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Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: January 01, 2018, 07:32:37 PM »
Sage Freke is a great character and has a lot of great spells, and yeah The Tower of Latria is very similar to the Irithyll Dungeon, more of that to come later on, world 5  :carcus:

Yeah, I finally cashed in some Demon's souls for new spells from him, now I gotta get my intelligence up a couple points to try the 2 slot ones. I don't want to go too far down this path though and hobble my characters melee abilities down the line. Even Soul Ray uses too much MP to be more useful than Arrow for my purposes.

Anyway, I'm at the beginning of 3-2, but don't know when I'll next get to play (and I'm thinking the Avarice ring I bought isn't worth it and I'd have been better off using the 50,000 souls towards my level).

You should play Sunshine if you ever get the chance, it's underrated.
I've seen quite a bit of it played (on Giant Bomb, they had a series for it), and it looks utterly painful. But if they port it to Switch, I might check it out.

It shouldn't be hard or expensive if you already has a Wii. I've been thinking of hooking up my GameCube and giving it another shot for a while diring my Mariothon. I stopped playing it about halfway through out of bored frustration the first time (not a great sign =).

In other news, I've also put a few hours into Papers, Please, which Wally was kind enough to gift me, and it's strangely compelling/addicting. My first effort yielded a couple of ignoble ends but now I'm in a little bit deeper in more ways than one.

Also playing Twilight Princess for the umpteenth time in HD on Wii U, mainly on the gamepad while the wife watches the TV. It's losing me, though I did just complete the final bug hunt so that's like the nadir, but the Water Temple on steroids in this game isn't exactly a fresh start either. If BotW had huge temples like these strewn about though it'd be the best Zelda EVAH!

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: Movies you've recently watched
« on: January 01, 2018, 07:43:54 AM »
Have you guys listened to Peeleís commentary for Get Out? I loved the movie, but the commentary added so much to the film for me. I was surprised by how many little details in the film were symbolic or had deeper meanings

I've only heard his commentary for the deleted scenes but even that made it clear that he put a lot of thought into everything and the implications of it just were never coincidental.

Iíve seen it twice, actually. The first time I had it all figured out pretty much as it happened. Honestly, the twist/reveal felt a lot like the one in the Prestige (people who didnít see THAT twist coming a mile away still baffles me).

I just donít get the love for it. And that is coming from someone who typically enjoys everything.

Well, let's jump in and say the love for it is not about those twists so much as the symbolism for blackness in America, white supremacy, and the exploitation or appropriation of black bodies, art, and culture etc. (Stephen Root literally wants to take his "eye"), which make it a truly black-centric horror film with a unique and thought-provoking POV, at least to me (YMMV). Yet, even though that permeates almost every scene, it's not preachy but always entertaining and also works as a clever, straight ahead horror movie too (this is where Last Jedi's allegory falls short for me). I think that's what really opened people's eyes about it and you don't easilly find a lot of movies occupying all those spaces simutaneously and yet so seamlessly (and economically, in an hour and a half instead of like three!).

Saw Pixar's Coco tonight and it was pretty good, though speaking of twists it uses some of Pixar's standbys.

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: January 01, 2018, 07:20:17 AM »
Real quick on SMG2 before I get into Odyssey: I've never regarded it that highly, but I'm having a blast with it now, directly after Odyssey, because this game propels you in a completely different way from Odyssey. Each level/sequence has a momentum, and every little transport between planetoids feels rejuvenating before you tackle the next portion.

It was a little repetitive for me after going 120 stars deep in Galaxy, despite the new gimmicks in each level. I also didn't like the hodge podge progression system with a linear map screen but with star minimums that are far too high to actually play through it going level to level. It was kind if stuck between 3D and classic Mario.

That kind of pacing is something that Odyssey completely lacks. Its equivalent is like, walking back to your ship and dumping off some more moons before heading out to find more.

Sounds like Diablo! :ganishka:

I don't think Mario Odyssey is a system seller. It is a technically fun game (lol). But even with all the charm and personality pouring out of the game in buckets, it's too thin, and ultimately rote, an experience to justify a new console.

That's the sense I got from it; it's a fun game, but not worth buying a system for. There were people basically trying to lump it in with Zelda as Nintendo reinventing the open world wheel though.

The biggest bummer for me with Odyssey is that while it's true there are a TON of moons to collect, I can count on one hand the moons that felt like accomplishments. Mostly, they just sort of happen along the way from A-B. Sometimes you'll butt-stomp on a glowing crack in the ground and find a moon.  :schierke:

Yeah, it's a quality or quantity approach, 100+ of something like stars or shrines can be a carefully crafted experience with momentum to each as you described ... 800+ though, like moons or korok seeds, and you're probably just sticking them around to some degree. It's an interesting thing to consider about BotW, that it has both.

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: Movies you've recently watched
« on: January 01, 2018, 02:30:11 AM »
Man, I thought Get Out was INCREDIBLY overrated. I enjoyed it for what it was, but I just didn't get the hype surrounding it.

Well, I guess it depends on what you think it was. To me it was a pretty excellently constructed horror satire and social commentary where every detail actually mattered and pays off, and it works both as a straight horror concept and obviously on a much greater scale as an allegory (though each part enhances the other instead of getting in each other's way). Some of the themes actually aren't that different from 2049, but fresher, deeper and more specific than exploring humanity and human rights via robots. That's why I rated it higher despite 2049 being more up my alley as a gorgeous, top tier sci-fi thriller. In general I also think the surprise factor worked in Get Out's favor: it's a horror movie from a comedy guy and is supposed to have some social commentary that could all easily fall flat, but instead it worked on every level and blew away expectations. Wheras something like Blade Runner both has to live up to larger than life expectations while also being pretty esoteric (the big budget prestige follow up to a movie that bombed). Anyway, I'd recommend giving it a second chance because it's a different experience when you already have the puzzle pieces fit together.


I loved Get Out.  Found the premise considering the twist quite original and overal a disturbing enjoyable film.

What he said.

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: December 31, 2017, 08:13:29 AM »
It's a genuinely fun game that has got a lot of charm.
However from a level design and gameplay perspective, it doesn't stand out as distinctly as the top games in the franchise.

