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Current Episodes / Re: Episode 303
« on: May 06, 2009, 12:13:50 PM »
BTW, is it to early to speculate about Daiba joining Guts' band now? =)

At this rate, since in this episode seems fled away, he could be flirting with Rakshas. :casca:  :troll:

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 303
« on: May 06, 2009, 12:01:30 PM »
Well it adds more weight to the possibility, like I said. Notice that the creatures grabbing his son are similar to the souls from the Vortex, but look different from those that took the Count's wife.

Yes, of course we have less doubt about the soul of vortex taking care of the branded peoples in the moment of their disappearance. Thought, if we think that maybe the different souls spread at the Count's sacrifice with this Ganishka's one are due to change of style, on the other hand some faces on the Count's sacrifice really resembled to himself.

Yup. Though we already knew that Branded people were bound to the Vortex one way or another.

Yeah, that's it.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 303
« on: May 06, 2009, 10:56:54 AM »
Also worth noting: It looks like the Vortex of Souls took Ganishka's son. Brings more weight to the idea that it took the Count's wife as well (you read this, xechnao?!).

 :slan: My speculation was right then.  :azan:

It also suggest that maybe the vortex envelop every apostle's branded victim.

Anyway there are no words to say how much this episode is GREAT!!!  :mozgus:

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 303
« on: May 05, 2009, 04:43:58 PM »
Totally overwhelmed.  :griff:   :beast:

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 303
« on: May 01, 2009, 11:09:39 PM »
There are no words to express the immense overwhelming sight!  :griff:
Can't stop to see the pic!!  :SK:

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 301
« on: December 14, 2008, 05:31:01 PM »
I'm not a Miura fanboy so I don't think everything that he creates is beyond criticism. I've never been a fan of the additional face or head when the apostles are in their apostle form. That's just an aesthetic thing, I'm not criticizing the creativity behind the creatures themselves.

I'm not a blind fanboy, when I find things I don't agree with I express my disappointment, such as the caress on apostle from the soldiers.
And I'm not saying that I'm absolutely right. It is just my opinion.

Why do you assume it is very researched? Other than the fact that it doesn't look like a centaur? I don't see any reason why Irvine would have changed into some horse form so it doesn't really matter. Irvine is attached to a creature that is anatomically complete. I think the slingshot between the horns isn't all that great either.

I made a general explanation (involving other beasts such as weapons) to express the original style of Irvine's form, but as I said before it's not an absolute statement, so we have just different points of view.

Having Irvine's body in the center of the beast would look more like he was a rider and not some growth on the creature's ass. It wouldn't look anything like Locus because Locus comes across as looking metallic, while obviously Irvine's apostle form is covered with fur. I didn't mention anything about removing the horned head of the beast, so again it wouldn't look anything like a centaur.

Yes the difference lies in metal.  :guts:
But anyway if you say that no changes would have occurred, then I think that if you put the body on the middle it would be too close with the horns and a bit far towards the tail.
Then I think that some little changes would be necessarily anyhow.
However It's just my thought, nothing absolute.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 301
« on: December 14, 2008, 04:02:01 PM »
I was a little disappointed with Irvine's apostle form. Would have looked better if the rider's body was positioned more towards the middle. Doesn't look all that great when positioned at the ass end.

Instead I think that his form is simply perfect and cool. I think it's very researched and he is detached from usual centaurs or anyway from those beasts (like most FF weapons) that has the body in the middle of the beast.
Moreover Locus is already that way, then it would have been repetitive, isn't it?  :carcus:

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 301
« on: December 11, 2008, 02:32:01 PM »
Pretty episode.

At this rate I think that the utopia is well set.

Anyway there's no doubt: Irvine is my favourite apostle.   :badbone:
Now I'll wait for the resin statue.  :beast:

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 301
« on: December 09, 2008, 02:20:13 PM »
Well, finally Irvine's way of shooting is unveiled.  :isidro:

Pretty weird but very cool!  :guts:

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 300
« on: November 28, 2008, 08:47:09 AM »
Very cool episode, thanks scanbot!

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 300
« on: November 25, 2008, 06:31:56 PM »
Ahah :guts:

Nice quote from SOTN. :void:

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 299
« on: November 13, 2008, 11:08:59 AM »
Great episode!

