his consciousness and the Nightmare. Speaking of Mensis, you remind me I need to go back there to see what happened to that blob I dropped in a pit. I was so happy to get the Blood Rock I left and never went back to see if I could follow it further down the hole.

That wasn't a a strange awkward ending, that's a feature normal. It always takes upwards of about half a minute for the game to acknowledge the Wet Nurse's death. First time I killed her, I was similarly paranoid her double was going to appear out of nowhere and disembowel me.

That is so weird, but somehow makes perfect sense for this game and Miyazaki in general. :magni:

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I think I'm coming back a little to Bloodborne. I'm excited to hear about your game progress as well Griffith! I hope you're loving it so far and truth is that it's only getting better with time and DLC of course.

Yeah, I was really loving it until I almost screwed it up! But now I'm back and looking forward to the DLC. The latest rundown of my playthrough so far:

Video Games / Re: Bloodborne
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Especially since there's no real reason to kill him. You were just exploring this creepy place you got dumped in by a guy with a sack because why the hell not, bumped into this big skeletal dog, woke him up and made him cranky, and instead of just respecting his boundaries and getting back on your way (which he is most definitely not in), you slew him merely for ticking you off. The blood really is its own reward for a Hunter. :zodd:

Heh heh, he basically was just chillin' in his spot and I came and blew it up, though I'm finding that more and more to be the case where they're passive or outright ignoring me until I start shoving a sword in their ass.

A number of interesting thing happens when you boost your insight, though having it too high can also make things potentially more difficult. Some enemies get access to new attacks for one thing, and the more insight you have, the more vulnerable to Frenzy you become, something you might have experienced at the hands of those two staff-wielding assholes guarding the entrance to the Grand Cathedral. It's your call.

I tried keeping it artificially low for a while since I didn't see the tradeoff, but even without using the Madmen's Knowledge you just gain too much of it and the Yharnam went even more to Hell anyway so fuck it! I think I've got like 50 something now.

So, I had to take Thursday off for my anniversary, but I more than made up for it this weekend. Here's the rundown:

Got through the Forbidden Woods of endless snakes to pretty easily defeat the three guys that inexplicably weren't snake-related (I used the whip instead of Ludwig's and forgot I could parry again with my other hand until halfway through).

Got past all the freaky shit at Byrgenwerth and beat Rom. That actually ended up being one of my most unique Souls encounters because as I killed him on the run and got the PREY SLAUGHTERED sign the baby spiders dive-bombed me to death and I died, not knowing if I got the credit or not. Well, when I went back Rom was indeed gone but then the blood moon cut-scene started and I reawakened elsewhere, went back again, and my echos were there, Rom's and all! Definitely a weird ending to that fight.

Next I did a lot of running from those nasty re-spawning townsfolk and took on The One Reborn, which I knew to keep close because he was constantly spitting blood at me otherwise. After that I accidentally backstab-killed Patches thinking he was an enemy and don't feel bad about it. Probably the best thing I've ever done in one of these games. :guts:

I naturally hated the Mensis Nightmare and that cage-headed bastard's marathon fight, which even caused marital strife when my wife distracted me and I died (totally her fault, can't even count it as a loss really :iva:). I also had my first invasion/PvP experiences and came out .500, though the wins weren't pretty and the losses BAD. Then I took down Mengo's Wetnurse sight unseen with another awkward ending because I killed it just as it was casting that weird fog and had to wait for that to dissipate before the nightmare ended (I was half scared it's double would still be in there).

Then I accidentally almost ended the game(!!) but luckily refused Gehrman's offer knowing such casually presented questions tend to have more consequences in Souls game (and yeesh, I think I'd quit if I had gone right to NG+). Knowing how close I came to fucking up I lifted my secrets embargo, got the umbilical cords I still needed (lucky I didn't screw that up), and went for the areas I missed, which were quite a lot! Like how about the entire fucking Hemwick Charnel Lane!? I basically beat the game without figuring out how to use runes (I just kept waiting for that feature to be unlocked =). Anyway, that was too easy since I was way overleveled.

Cainhurst was another matter. Pretty tricky with those ghosts etc, and so much like the Royal Archives it was just another reminder, along with Hemwick and Yharnam itself, that DS3 is basically just re-purposed Bloodborne assets. =) Anyway, Martyr Logarius was probably the hardest boss yet until I figured out how to prevent his buff and parry him properly, then he went down good (reminded me of the Sister Friede fight in that way, though in this fight I had a close call before just by brute forcing it with Ludwig's Greatsword, but alas choked right at the finish; probably better this way).