Heard a lot of the former, not so much the latter save you and Wally, but I'm skepitcal of the fan reputation because SMG2 is supposed to be the best platformer ever and I thought it was good, but not the epitome of Mario or even better than it's predecessor.

That being said I've got a little over 500 stars and haven't quite finished the last segment of the game, which is frustrating enough that it got me to rage like I did as a kid. :ganishka:

Actually, the whole reason I've been catching up on so much Mario lately is to stave off the desire to play Odyssey, which worked, but it still sounds like fun. =)

Man, it's such ancient history. I remember Flamelurker giving a lot of people, myself included, a lot of trouble when the game first came out. He's a huge jump in difficulty compared to the likes of the Armored Spider, Tower Knight, and Phalanx, which are typically the critters people would tackle before going for him, he's a helluva lot more mobile, unpredictable, and aggressive than they are, and he gets even fiercer once he's nearly dead. However, his fight is pretty part and parcel for how a lot of Soulsborne bosses work. Hell, Flamelurker may even be the basis for how bosses would go on to be designed in future titles, so it's no surprise a DkS veteran would incinerate him fairly easily.

Yep, that's how it went for me. Phalanx was pathetic, Tower Knight got me a couple times before I realized I could kill the archers (:ganishka:), the Armored Spider made me cocky because I killed him just fucking around, taking unnecessary hits and still winning, etc. but Flamelurker felt like the real deal where you better stay on your game and keep weaving and moving. I think you're right that he feels like the prototypical Soulsboss, at least the more feral variety (and once they mixed that with swordplay watch out). Think of how simple he is though compared to a recent evolution like the Demon Prince fight. Yeesh.

Penetrator, meanwhile, was never that tough. And depending on what you did in Boletaria, he could be made into an absolute cakewalk.
This really reaches into the pits of my memory, but I remember getting through Flamelurker pretty easily, on my second try or so, and Penetrator giving me a little bit more trouble (maybe 5 tries) because I was intent on beating him in a way that just wasn't working very well.

Well, I was just careful with him, spent a good while just dodging and rolling to check him out and once I felt confident reading him I started chipping away (magic really made it unfair because he actually wasn't so easy to hit with my Claymore; mastering that might have taken a bit longer). There's really no reason to be impatient with the insta-healing herbs at your disposal though. It's like that first time you get a boss down real low then lose discipline at the end and get reckless because you're running out of estus and then... NO FUCKING WAY ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! :mozgus:

Not so much that pressure here, plus, as Cyrus said, I'm basically a time traveler from the future to these bosses. =)

Yeah magic is pretty op in this game so go for it

I pumped it up to 20 so far and it's responding accordingly. I'm even tempted to go Moon on my weapon, though all my DS instincts are against this, to double dip on the stat. But then I'll be pretty fucked up against any magic resistant foes, so maybe I'll just stick with what's working or go the Crushing route instead (I have 22 strength as well).

how are you approaching the the different worlds? are you just doing them in order? if so then look forward to world 3 it's really good. Have you been seeking out npcs and following their quests at all or is that not the focus right now? same thing with world tendencies, next playthrough perhaps?  :carcus:

My approach is always the same: just looking for the best upgrades and the next boss (I don't get the tendencies but I'm pretty light all over). I wrapped up worlds 1 and 2, Allant went down in 3 because I didn't know the range of his explosion and then I let him combo me when he was almost dead (:schierke:), didn't kill the dragon yet either, but am indeed exploring the mighty cool world 3 (it's totally Irithyll Dungeon)! So, I have found some cool NPCs there, the Royal Wife or whatever has some promising shit I need to buy all of, and I'd like to free Freke and see what he's got but I've seemingly cleared all the dungeon and haven't found his key yet... maybe I missed a spot or need to fight the boss (or the fucking thing is one of those items on ledges I've been ignoring). And I'm not sure if I should free old ghosty from his cell or not...

On a side note to this day I think that the Nexus is by far the best hub world in any souls game, it's insanely cool in every way.

Yeah, it's pretty cool, and also clearly the precursor to DS3's Firelink Shrine.

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: Movies you've recently watched
« on: December 31, 2017, 07:09:34 AM »
Sorry for the double post, but just had to share that I finally was able to see Blade Runner 2049.

Favorite movie of the year, by far.

As someone that was hard on it at first, it was infinitely better than probably anything else I saw this year besides Get Out. And yeah, I'm talking about Star Wars, because for all the hoopla 2049 is the 3 hour sci-fi legacy film you're looking for.

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: December 30, 2017, 09:58:39 AM »
DeS update: Flamelurker flamed out immediately when I got serious (human form, flame ring, flame shield, and some old spice) and the Penetrator become the penetrated on the first try (scary at first, but this guy was too much like Souls 101), though I was so pleased he disposed of that jestering Minister! Beyond that I took out some phantoms and I'm probably going to see how deep I can go into Boletarian Palace before exploring the other levels further (though maybe I'll kill more lizards in 2-2 to upgrade my trusty Claymore). Once I got my strength high enough to use that and the PFS, it's been all vitality and endurance ever since, but because I alreafy have them at 30 and 20 respectively and aren't having much trouble dodging, attacking or staying alive, I'm considering pumping my next few levels into Magic to see if I can get even more efficient there. Shit is just so easy to use, even though I could melee with him just fine most of my damage to Penetrator was chip damage from Soul Arrow because there was just constant safe openings. I'd like to try some other spells as well like Soul Ray and the fire spells; I bought the heal miracle but apparantly have nothing to cast it with! >_<

I've been spending my late evenings on Christmas break getting through a bunch of games. Have 450 moons in Mario Odyssey (I feel pretty much done with this game), swapped over to Mario Galaxy 2 for playtime with my son (he loves this one more than Odyssey, and I can't blame him)

I didn't comment on this before, but it's stuck with me... Is Mario Odyssey basically overrated? You can tell me, it's just us. =)

BTW, I recently finished Mario Galaxy 2 myself and it was great and all (I thought the highlights were the Bowser Jr. boss fights actually), but I think the original is still more special and the one to play. At least SMG2 doesn't "reward" you for getting 120 stars just by letting you get them again with Luigi though. :rickert:

Other ones i spent a lot of time are of course minish cap and the oracle games

Fun fact: Those were all written and directed by BotW director Hidemaro Fujibayashi. His Zelda bonifides are pretty, well, legendary at this point; as up there with Miyamoto, Tezuka, and Aonuma as one can get (and I give Fujibayashi extra credit for revitalizing it from its previous 3D doldrums). It's pretty cool he got his start making classic-style 2D Zeldas too, and not even for Nintendo!

