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    Leisure games needed to cope with boring domestic flights

    Nice pleasure meeting you guys! I would disagree with you. Who doesn't like to obtain games for free? Don't mind me but I will be very reluctant to pay for leisure games. It is not about the cost it is more of the free alternative that makes me feel cheated. Yea. I agree with you. Steam has a...
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    Forum trophies

    That is so true! Older people like us are still live in the forum generation, the days where forums are hip. I sign up for quite afew forums. But these days, it is more of answering queries that I have. Its kind of quiet these days. Seldom find like minded people. Depressing.
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    Leisure games needed to cope with boring domestic flights

    Hi, I am relatively new here. My hobby is watching anime, doing music and of course playing some online pc games. Judging from what I like, you will never guess my age. I am in my thirties. haha! I can't really play those super action games. I will suffer from motion sickness. I travel alot for...
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    Anyone know the release day for Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba?

    Hi I am new in this forum. I am Chris from Singapore. Anyone knows what is the release day of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba? This anime is super addictive! Any fans here? hahaha! We can be awesome friends. It can really fight Naruto in my opinion.
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