Then it was off to the Upper Cathedral Ward since I never went back with the key (I actually thought that door might be DLC related). Now this place was hard, and I lost more echos here than anywhere else, 30,000 in one shot, thanks to a couple Brainsuckers, which I'd never had trouble with previously. I had no idea how dangerous they were. The Celestial Emissary, on the other hand, was a total joke with an electrified whip, and probably with anything, but seemingly intended as such because then I found the real deal: Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos! Now this was more like it! I was a bit disappointed when I realized how close I came to ending the game and thought, "That's it on the Lovecraftian stuff? I thought we were just beginning!" so was relieved to see I just need to keep looking. Fun fight, especially with a +10 electrified Ludwig's (I don't know that I'd have enjoyed it quite so much otherwise :ganishka:). After a few failed attempts I settled on a strategy that resulted in me charge attack comboing her to death after her lunges so I didn't even realize I beat her until the PREY SLAUGHTERED sign appeared. That was a pleasant surprise because I did experience her third phase before that and needless to say it wasn't fun dodging, let alone finding an opening against, a giant, pissed off, and hyperactive Great One.

So, after that it was past time for bed last night and I'll keep exploring tonight and think about starting the DLC if I can't find anymore base game secrets to explore. I'm sure there's plenty out there, and either way I'll be leveling up for The Old Hunters in the meantime.

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:ubik: Congrats on killing the Bloodstarved Beast on your first try! I'm one of those poor bastards who still has nightmares of the first encounter with him, so hearing someone turn him into a bloody little bitch brings a smile to my face.

Thank you! :guts: Vicar Amelia and Darkbeast Paarl have been slaughtered as well. Amelia got me a few times but wasn't bad once I stopped fucking around trying to be cute with items and shit and just dodged and countered her to death, the exception to that being the use of Numbing Mists when she went for her big heal spell, which then became charge attack/visceral punishment time. For me it was one of those fights where after you've wasted all your resources and are probably gonna die you buckle down and actually "git gud" fighting them with nothing to lose and know you'll win next time.

Paarl was surprisingly fun for how scary it looked, I didn't even go back to buy Henryk's gear, because I realized early it was a "get under them" boss and Ludwig's was powerful enough to almost always stagger them before they could perform their lightning explosion to counter. I felt like a Hunter rather than the hunted for once because it's a boss that's actually trying to get away and create distance from you. :ganishka:

Actually, all these bosses are fun, even the hard and intense ones are a lot of fun. Bloodborne emphases the fun of Souls-style combat quite a bit. I also like some other subtle tweaks they make to the formula. Simple stuff like not making the Lamposts warp-anywhere devices and encouraging you to get around the world via through-ways and shortcuts. It definitely adds a level of immersion that hadn't been a feature since the first half of Dark Souls. Right now I'm exploring the Forbidden Woods and a little village of traps I found there (the first one on the bridge got me too, thought I'd make it =).

The Old Hunters doesn't change or add anything to the base game. All the new stuff is accessed via the new areas. You won't be losing or missing anything if you put off buying it for the time being. Well, technically, they did add a few new things to the base game when it was released (a new NPC, a new "covenant" of sorts, and a bunch of new phantoms to summon), but those were all implemented via a patch and can be used without the DLC.

Ah, good to know. I've done very little online besides Old Yharnam because I don't seem to get summoned with my bell elsewhere (which is annoying because the fucking message about it keeps perpetually appearing and taking up like 15% of the screen =), and I don't really want the help on my end, especially at the cost of Insight (so I don't get invaded either). Speaking of which and missing out, I know that things change partly based on events, like it got dark after I beat Amelia, and also depending on my Insight, which I've been keeping around 10 or so via the Insight Messenger shop. Should I just pump up my Insight and see what happens? I have like a dozen or so Madmen's Knowledge and I'd like to see whatever those black hole/beasts are that grab me in certain areas and don't know if I'm sparing myself unnecessary hardship or more fun sights to see/beasts to hunt? :carcus:

Video Games / Re: Bloodborne
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I made the Bloodstarved Beast into a bloodspilling beyoch on the first try! :guts: Ok, full disclosure, while it technically was MY first try, I did scope him out a couple times as a phantom, just to get a peek (after hearing how scary he was and visiting Old Yharnam, I really didn't want to get bogged down fighting him over and over). It's not like I learned much that I used in my more methodical solo approach, anyway. My instincts were actually good in this fight for once: continually backing up gave me enough distance to keep him largely de-aggro'd so I could size him up, switch items and bomb him in the face with Molotovs (I even had to go into the proper menu because for all my prep I forgot oil jars on my quick select :puck:), and simply walking backwards was effective for avoiding many of his forward attacks, even when he went right past/through me. Once I got him down to about a third/quarter life I figured I'd blow it like always (I'm the best first try Souls player you've ever seen... at initially taking 75% of a bosses' life then regressing terribly in subsequent attempts =), but that's when I felt comfortable enough with his moves to switch to Blunderbuss parries and nailed him with a couple Visceral attacks to put him on his last legs. I even stayed disciplined when he was just one hit away; that's usually when I panic, go "Fuck it!," charge in to blindly attack and die, but this time I kept playing defensively and waited for the right opportunity and the deed was done. Good feeling!

Do you have Game of the Year Edition? DLC is great in this one. I highly recommend it, but only when you have high enough level ( 70 )
The Old Hunter's DLC is an fantastic addition to the main game, but I think it's cruel of FromSoft to allow the player to enter those areas at level 70; you should be at least around level 100 - 110, with a +9 weapon if you're to have a good shot of making it through them without your t.v ending up halfway out the window.   :mozgus:
It's not a bad idea to go into it early though, if only to suicide rush to all the new weapons and attires in the first area. Love me that Beasthunter Saif...and that Whirlgig Saw...and that Bowblade (though you have to be an asshole to get that particular item early). :slan:

I got the regular edition bundled with my used PS4 (along with Horizon Zero Dawn!), but I'm planning on just buying the DLC electronically. I wasn't quite sure when the right time or best opportunity to start the DLC was though. Obviously before I beat the game, but I don't know if I'm missing out on other changes along the way besides the new areas/items? From what you guys are saying the later the better, but I'm not potentially missing a window on some event or quest in the interim, right (I'd look it up but am trying to avoid spoilers)? I want to experience as much of the game as possible in this playthrough...

Which is why I semi-abandoned my pure Skill build to get enough strength to wield Ludwig's sword when I unexpectedly got his patch! Worth it though, my new main, the charge attack is a game changer, and I put it to +5 so the Threaded Cane +3 (4 when I get 1 more Twin Shard) is indeed my change of pace weapon now. Also happy to see that Ludwig's scaling is identical to the Saw Spear, so I really didn't have to break my build to use it effectively either. Skill is already at 25 so I'm going to focus on endurance again now that I need to swing that greatsword around.

Other odds and ends: I've been exploring the Unseen Village, which was pretty intimidating before I got Ludwig's Sword (it also didn't help that to get there I had to leave over 10,000 souls echos out in the wind), but may have seen all there is to see there for now. I discovered a couple of bosses I've got on the docket for tonight: Darksomething Paarl I think, and some praying woman that turned into sort of a white werewolf with antlers (I bought the damn handkerchief =) whose name I didn't even catch. It was late and I wasn't feeling it when I found them, and I was again running five figures in Blood Echoes, so I didn't want to try my luck.

Video Games / Re: Bloodborne
« on: June 19, 2018, 06:43:42 PM »
I love that cane\whip. It was my third favorite weapon, even in the Old Hunters dlc. Second was the Chikage paired with the Blades of Mercy which was my favorite weapon in the entire game.

Yeah, the Threaded Cane/Whip started out as my "change up" weapon for special situations but those situations expanded to the point it's my main and the Saw Spear is the one I pull out when I just need to back attack or bash someone. I've upgraded and scaled the cane to the point that it does as much damage as any weapon I have but faster, with more range, and using less stamina! It's perfect. I actually WANT to fight multiple enemies at once with it. :ganishka:

I did like the cleaver move set as well though, better than the spear's anyway save for the strong thrust, and the R1 horizontal swipe has it's uses, but it's just a tad bit slow for the return in damage. I'm looking forward to trying out the Blades of Mercy when I get them, maybe they'll be what I end up pairing with the whip and the description reminds me of the dual katanas I preferred in Nioh along with a greatsword.

What do you think of the level design so far ?

Already contending for best in the Souls series. Exploring Yharnam has that same feeling as Lordran, but it's more cohesive thus far. Gorgeous too, I'd be even more impressed by the Victorian architecture and art design if I hadn't already seen it recycled in DS3; the reputation of which is taking a big hit as I continue to play Bloodborne, which is what happened to DS1 when I finally played Demon's Souls and realized it wasn't a "precursor" at all but the finished product DS1 was a generic knockoff of. =)

Ludwig's Holy Blade coupled with the pistol. Simple, but worked for me.