Capcom has been in the process of porting its last-gen lineup to modern consoles and PC for the last year or so.

Oh sure, I can't criticize them for making their catalogue more available (unlike those games that become rare birds exclusive to a single platform), though as far as Okami is concerned I'll point out it's technically two generations old and pretty much available on everything since: PlayStation 2, Wii (Wii U), PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC... Jesus Christ, everybody got it yet!? I'm surprised they aren't retroporting it to the SNES Classic; see the majesty in 16-bit! That's a game that could use some exclusivity at this point because it gets around more than the disc it comes on.

Maybe I'll get it for PC. =)

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi
« on: December 29, 2017, 08:01:57 AM »
Oof, that's a harsh article. I lost interest in it the moment Ron Howard signed on. It has Justice League written all over it.

Yep, as TLJ shows us it's hard enough for one person to lead a complicated production like this and create something that feels cohesive and whole, and it was automatically going to be uneven once they replaced Lord & Miller with Ron Howard (who make Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon seem like the same director), but this is a mess. The only hope is that Howard is redoing so much that he's basically reshooting the entire movie his way, but then we don't know if that'll make it any good either (it is written by Lawerence Kasdan, but Alden Ehrenreich can't sell himself as Han Solo it doesn't matter). This allegedly fake artwork isn't bad though:

I'm betting the real one will actually be worse. :ganishka:

BTW, Kojima is back with another, mostly, interesting film review (also check out that poster with Dark Luke!?):

It's not as good as his Blade Runner article, but it's kind of hard to say something new about Star Wars at this point. Anyway, I'm enjoying his second career. If sends another letter to Miura we should ask if he'd be willing to moonlight as our official film critic. =)

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: December 29, 2017, 05:54:24 AM »
spells are much more potent with their lack of cast times and the fact you can effectively use them infinitely as long as you've got spice.

Oh yeah, I can basically kill anything in a couple hits from Soul Arrow, and it seems like all the enemies with strong physical resist go down even easier to magic or vice versa. I usually go melee for the fun of it and because I usually find magic not worth the effort, but here your starting magic setup can already do so much damage it's like cheating! I haven't invested a point in upgrading magic since and I'm curious to see if I'll need to for it to remain useful.

:troll: Item burden, I almost forgot about that! Definitely the thing that'll kill most latecomers, far more than the Flamelurker, that's for damn sure! It must be hell for those who decide they'd rather do without Stockpile Thomas and kill him at their first opportunity.

Didn't even think of that but yikes. Reminds me of when I let my wife try DSII and she immediately attacked the Emerald Herald! O_O She also somehow fought and killed an Old Knight and a Heide Knight simutaneously while having no idea what she was doing.

Regarding the lack of re-release, a number of people claim it's due to the different companies the game was published under (Sony in Japan, Namco-Bandai in Europe, Atlus in the U.S.), but I'm not so sure how true that is, or if it's true anymore considering the online servers are being shut down in a couple months. It is bullshit either way; Catherine, a fricken weird-ass and fairly obscure puzzle game released in 2011 is a getting a remaster, but Demon's Souls is still being left in the cold! :femto:

Or multiple darlings that have already been re-released and most people don't even want at this point like the SotC knock off coming out. Or Okami, which I didn't even know was being remade and suddenly it's out in HD like magic because that game apparently needs to be released for every platform in existence. Yeesh.

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: December 28, 2017, 09:17:01 PM »
Ooooh, interesting. Don't get to hear a lot of accounts of people playing Demon's Souls after getting spoiled on the Dark Souls series. And frankly, I get kind of peeved by how no one seems to remember it anymore :sad:. Regardless, I too would be interested in hearing your impressions.

You got it, updates to come. As for it being a bit forgotten now, I blame From Soft and especially Sony for essentially making its availability limited to PS3, particularly after DS3 was such a big hit last year. Do a cheap HD port simply for financial reasons Sony, or shit, make it downloadable like in Japan. I don't know what the calculation is that doesn't make it worth it, but they should be able to cash in on it somehow with either a cheap port or major remake. There's still people saying it's the best Souls game, so SELL it, Sony!

It's the one that got away, for me  :judo: I've wanted to play it for years, I just can't justify the cost of a PS3 at this point. Are you playing it on a PS4 or PS3? Because maybe in a  year or so, Last Guardian + Demon's Souls + Bloodborne will be worth the price of admission.

Same here, my brother-in-law got a PS4 so he gave me his PS3 for Christmas and I got Demon's Souls for $18 (it's like the only PS3 game he didn't have, but I got Red Dead as well!). It's funny, the 3 games out there I really wanted to play are Demon's Souls, Bloodborne, and Mario Odyssey... but that's like $700 overhead for 3 games! :ganishka:

Fuck exclusives that are actually exclusive.

Very true, I can't help but think the essence of what makes it great will be felt by anyone, but may disappoint with its size. Movement and combat mechanics could go either way. I'm hoping those fears are wrong, I wish everyone had access to the game and gives it a chance despite it being a little clunkier

I'm actually impressed with how close it is to DS1, and even DS3, so far; DS1 is basically just a reskinned version with a different world mechanic and some other tweaks. The areas seem plenty big to me too, so we'll see how long it takes me to get through.

In my last play session I kind of screwed myself for a bit because the mechanic giving me the most trouble is... Item Burden! It's like Dark Souls meets Bethesda. :ganishka: Anyway, while trying to make off with the most/best loot possible (and all the ore in 2-1, 2-2) I made some very shortsighted choices, like dumping my startimg gear and giving myself no equipment versatility to balance my equip weight. So, I was either fat-rolling or half naked for a bit until I got my shit back early in 3-1. It's an annoying mechanic and I'm not sad it was phased out, but it does make for another challenge to manage and sort of explains why the other games had storage boxes in the first place despite not really being needed. Next up: beat Flamelurker (who is currently holding on to about 4,000 of my souls for me =).

