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    Young Animal back issues

    I was wondering if any one can point me in the direction of being able to buy back issues of the young animal magazine specifically the ones with berserk episodes in them?
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    Berserk Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the Supreme Ruler [Review]

    Does this movie cover volumes 3-6? or the second half of 3 I should say. Its been a while since I read the golden age arc and I'm trying to remember how accurate it was to the manga.
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    21 volumes of JP Berserk found at local bookstore!

    As the topic states I went to my local 2nd & Charles and what do I find? JP Berserk volumes 2-17 and 19-23, all with the slipcovers and all the volumes are easily VG to NM condition. Somebody, IDK who traded these in and each one was only 4.20! Needless to say I bought all of them for $95 and I...
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    Episode 312

    Well I did read and or assumed as much. Anyways to be honest I needed a reason to post on here again I missed talking to you guys... :judo: Anyways what's with this new girl is she possessed or is she the spirit itself? Also is the pirate captain demon dude dead or is he still around waiting to...
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    Episode 312

    Long time no talk. Anyways I was wondering and this might seem a retarded question, actually it is but I have to be sure. Is the island there on now Elfhelm? or just a island they had to rest up on?
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    Berserk JP Manga buying help

    As always thanks Aazealh
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    Berserk JP Manga buying help

    How much does a new set cost on yahoo jp auctions on about average?
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    Berserk JP Manga buying help

    I'm looking at buying the enter 34 volume manga in JP and was wondering if there are any sites that bundle them together so I don't have to order all 34 individually.
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    Selling both Human HEADLONG BERSERK Zodd Kits Brand new!

    Sorry admins not trying to necro post but I keep getting IM's about this. SOLD awhile ago, item is closed. Thanks for your interest though.
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    Street Fighter IV

    As a long time street fighter fan I love this game but I still think Third Strike is better
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    Media Blasters Remastering Berserk

    Due in December. Will be getting it.
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    Metallica lyrics similar to Berserk in some sense

    One is most symbolic with Griffith and Fade to Black is most symbolic with Guts
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    The Dark Knight

    I love the series too. But I dont think its as great to say its better than the new movies. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are the greatest batman media outside the comics with out a doubt. The music for the show was good but it doesnt out do Hans Zimmers score.
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    LEGO Batman

    Anybody gonna get it? Im getting it for the PS3. Honestly Im pretty excited for it mainly for the fact that there hasnt been a good batman game in along time(or ever if I can remember) plus its multiplayer so Im really looking forward to playing this with my girlfriend who is also a big Batman fan.
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    Who's your pick as the next Batman villain?

    Besides the fact that in the viral campaign The Riddler under alias(I forgot which one) writes a column in the Gotham Times. Plus Mike Engel who was played by Athony Micheal Hall is a alias that The Riddler uses once or twice in the comic books.
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