I'm glad to see the old apostles that raped Casca,  :guts: piercing out all the minions!
Anyway let's see how Sonia will explain all this..Even if I think that she will say that those monsters saved their lives..

Speculation Nation / Re: If Guts uses his beherit
« on: November 08, 2008, 02:00:36 PM »
I think that, even if Guts, in a moment of extreme pain (and I would try to imagine a more painful moment than the Eclipse, maybe the loss of his party with Casca) would call the angels through beherit, I don't think it's a big possibility, for several reason:

If the eventual extreme pain is bound to the Casca's death or party, then who should be the the victim to offer? (maybe his son but at this rate we don't know almost anything about its true relationship with Griffith)

If Guts plans to offer Casca as we know she is branded already.

But even if Guts would offer the whole party, what would be the point?

I don't think that there will be a single being bound to evil that could really touch Griffith.
So I think that if Guts will surrender to evil, he will become like Ganishka. No big deal for Griffith.

However as Aaz said, the Beast of Darkness didn't manifest any desire to make Guts use his beherit. The evil spirits told to Guts that he will eventually become a monster that resemble a man, or a real monster like Griffith, but this is regardless the will of the Beast, because it is always Guts.

Moreover we have to consider that SK, weirdly, didn't ask to Guts to give him the beherit, since as we know he seeks for them.

Maybe SK knows already what will be the fate of Guts' beherit.

The Qliphoth wasn't really Slan's "lair" per se (she compared it to her womb), and she spoke of Sephirot, not layers.

Ah Ok, this time I didn't know how to expose this according to your translation, cause instead of sephirot, in the italian version we have "canali", then channel or canal, and I put layers then.

They all do as they want, it's not just Griffith's prerogative. That doesn't meant they can't interact with each other if the need presents itself.

Yes I know that members of God Hand can do what they want. I was just wondering, in case, what they should tell to Griffith is Slan says that she doesn't care about him.

Speculation Nation / Re: Predictions of what will happen in the near future
« on: November 05, 2008, 10:11:33 AM »
Hmm, I don't really think so. She was already in Vritannis when she found Schierke (brooding over Griffith and Charlotte's relationship), and that was only a stroke of luck. And clearly she saw a special friend in her, not a threat or an enemy. She was all excited about her powers and all.

Yes, I agree that she found Schierke in a stroke of luck, infact she notices the soul of kushan in the sky. But anyway I didin't mean that Sonia would in case search Schierke as a enemy or a threat, I meant in general and It's clear as you say that they have established a kind of friendship.

Well, I don't know. He could survive, sure, but what would he do against Griffith? It seems that Ganishka provided him with most of his power, and now he's transformed himself into an indescribable behemoth. If he fails, how could Daiba ever hope to succeed?

I've thought that he could be transformed himself to some extent by the events that will soon happen, maybe being infused by some of Ganishka's power since he's flying so close to him or something like that. That'd give him more potential, but honestly it's just groundless speculation and not particularly probable.

Yes I agree on this, it clear that Daiba in this battle has no chances. Even if powered up from Ganishka. Infact I was thinking on the remote possibility that Daiba would try to involve(or force) other powerful magician(maybe Elfhelm) to try to get his revenge.
He knows that Guts is branded. So he could think some strategy to use Guts or however to find a way to use other magician.(maybe seeing the battle he could find some weak point of Griffith).
Anyway I'm aware it is a very remote speculation.

Speculation Nation / Re: Predictions of what will happen in the near future
« on: November 05, 2008, 05:37:05 AM »
And sent both Zodd and Grunberd along with underlings to do the job. What will be needed for Elfhelm then?

Yeah indeed. Infact as you said it's a pretty remote choice from Griffith to attack such magical nest.
Moreover the apostles at the flora's mansion seem to know that she was retired in her spiritual interstice.
We don't know if every magician in Elfhelm is at the end of his life, or retired as well.
The apostles or Griffith, may have to deal even with powerful magician then Flora.