Oh yeah, the most significant difference I've noticed is that, unlike the other Souls games to my knowledge, when you get killed if you shut off the system fast enough you can beat the autosave and keep any outstanding souls you have intact. :griffnotevil:

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: December 27, 2017, 11:33:24 PM »
Demon's Souls... Finally! It's interesting to see how much was already there in this one and how the series evolved. So far it hasn't been anything I'm not prepared for (it's a bit unfair since I can already anticipate most enemies styles, having played their descendents), though the pathway to the Tower Knight was a pain that cost me some souls. I did start as Royalty and boosted my strength so I already feel like an end game dual threat wrecking normal foes, but it's early, I've only beaten 3 demons and I'm making my way through the first couple areas. The ability to have virtually unlimited healing and magic really makes it feel comfortable staying out and clearing areas. No reason to go home!

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi
« on: December 26, 2017, 07:41:54 PM »
The only reason I put the prequels above the new Disney stuff is due to the Clone Wars animated series. As I've said countless times on the boards, that series takes the veil of shit off of the prequels and makes them enjoyable.

Interesting you actually put the new trilogy below the prequels, and while I can understand how that series could retroactively put the prequels in a better context, it can't make those stinkers into well directed or acted movies; they're really bad movies beyond the story problems! Just like whatever problems I have with the new Star Wars movies' plots, I can't complain about the production values. It's actually not fair that the prequels in essence give Disney a rock bottom they can never reach, so the worst Star Wars movie they make will probably only ever be the 4th worst Star Wars movie. Unless they decide to do Binks: A Star Wars Story. Anyway, saying Last Jedi is like the 4th, 5th or 6th best Star Wars movie becomes contextually meaningless if one considers below that a bottomless void, so I probably shouldn't even rate those because they just throw off the curve. Another interesting thing is how well the new movies do with critics, all of them being ranked above Return of the Jedi on RT: TESB 94%, SW 93%, TFA 93%, TLJ 91%, R1 85% (I'm sure the Disney machine being behind them doesn't hurt these scores), RotJ 80%, RotS 79%(!?), AotC 66%, TPM 55% (of course the audience score currently puts TLJ below Phantom Menace and only above The Clone Wars movie =).

Also, this shit's getting juicy:

Maybe all the cracks we're seeing from production to production are about to break wide open.

I mean despite the hatchet job they did on Luke's character, his final moments aren't so bad. His confrontation with the First Order is pretty damn badass and he makes a fool out of Kylo Ren in a way that I feel is true to who he should be (a benevolent Jedi master who does not want to fight his nephew to the death). And while his death itself is pretty ridiculous and lacking in dramatic weight (reminiscent of Padme's...), the setting suns make for some cool imagery.

Agreed about Kirk, and your analysis of Luke here improves my disposition about the whole thing. =)

What mattered to me was that Luke felt like Old Luke. Even if it didn't truly amount to much, it's what I wanted from him -- to feel what the years had done to him conveyed through his acting, not a montage, or simply being told about his bitterness. And his motivation to remove himself from the stage made sense to me. The unspoken message of his hermitage was that systemic abuse of the force needed to be wiped from the chess board (He really should have taken care of the Kylo problem before he retired though, just saying, that's a bit messy for a "Jedi Master.")

I'm going to come over to this side of things eventually because, again, this is all we're going to get, but I also can't help but think it's a failure overall of the Star Wars fans now making these movies to handle Luke like a regular character, properly extract him from storytelling purgatory, reintegrate him into the plot, and eventually do something interesting or even relatively normal with him. There was a number of pretty straightforward ways to do this and for whatever reason they treated Luke like a radioactive faberge unicorn before disposing of him as soon as possible (while having it both ways, as you put it about the Jedi, along the way). It's hard for me to accept not getting him off that island they plopped him on as a great reintroduction, development and sendoff for the character, let alone the best they could do.

Presumably because they still need to market lightsabers to kids (It's been a few years, but my rant about Disney's franchise syndrome compromising storytelling remains the same).
The film casting the military-industrial complex like a skin over the endless conflict felt like an interesting touch at first. I'll always listen when someone attempts to do a real-world deconstruction of cartoon-like wars. But this one rang hollow, because it's fucking Disney, people. This is a missive from the Entertainment Empire, lecturing us about the folly of choosing sides when the middle man gets fat on the blood of the sheep caught in the perpetual war. I didn't check, but it wouldn't be crazy if Bob Iger had a cameo at the casino scene.

I was debating the movie with friends last night and one of them, my buddy from the GoT thread actually, had the the most sinister interpretation of this vis-a-vis the seemingly puerile ending: that the little boy is literally playing with Star Wars toys and YOU TOO can be the hero if you BUY BUY BUY! He acknowledged this of course wasn't intentional but it's kind of impossible not to see once you look at it that way.

I don't feel as harshly towards Disney's "evil empire" though because the creative people they've employed are still doing a better job with pop entertainment than just about anybody (and the missives in this film are theorhetically from Rian Johnsons for better or worse). Plus, here we are participating in it despite all our complaints. Anyway, the Star Wars prequels (and even the originals as far as merchandising is concerned) and pre-Marvel Studios superhero movies were not great examples of storytelling integrity before Disney got a hold of them either, tired as the current formula may be (and Star Wars doesn't quite have a working one, theyre stil experimenting, which is more interesting to watch than the plots of the movies themselves, unfortunately).

I'm not really interested in ranking the movie against the others, but I thought this was a fine entry. I enjoyed it more than Force Wakens, mostly because the remix nature of that movie still rubs me the wrong way. This was at the very least a new experience.