Heard/read a ton about this one, to the point I thought maybe I shouldn't invest in Skill because I assume that's Strength-based being a greatsword? Anyway, I usually like the simple Souls approach as well, sword and roll baby, which is why Bloodborne cutting out all the other fat to specialize in and enhance that experience is so great ("Shields are good, unless they breed passivity" =).

BTW, at first I was annoyed they switched the "heal" button (I've accidentally consumed vials more than once trying to switch weapon stance via the triangle button =), but I do appreciate having it completely separate from other items because I tended to do that in DS anyway at the exclusion of those other items. This removes that penalty and opens up item use a bit more, at least for me.

Video Games / Re: Bloodborne
« on: June 19, 2018, 07:54:14 AM »
Actually, Bloodstarved Beast only MIGHT be the third boss you fight. The paths kind of diverge at this point in the game, and depending on where you go, you might fight something else instead.

Well, I'm in Old Yharnam, killed the obnoxious Hunters there, and have a feeling the Blood Starved Beast is one "wrong" turn away since this seems like a place a beast would be starving for new blood. I decided to save my 10,000 Blood Echoes to see if I can advance past the big gate without the Hunter Chief Symbol.

Also, I started leveling Skill and upgrading the Cane and Saw Spear to great effect; made Goscoigne much simpler and I can pretty much manage, if not melt, mobs with the whip already. Just as effective bitch smacking back big bads before they can get me in range.

Video Games / Re: Bloodborne
« on: June 19, 2018, 12:38:21 AM »
Hm, the game has a huge population still, so it's weird you were having trouble.

Hmmm, now you're making me think I might have set something too high in my online friend settings or something and it's blocking the other players. I'll look into it.

I can hop onto my new game and help you out if you need it.

Pffff, them's fighten' words; INVADE my game* and see how much help I need!

*Preferably in Dark Souls 3. =)

The next boss for you after FG is the Blood Starved Beast. It's the boss that made me almost quit the game out of frustration.

Sounds... infuriating! Here beasty beasty beasty, I'm coming! :guts: :chomp:

Video Games / Re: Bloodborne
« on: June 18, 2018, 05:20:28 PM »

It's worse; I tried summoning Gascoigne again to fight the Cleric Beast but was trying to protect his health on the way and got myself killed by the stupid giant wolves. Then when I went back I couldn't summon him anymore and realized it consumed Insight to do so! What a waste (of whatever)! :magni: So I think I'm done with that, though I still want to see how summoning/multiplayer works in the game. I haven't even been invaded yet (I wonder if anyone is on; I know it was like free to play a while back so I was expecting some activity).

BB is far more forgiving, but at the same time about the same level of challenge=)

Yeah, like I said I was kind of holding myself back trying to conserve resources I really didn't need to against the risk of getting ganked or boss combo'd to death at half life while holding 17 Blood Vials. :ganishka: Once I started cutting loose, as the game intends, things got better. Though trying to chase healing via aggressive attacking is sometimes like throwing good money after bad, and doubly so when you get in the mindset of doing it at the expense of traditional healing in general. I've already learned you're often better off just backing out and quickly using a vial while it still counts ON TOP of your latest damage, unless the enemy is a chump (sometimes that sucks too because they'll die before I can get much life back =). I'm sure the game is going to take more advantage of this later when the initial hit is just to entice you in for the real death blow. :zodd:

Speculation Nation / Re: Casca's Role in the Future
« on: June 18, 2018, 03:52:54 PM »
My guess is Casca is eventually going to be the straw that stirs the drink; a frontline fighter/leader, strategist, and matriarch for "the family." I mean, she was already the reason the gang was together in the first place, so this is all owed to her.

Yass...he's real cute too, Silat <3. It's just that she's always under her worst condition before a fight. Before his attack, Casca literally passed out from fatigue but she still managed to keep up a good fight. Im hoping for a really strong come back of her.

I do think it would be a cool moment for her to do well against him in a rematch, especially if it's the "friendly" sparring of allies. :daiba: But I doubt she could beat him handily as things stand just because he's already proven more than a match, and, though it was under bad circumstances for Casca, it's not like things are much better or she's had a chance to practice since then. Would be a great symbolic triumph to eventually show him what she can really do though. :casca:

I'm sure Guts would be a great coach/cheerleader too, "C'mon, you can beat that circus performer!" :guts:
You should check out our podcast. 100+ hours of Berserk chat  :badbone:

Maybe you've actually added the times (I wouldn't be surprised =), but by my crude estimation it's gotta be around 150 hours at least, if not 200, considering how long most of them are. And sure, there's some sub-60 minute ones in there, but also more than a few over two hours to compensate!

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