I don't think it's related to Schierke spying on him. The early member of the God Hand might have known about Flora, and that knowledge could have been passed down to Griffith. Or he simply knew because of his higher level of consciousness, or maybe he felt her power, etc. There are many possibilities. I think it's clear he sent a force against her because he felt threatened by her power though. It's the only reason he could have had.

Yes, I know it's a very remote speculation and at last it's as you say, she was a threat to him.
I would just add just another option to the ones you wrote: Is it possible that would have been Sonia, to locate Flora? Is she the one who seeks people connected with astral world?(at last she was looking for Schierke in Vritannis)

Anyway, after the Ganishka defeat, I think that Daiba would survive.
He said that his goal his to create a magic empire. So after the death of his emperor I think it's possible he would try to get his revenge against Griffith.
And what if he tries to involve other magician against Griffith? Or he would seek for Guts becoming an ally?

I've been wondering about this lately, once Griffith becomes king, what will the God Hand be doing? Will they be communicating with Griffith in some way or will they continue to stay in the shadows as far as the plot is concerned.

Well, as Slan says in her lair, after the appearance of Griffith the other members of God Hand have melted out in their favourite layers wandering as well.
Moreover Slan says that she doesn't care about the other members.
Griffith has been blessed from God to do what the hell he want. So what the God Hand should still say to him?

However it's possible that Guts and his party would face other members of God Hand if they fall in their lairs.

Speculation Nation / Re: Predictions of what will happen in the near future
« on: November 04, 2008, 06:52:06 PM »
Alright. That seems logical, but then I don't think Guts would disagree with her on that subject... He hasn't had the best relationship with his son, but you can tell from that shot at the end of episode 238 that he's not indifferent to his fate. If he knew there was a way to save him I'm quite sure he'd be first in line to attempt it.

Yes I agree.

Yeah, all those elements are to be expected in the future in one way or another. The biggest dilemma could be wanting to save their son but not knowing how to do it, and having to deal with Griffith in the meantime.

That's true, and I bet that it'll be SK that will tell to Guts and Casca about the relationship between their son and the body of Griffith.
However I think that the only thing she will eventually remeber, it'll be that she has a son. Probably she won't remember he's a monster, and that would avoid another trauma.

The idea's been raised several times in the past. IMHO it seems a bit impractical to send apostles over the sea to literally conquer an island inhabited by astral creatures and magic users, not to mention Guts and his group (and SK as a possible reinforcement if it came to a battle?). At least he'd need to send a whole lot of them to have any chance of succeeding.

The thing is, with the imminence of unknown great changes to the world, it's hard to foretell what will be possible or not in the future (and what will matter to Griffith and the God Hand). Same for what/who will be affected and how.

Yep, as you say, seems weird to consider Griffith sending apostles overseas, seeking that fairy island.
But I think even that, if Flora didn't made anything to him, he has ordered to kill her.
I always wandered how Griffith felt the power and the presence of Flora.
Here I put my speculation: Is it possible that when Schierke was controlling over the progresses of apocalipse, she having seen Griffith, he would have realized everything and located the source?(Flora)
Maybe it is a clue to think that Griffith, may have killed Flora because he has felt himself spyed.
If my speculation is correct, Griffith wouldn't care of who won't threat or spy him.
Otherwise, if he sends apostles against magician, he may wants just get rid of anyone who could threat him.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 298
« on: November 04, 2008, 10:25:12 AM »
I think that the problem reside in the fact that Miura has moved away Griffith very far from the other characters and the readers, since we never know what he thinks (if he thinks). The only thought from him is just the one regarding his heart.

Anyway, my point of view about him is that he is the desired messia, the power of God come down on Earth. So I think he must provide divine reason to people, to fight, live, die and so on.
I think that the point is this, Idea answered man with a messia, that would provide the reason for everything.
Griffith says that has come the time to built a country? People will be aware and happy that it is the will of God..So there's what man want. The man want a divine reason, for meaningless existence. And as the Idea told Griffith, it doesn't matter what he's gonna do... It will be perfect anyway for mankind. :badbone:

So I really consider that maybe we will never be aware of Griffith's way of thinking... We will only try to deduce it from his choices (but it still won't be enough).

Speculation Nation / Re: Surviving Sacrifices
« on: November 01, 2008, 02:29:35 PM »
Your Italian volume is indeed not correctly translated.