So you have it ranked fourth!? =) And it is and it isn't new, like TFA, since even when seemingly spurning nostalgia, by flipping the most obvious twists, it's still heavily reliant on it and the best it could do was sort of pave the way for something new... From JJ Abrams of all people! :ganishka: I thought this movie also fell back on old Star Wars lines more than TFA, "Rebel scum?", R2-D2 playing his #1 hit (these movies are still like a greatest hits album), and a strong case can be made it's essentially remixing Empire as much as TFA did ANH: the escape from the Reb-sistance Base at the beginning, leading to a movielong chase, seeking help from a more luxurious civialian port, being betrayed by a scoundrel there (that was literally almost Lando), while the young Jedi struggles with a difficult an eccentric master before leaving to save their friends, leading to a play on the throne scenes from Jedi (like the shield generator callback in TFA), familial revelations, literal offers to bring order the galaxy... and they just moved the AT-AT Hoth battle, "Mm, salt" to the end. So, if you hated the callbacks in TFA and think it's essentially just an updated ANH, TLJ is just as culpable and for all it's allusions to change is still more of the same in the end. We got the young Jedi, the Dark Lord, an Evil Empire, a Rebellian, and some scoudrels, but unlike the originals it feels like the galaxy is only as big as what we see on screen and there's only like those dozen characters left in it. The Star Wars universe is literally down to that, and relying on Abrams to reinvent it again. Anyway, what sets the film apart and could ultimately redeem it for me is the reflection on Star Wars itself, but it still doesn't offer anything really new or worthwhile by the end, just a push for it (and, correct me if I'm wrong, you didn't even really like where it took/left them).

These movies occupy a weird space; there's never been so much talking up or down of movies most people can agree are just "fine." =)

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi
« on: December 25, 2017, 08:02:44 AM »
I hear you. The people I sincerely feel really bad for are those who spent their lives engulfed in the Expanded Universe material. I canít imagine how much it must suck to see how Luke actually ended up after reading countless books about Lukeís post-ROTJ adventures and building up this mythos/idea of him over decades.

Well, as discussed on the podcast, I don't see much distinction between that Extended Universe material and this (another reason I'm not SO upset with it as the fans looking for a "legitimate" successor to Star Wars). This is just another story based on the old Star Wars films, it just so happens to be a major blockbuster by Disney and purports to fit into a very questionable and uneven film canon (written and produced by different people in different eras for different reasons). So, from a practical standpoint that doesn't make it any better, or even more authentic where it counts, than the Thrawn Trilogy for example, it's just bigger, more well-supported and legitimized from a business standpoint, "We're making 'Star Wars movies' again!" I remember when Lucasfilm released the Shadows of the Empire merchandise; book, soundtrack, toys, games. It was referred to as a film release without a film. Disney is doing that but with actual movies, and now they can make them whatever they want, which is probably for the better.

My never getting into the EU was a saving grace in this case. I can only go on the logic of ďdoes this make sense within the context of the movies/canon/character?Ē And Johnsonís decision does so Iím fine with it.

I wish I could say the same, but like I said Johnson did his own version and unlike Abrams even sort of alluded to the fact that's really all these are: different artists interpretations of Star Wars. It's more Extended Universe than the old EU, which despite also being "Star Wars by other people" it was still all made under the Lucasfilm umbrella for better or worse. Lucas could have made the best of both worlds by hiring the Abrams and Johnsons of the world himself to do his actual sequel ideas, but he "sold his children to the white slavers" so now we'll never know. :ganishka:

Take Admiral Ackbar as an example. I fucking love the guy. Who doesnít? He dies in this movie. And everyone was pissed he died semi-off screen. ďHow could you kill off Ackbar like that?! He deserved better!Ē But hereís the thing: Ackbar becoming a huge fan favorite doesnít change the fact he was a bit player in the Star Wars story. Within the context of the story he didnít deserve a grand, glorious, focused-on death. Doing so wouldíve been pure, unnatural fan service. So even though I love the character, Iím fine with the death he got.

I completely agree, as a matter of fact it was fan service mentioning his death at all. There was no reason to be upset about that because, like you say, he was merely important to the fandom for largely ironic reasons they've since developed nostalgic feelings about, not his role in the story. Luke Skywalker, on the other hand...

Anyway, I understand this thread isnít meant for my kind of folk so Iíll stop parading on everyoneís rain.

Don't worry, your sunshine won't dissipate my rainclouds. =) Like I've been saying though, I'm not even sure where the scales will end up on my overall opinion. Currently, I'd rank it behind TFA but still ahead of R1 and the Prequels (so, TESB, SW, RotJ, TFA, TLJ, R1, AotC, RotS, ... TPM). We've said it before, but the Disney Star Wars movies kind of exist in a class of their own, naturally not as good as the transcendent classics they're emulating (though TLJ makes the best effort to literally separate itself, and in some ways feels like the first original new Star Wars movie, with TFA and R1 being kind of like transition/nostalgia films to ween us off that old Star Wars), but there's almost no way they could be less competently made than the prequels unless Kathleen Kennedy develops a serious substance abuse problem or something.

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You know where my real allegiance lies! :rakshas:

Talk about mixed bags though! To me Star Trek is ultimate take the bad with the good, or pick and choose wisely, because the good is worth it. But there is infinitly more good material there than Star Wars, it's just hard to parse because there's so damn much in general; wheras Star Wars is like two and half worthwhile movies, a bunch of middling derivatives, and then total shit (I mean, the best stuff from it were the video games). Anyway, Luke vs. Kirk: Who had a worse end? =)

So I believe Hamill is wrong. Luke can, momentarily at least, ďgive upĒ on someone. But I donít know if Luke did, or could, give up on Kylo. Vader was essentially a victim of circumstance, an at his core good person who was tricked/trapped by the dark side. Kylo WANTS to be evil. Heís not trapped. He was tricked, but heís where he wants to be. If Luke didnít follow him around the galaxy trying to change his mind, is that really giving up on him? I honestly donít know.

Well, I don't think it's such a simple litmus test either, like if Luke can feel moments of despair (of course he can); Hamill even said Luke might take a few years to regroup, but this is about the core, direction and summation of his entire character, and considering his heroism is a large driving force of the original trilogy it's strange that he completely gave up on everyone and everything he cares about for the convenience of this plot. So, I think Hamill is pretty spot on and in touch with the character he's embodied so well over the years (I think I like real life Hamill more than "Jake" from TLJ =). But that's the story Johnson wanted to tell and he tells it about as effectively as can be, but I don't think it's a great or even very true direction to take the character, more like a 'what-if?', and certainly not a worthy swan song (I don't think that was the point, but they took on that burden). Anyway, it's the only Luke-centric sequel we're going to get, so those of us hungry for that will ultimately have to make peace with it or banish it to the prequel zone.