Yep, infact I always quested for better translation, especially the one concerning the eclipse.

Ok, whew, I think I understand what you mean. Basically you're saying the Idea of Evil was born from human feelings.

Yes, that's it.

I understand and I agree with you, but you have to realize that the more people write and make points, the less one can focus on them while replying. A single, precise question in a thread can be answered in detail, but when someone makes broad statements and many points, it's a daunting task to respond to everything in detail. It already takes me a lot of time to reply a couple of lines to giant posts like those of Guts' intestines, and I already don't feel that the effort is worth it. So to write paragraphs upon paragraphs for each point is not an option. And sometimes simply reconsidering things while taking more than one part of the manga into account can be enough as well, so the need for a detailed explanation isn't felt.

Ok, I can understand your effort to reply to everything, and I understand even that it's impossible to spent six hours to make a post and the need to be more detailed on some points isn't felt, upon you work. That is reasonable, but I see that you agree even on my point of view.

If you have a precise question you wish people to focus on, I think making a dedicated thread is a good idea. Or at least, make a post asking about it specifically in a relevant thread. Is that Ok with you?

Yes, I'll make this way, hoping that won't be the risk of reducing the detail of answers in regards of new several point to debate.(because I know that it's easy to go in off topic, but I'll never blame this aspect, because everything concerning Berserk is worth enough to be debated even if OT)

Speculation Nation / Re: Surviving Sacrifices
« on: November 01, 2008, 10:21:21 AM »
Uhhh yeah? Ok I guess.

Yes because if she is looking the rape, made from a God Hand, and all the several feelings that derive from. She at last state something, no?

When she says "this is human, this is evil" she's not making a general statement but commenting on the act that's taking place in front of her.

Then you are sure that she is saying that just the rape and all feeling that derive from are "human and evil".
I have considered even that on my volume 13(italian one) slan says "that is the men, that is the evil" that is a general statement.
Now I can assume that "human" is a more accurate translation, but even if she says human as an adjective to comment the rape, I think that is possible to deduct that "all humans" have those feelings, that she sums in the evil.
That's my point of view, and if you will say that I think wrong, I accept your thought, but my thought still remains. Because my original statement was that Slan, clustered all the human feelings under evil.

But think about what you're saying. You're contradicting yourself. If the ocean of feelings was there before the Idea of Evil, then humans started to feel before it was born. We can know that through simple deduction.

Nope I'm not in contradiction, because I reject the hypothesis I have mentioned, deducted from a previous quote:(going on this way the risk to lose the main focus is quite high, but however)

From Guts' intestines

since we know that the Idea of Evil is the God of the Abyss then that would imply that it created the Vortex of Souls, so if man was alive prior to the Idea (in order for it to exist in the first place) and presumably died/faced hardships where did those souls of those pre-idea humans go to?

So regardless the fact the Idea, once born could have started "to pump" souls that maybe before were just wandering in astral world, the doubt was that with the former man alive there was no God(since it wasn't still born).
So I said that maybe Idea was born when the men start to feel, because the feelings and the soul of a monkey is not like the human one.
Then I know that it's logical that as you say that human started to feel before it was born, maybe the difference that made you assume that I'm in contradiction could be the fact that I didn't meant tha Idea was born in the precise moment that men started to feel but of course a bit later.

We don't know when it was born. That's simple enough. :idea:

But we can think on it, even if we won't find the answer.

But you see, debate isn't an end in itself. Debate has to end after a while, when either things have been answered or it's been established that the answers can't be found. When certain facts are unknown and people come saying they must be one way or another, it has to be refuted in order to avoid confusion. And additionally, criticism of a theory can only reinforce it if it proves to be able to stand under scrutiny.

I can understant that there's the risk to give confused concepts to a reader, but I think that, if it is well underlined that is just personal thought that risk is minor.
So sometimes I think it could be good take care of a doubt expressed and focusing more on them, instead of give few statement(that of course I know) that doesn't help me that much.
If a reply doesn't satisfy me I cannot forget about my doubts.
But I respect the way of repling of everyone, this isn't a complain, but my point of view.

Yeah but in the context of the thread where people are talking about "absolute good" and such it can be confusing. That's what Ramen wanted to tell you. No big deal.

Yes, but consider what I just said before about it.

Speculation Nation / Re: Surviving Sacrifices
« on: October 31, 2008, 03:44:22 PM »
I think you missed the point. She might not go to the Vortex. The point being that we lack the information to come to a truly reasonable conclusion. We don't know how the Berserk universe works. We just have bits and pieces.

If I say that to me Luka is truly good, I just consider her behaviour. Of course we have few pieces and my thought is fully debatable, I have no absolute truth about it. :serpico:

Speculation Nation / Re: Surviving Sacrifices
« on: October 31, 2008, 03:33:02 PM »
I doubt it. Let's face it, we don't know what qualifies as good or evil in Berserk. Vargas was a coward in a way and all he wanted was revenge. Did he truly deserve to go to the Vortex of Souls just because he wanted revenge on the Count. Or were there other factors involved. Besides, different cultures and religions have different definitions of good and evil. Not to mention that Berserk is Miura's work and it may have a completely unique definition for good and evil.

Luka is a prostitute. That may already qualify her for the Vortex of Souls.

Yes of course. It's just my thought. Probably she will go to the Vortex.

Speculation Nation / Re: Surviving Sacrifices
« on: October 31, 2008, 03:22:09 PM »
In real life no, in Berserk... maybe.  Miura can make any character he wants, who's to say that he doesn't make someone that resembles a paladin like in other forms of fantasy? I'm not saying its likely, but if there aren't any pure hearted humans then that implies that all human souls go to the Vortex.

I think that the only one character truly good in Berserk is just Luka.

Although this discussion is in the wrong thread (my bad) this is a speculation thread so what's the point of speculating if we know the answer? Now if your asking, "what am I basing my speculations off?", well my answer is that its called the Idea of Evil and that is enough to reasonably assume that it would want evil to continue to exist, and that since it is the representation of evil within man (or atleast the thing that provides reason for the destiny that transcends human knowledge), in order for it to exist it must have something that it manipulates causality in order to explain, and we know that the only thing that it seems to explain is suffering, pain, anguish, death, etc; all of which still mean suffering.  Since it is an ideal, then you can reasonably assume that without those unfortunate things happening then there is no idea of evil (the actual word evil, not the being called the Idea of Evil) that people can use to provide reasons for why bad things happen because there would be no bad things happening, which was  I atleast speculate that it would cease to exist, which was the point of my long winded post.

Absolute quote for you. If in this board every speculation or thought must be beat down with few statement written in Berserk as answers the debate dies. And however making so, I think that there's no way of killing any doubts or solving problems that still remain TO ME. Infact when a post is good to me, I have no problem in admit my errors or to give reason to other. As I said I am for good debate without personal challenges. That's my point of view anyway.
And I agree with you when you think that the Idea of Evil would want evil to continue to exist, becasue as she says, this God obey to the essence of the human breed that crave for this.

Speculation Nation / Re: Surviving Sacrifices
« on: October 30, 2008, 10:54:18 PM »
You think wrong, and this definitely can't serve as an example for what you were saying.

On this I'm glad to think wrong. :serpico:

No I'm not assuming anything, it's what the Idea of Evil says itself. It's shown in episode 83 with pictures of people looking miserable and all. Is it asking too much that people at least verify the material we're talking about before replying?

Maybe I wasn't clear enough. The speech was based on the hypothesis that men could have had feelings, that gave birth to the Ocean before the Idea would have been born as the ego of the Vortex.
In that case, we were wondering when was the exact moment that the Idea was born, and so I speculated that maybe Idea was born when the men start to feel, or when the evolution gave to monkeys a good brain.
So It's clear that everything you said is in the episode 83, but the main focus was different.

Are you seriously asking me this? Maybe you should spend a little more time thinking about what I say before responding.

Humans have feelings as soon as they're born. So as humans came to be, their collective consciousness formed an ocean of feelings. After a long, long time, because they desired reasons for things they couldn't understand, the swells of the dark side of that ocean gave birth to the Idea of Evil. What is it you don't get here?

I think that there's another misunderstanding even here. I know that it as you say, but the main focus was the doubt of before(when was born Idea if there were men before her?)

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