Movie was a big dumb mess. I could not give less of a shit about Rey and the rest of the noob crew. I hate how this new trilogy relies so heavily on nostalgia for the original trilogy while invalidating the events of the of original trilogy.

I think I know what choice you'll make! :ganishka: It's a good point that these movies success are largely at the expense of the previous trilogy and characters, undermining their stories and passing on their gloey to a new generation, but I think going at that head on was largely the point of this movie, so credit for honesty at least.

What say you, Wally; where you at? =)

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« on: December 23, 2017, 02:45:48 PM »
I will mail you my French-dubbed VHS of Ewoks: The Battle for Endor for Christmas. :beast:

What about Caravan of Courage? :sad:

Oh yeah, and I'd be remiss if I didn't bring up the original follow-up to Star Wars, The Holiday Special!

Maybe you're right and Star Wars is basically a net negative... oh well, happy Light Day, everybody!

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 352
« on: December 23, 2017, 01:44:16 AM »
On the one hand it seems too good to be true and I worry after 8-10 issues we'll be back to the bad ole days of extended, indefinite breaks, but if true, it telks me Miura is gearing up to plow on through to the end ASAP, which is an exciting prospect.

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi
« on: December 23, 2017, 01:25:00 AM »
Bloated and meandering. Would have been a great 1h30 movie (albeit with giant-ass plot holes like who the fuck is Snoke again?).

I think two hours and change, like five to ten minutes, would have been ideal and the cuts were there to be made; less Canto, Holdo, and especially the setup for them. That stuff's undercooked anyway and could be zippier. Also, I know this series has a bad history with "special editions" but this ain't the classic trilogy so keep the theatrical release fluid and provide an extended cut with the home release for all the babies you had to kill to get it down. I'd like to see those scenes put back in context anyway, like whatever extra Luke they cut or Kylo on the Falcon in the last movie (that should have been in there).

Anyway, the franchise should have ended... With the first movie. No sequels needed, not even Empire. You guys have a Merry Christmas. :casca:


While I appreciate you coming with the ULTIMATE purity take (just kidding, I only watch the original Flash Gordon reels on 16mm! =), and think I see your point actually, I respectfully disagree. Even though the original Star Wars is of course the most important and iconic film of the bunch, and arguably even bigger to cinema history than just starting this dumb blockbuster franchise, Empire is a very worthy sequel and film in itself to the point it helped justify them as more than derivative repetitions, and legitimately added the depth to the characters we all take for granted now. Even though Jedi is a step back in that regard it's still a lot of fun (Star Wars post-Indiana Jones) and technically very impressive (still the most impressive space battle in the series, moreso now), wraps things up nicely, and even managed to introduce new iconic characters in Palpatine (an all-timer) and Jabba the Hutt (and his whole palace, really), and the Ewoks...

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« on: December 21, 2017, 04:52:51 PM »
Well, here's someone with an unabashedly positive review! A few things...

I was planning on waiting for the blu-ray release to see this one, given the bad reviews, but the estimated release date is June 19th(!) so I watched it tonight. And I have to be honest here... Best decision of my life. I absolutely fucking loved it.

I'm going to question whether this was honestly the best decision of you life, but I believe you loved it. =)

TFA was a solid but average good film, the embodiment of a 5 out of 10. But TLJ was pure fucking gold.

5 out of 10? Wow, again, I know you're speaking generally, like it's an alright movie, but I'm not sure how 5 out of 10 objectively jibes with the generally underwhelming to shitty movie population versus TFA, or Last Jedi presumably being twice as good (I'm guessing your rating is a 10 atm). I guess I use more of a school rating where "average good" is more in 70%+ range and anything below that is getting progressively more fatally flawed in numerous ways.

I could go on and on about all the details I liked, but it hit me why I was hooked in by this film as it was winding down in its last few minutes: The movie filled me with that genuine sense of adventure. I hadnít felt that way since my first viewing of A New Hope. Shit, I donít even know if Iíve felt that way since I was a kid.

Well, I wouldn't mind you showing your work here though because that's pretty high praise! I mean, the movie is non-stop action (or motion depending on you POV), but so are a lot of movies, the prequels and TFA included, so what made this one stand out to you in such a positive way? What makes it more authentic and genuinely magical? It is full of ideas, but what made them hit home for you in such dramatic fashion versus, say, the sports bar in Attack of the Clones?

On another topic, I think I know why so many fans are upset with this movie whether you liked its choices or, especially, not: because unlike TFA they were very definitive choices and Johnson made it so there's really no going back, so if you didn't like what they did, you're stuck with it because JJ can't just back the truck up now or stay in place, keeping the series, and our childhood's, in relative status. He and we have to move on now one way or another, which is both an admirable and sobering move depending on who you are. Basically we're never going to get that last Luke Skywalker-centric movie, even in the main "Skywalker Saga" canon, which has also been ended "prematurely" and reveals the truth that these movies really aren't any different than Rogue One, or worse are something random and alien altogether, and if you hated what they did with Luke here there's also (almost*) no hope that JJ or anyone is going to come back and give us that loveletter to the character many of us wanted and instead it's confirmed we'll NEVER get (which, kind of a dick move; it'd be like if Luke had a heart attack at the end of TFA or was already dead, "Oh, you guys might have wanted to do something else with him? Why!? *I* wanted to write his crappy death scene." At least it wasn't as bad as Captain Kirk's =). This is either a reality check, or... not how it had to be. I pretty strongly believe the latter no matter how much you like the events of TLJ beside that point.

*Unless he becomes a Qui-Gon esque super ghost, a possibility actually bolstered by his powers in this movie, or they bring back TFA's own silly Luuuke hand clone subplot! Now talk about a FUCK YOU back concerning moving on, "Let the past live, clone it if you have to." =)

Also, check out the Red Letter Media review to see this in action. If you know what to expect from those guys, it basically starts that way and pretty neutrally critical, but by the end you can tell they're genuinely, and surprisingly given their usual cynicism, depressed. I would totally buy this fan phenomenon as both an indicator the movie might have really screwed up Star Wars or is brilliant (the problem with the latter being I don't think it's that good as a straightforward Star Wars movie). :ganishka:

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi
« on: December 20, 2017, 02:46:37 PM »
I don't think I've been in such agreement with a movie thread, pretty much every criticism I've read here has been spot on, and even if one likes the subversion or deconstruction of Star Wars tropes and what it really means to make new Star Wars movies... that in itself does not a good movie make, like many are acting (and are largely the same folks that also loved TFA before they didn't like it anymore). A lot of the positive reviews out there, save for those in the vein of Grail's, have been "This movie is great because it does insert allegedly subversive thing here!" Ignoring whether that's even intentional or true, along with things like plot, pace, structure, character, continuity, thematic resonance, etc etc. It's just as goofy a reason to like the movie as fanboys hating it for ruining your childhood or whatever (c'mon, it was ruined at least 3 times already by now =). It's also a strange basis by which to judge anything, the ever-confusing to me, "This is insert thing for people who don't like insert thing!" Even though I didn't take this movie that way and wasn't offended by it, what's ever the point of that?

Anyway, I just thought the movie was kind of messy and mediocre, nothing really happened and it didn't payoff or elevate old or new Star Wars for me. But it also had some cool moments and dialogue and there's a very strong thematic interpretation and discussion of it to be had, which makes it thought-provoking and interesting, but not necessarily a good Star Wars movie (it works better as a sort of outside, independent film or satire), or even a good movie as it's otherwise just as dependent on the anemic Star Wars movie mythos as TFA or any of the post-Jedi movies, doesn't do anything particularly revelatory on its own merits (taken on its face, it's actually horribly cheesy, sentimental and clichť-ridden), and leaves the series no different or better off than how it found it. Change the names and make this Valerian or something and I don't think anybody calls it great.

Finally, if I may put my bitter fan hat back on a moment (though I've talked to people way more upset about this), Rian Johnson did misfire on Luke Skywalker, a guy who randomly came home one afternoon to find his parents burnt to a crisp by the government and responded by idealistically saving the galaxy, was told he and that galaxy would perish if he went to save his friends from certain doom and did anyway, and found out his biological father was the second worst person in the same galaxy and responded by redeeming his soul. Sometimes he'd whine about it, but that clearly wasn't his most notable character trait considering all the above. So, Luke Skywalker wasn't going to kill his nephew and get all butthurt when his school burnt down, pretty sure he'd handle it. Also, as an old man, he'd be the coolest and most supportive ex-hippie teacher you ever had and would totally get a kick out of training a force prodigy, "You're doing it!":ganishka: That's where the optimistic cheese should have come in, not Rose's, "Let's let everybody die for love or the animals or something" (GREAT BS-subverting movie! =).

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 352
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I don't know man, I feel like that'd be kinda lame given that this whole nightmare is about what happened at the Eclipse, that the dog is a figment of Casca's imagination and the armor something Farnese brought from her own dream. Would be making this situation about something it isn't, know what I mean?

Yeah, I see your point, and this was just riffing off the top of my head, but my logic was that since it doesn't seem to be a "closed system" and they brought "the Beast" into it, and it's something they in fact deal with regularly, that can make it a factor. Of course, that raises a bunch of questions because it's not REALLY the Beast, etc, but we don't know precisely yet how all this can play off one another. Maybe it's just going to do right by them like all the other spell powers, but maybe it's also the exception and that's the point (as far as it's concerned anyway since the point is Casca). I mean, I can't help but think of the Beast being dangerous to them when I see it, particularly in a dream setting after Serpico was just referenced and it coming from Farnese... that might just be my own association after Serpico's vision during their duel, but it connected those synapses in my brain. Anyway, however it turns out, I'm assuming Miura WON'T make it lame even if my BSing is. =)

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 352
« on: December 19, 2017, 03:20:55 PM »
HOLE-EEE SHIT! :isidro: :isidro: :isidro:

Loving pretty much everything here, and no wonder it's all pretty badass and symbolic of other badass things of import from the series.The Black Femto Penis Hawk of Death, Magic Serpico Carpet to the rescue, Guts dog reliving the eclipse (and The Count's there!) and turning Berserk Armor Dog... which they did not summon! :ganishka: Looks like we've got a friend/foe situation here once Beast Dog kills Femto and everything bad and all that's left are our favorite gals, Casca included. Or... maybe Beast Dog loses and Casca saves the day as we've been wondering. I guess it depends on what it's going to take to "activate her," but it would be cool if she was an active participant in her fight to come back (I mean, it's all her fight in her head/soul anyway, so it doesn't necessarily matter how it plays out, but it would be cool to watch her slay Griff Penis Dragon =).

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi
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Hahaha, strange as it sounds I wouldnít put it past him.  Thatís the most trying part of enjoying this ride.  Knowing J.J. is back in episode IX.  What was the point in switching writers only to throw him back in?  I feel the story is already damaged and perhaps going in the original direction, going backwards were something in his mind, will prove a little cheap.  Surprise, super Snoke is Dr Manhattan! 

If Rian had been given a blank slate, something to retool the series, I only wish that scenario been done from the beginning.  Or perhaps J.J. had nothing in mind, only good starting points.  Looking at you Lost.

Yeah, giving it back to a chameleon like JJ now is almost the worst decision they could make, unless Johnson did him a favor freeing his hands while leaving them bloodless. Well... that's not entirely true, JJ could have laid all the groundwork in concrete himself if he wanted (and they almost did in several cases), but chose not to for whatever reason (Mystery! *THUD* LOST), so he sort of abdicated his responsibilities to the story there unless he truly wanted to leave it open for the next team. Nevertheless, if he reverse-reverses course after the events of this film, it wouldn't be any more jarring or gimmicky than all the foreshadowing in TFA that's been left moot, other than this is the direction they need to eventually go anyway and now it's done (and Daisy Ridley doesn't want to play Rey anymore after IX anyway). I mean, this was a vision based on a lie perpetrated by an evil dark lord, so who knows? Kylo was lying or tricked too, etc whatever. That ending pretty well salted the earth though, so you either gotta go with it now or give it big WELL, FUCK YOU TOO back! Like you say though, it's going to be a bit weird and uneven in either case now, but at least holding course has some linear continuity and inertia going for it.

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There were several characters who were ruined in this film. namely Luke and Yoda

Yeah, those are some important ones! Though Yoda was pretty well ruined already, to the point this was almost a welcome 180 even though it was a bit too irreverent even for his pre-reveal Dagobah self.

TLJ, for a film that was being marketed as dark and foreboding, had way too much humour Gone are the days where the audience were disturbed by a sith lord so ruthless he killed his own subordinates for their incompetence. Now they get to bust a gut as giant angry holo Snoke literally wipes the floor with General Hux

I didn't mind the humor, but yeah, there's no scary villain in this movie, and they had the potential for at least two or three here. The best moment was the glimpse of "Dark Luke", so if you're going to piss on tradition, go ALL THE WAY and turn Luke to the dark side, not as a cheesy Emperor wannabe, but truly a new Vader, a good man that's seen too much shit and gone bad trying to restore order to the galaxy, and now he's doing it by any means necessary (there's your fuck you to the Jedi tradition, not this weak, aspirational feel good shit =). We know for a fact Mark Hamill is up to it. There we're a lot of potentially great ways to pull this off too. Oh well, we got one last glimpse of Jedi-vision or whatever at least lol

By in large the films characters made a lot of really poor decisions, Poe's bravado costs the resistance all of their bomber class ships (which incidentally are far more cumbersome and large than the bomber class fighters they piloted 30 years ago) , all so he can destroy one dreadnought, presumably of many. The first order impotently shoots at resistance freighters without ever considering cutting of their escape route by surrounding them, or destroying the rebel base of Krait using their remaining star destroyers, rather than using a ground force assault, Finns love interest, in an act of self sacrifice, prevents Finn from destroying a battering ram cannon, vital to the First Order's plans. Finn and co, on a mission to recruit a code breaker, instead choose to recruit a shady guy whom they never met, who ends up betraying them in the end anyway.

And many more, on a practical level the movie made absolutely no sense. Why do mutineers always get put in charge after their mutinies are thwarted in movies? They're usually imprisoned or executed, but certainly removed from the chain of command! It'd be like if you cheated on your spouse and after being found out they let your side piece move in and you're now considered a DOUBLY great partner, only less realistic.

After sleeping on this Iím quite a bit more negative.  J.J. brought up interesting ideas and Rian has no love for them.  I think this is the problem at its core.  Where both trilogies originally were Lucas, both good and bad, we have no real direction worth talking about.  Itís happening for the sake of happening.  Two visions colliding in the middle of the story. 

It's interesting because it really is two competing visions of how to do a modern Star Wars revival, with Abram's representing traditionalism and Johnson a not-quite radical break into freer territory. Frankly, the only way this movie makes sense to me is as an allegory for this argument and a deconstruction of the modern state of Star Wars itself, and a case for the "necessary" rejection of traditionalism. You can see that theme through almost every subplot of the film, old Star Wars tropes and traditions being subverted in favor of a new way that may not be altogether satisfying to old fans at the moment but is arguably inevitable (the alternative being floating along on fumes as long as you can until you run out of fuel =). Now, considering reports that this was all done independently by each film's respective writers and directors, it's interesting that JJ now has the pen back in his hands and COULD reverse course if he sees fit. Rian Johnson acknowledges as much, but considering how strongly he laid the groundwork for his way... man, what reversal that would be now, and it'll be a traditionalist ultimately making the call, albeit with a gun to his head (I agree with Johnstantine, by JJ's nature he ain't rocking the boat unless he's truly pissed Johnson flushed his and the remnants of George's vision completely down the toilet). Part of me hopes Darth Lucas calls JJ on his personal line, "You KNOW what you have to do, my apprentice!" :daiba: :ganishka:

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi
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It's nice to see someone objectively singing its praises actually, because it's not like it's awful or I even felt that bad coming out either. I was just ultimately disappointed for specific reasons that don't apply to you and think they could have been handled differently, and better, without invalidating what you took away from the movie.

Star Wars cannot be the story of the Skywalkers alone. Star Wars is a story about nobodies saving the galaxy

The first part is true, but the second part most certainly is debatable considering that every movie until recently WAS about the Skywalkers. My quibble is that while they don't have to keep forcing Skywalkers into the main role forever until you're stuck watching Luke's father's brother's sister's cousin's former roomate blowing up Death Star 7, when you've got got Mark fucking Hamill on set reprising the role of Luke Skywalker, the original galaxy saving hero of Star Wars, after 35 years, you might want to DO SOMETHING WITH HIM!!1! :mozgus:

Plenty of time to figure out Star Wars without him later. :griffnotevil: They spent three movies largely doing so alteady, but it's a bit like doing Indiana Jones without Harrison Ford to me. What's the point? Would you rather watch Shia LaBeouf?

Also, gotta disagree on how the rest of the time was spent, because doing Luke and the new kids justice didn't have to be mutually exclusive, much like with Han, where the experience for both was enhanced by their interactions. I felt like not only did Luke get short shrift save for the most base of fan service, but Rey, Finn et al were surprisingly flat as well (and Rose's backstory was a cheap prop trick seen in a million bad movies). And revealing Snoke was a waste of time and keeping Ren a wiener afterward didn't help (and that lightsaber battle was like a Power Rangers fight right down to the sets and costumes, no? =) *ZZZRTT* Ah, my shock therapy kicked back in, I'm ok now. I guess it's fine but other than being "Star Wars" was this that great a movie? It's kind of the quandary, trying to do something new and good but so beholden to old Star Wars references ("durrr, may the force be with you, everybody!"), which may be the yoke from which Rian is freeing the series, but prematurely IMO. Just seems like a bit of a letdown to me that nobody could do this justice before moving on completely, and what we're moving onto is setup to be nothing special either. Basically, they're trying to make a nostalgia act young and hip but with the same gravitas, and as an old Star Wars head I'm not convinced, and wonder if the young, hip people are either.

It's hard to explain. It just felt good coming out of this movie.

It had an emotionally manipulative ending to give the audience a cheap release of dopamine. The next movie will just have pictures of puppies and babies holding Yoda plushies during the credits. Nu-Star Wars is for everybody and the whole family! =)

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You guys are really killin the mood for the date night I have planned  :judo:

Cancel the hotel room and send the babysitter home early! :ganishka:

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