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    The Big Berserk Exhibition

    Do you remember what Susumu Hirasawa songs were being played during each arc walkthrough? What sound effects and music (if any) were played specifically during the Eclipse portion? Low-pitched screams from the faces, humans screams, sounds from the hand? Was the diorama just the Hand + God Hand...
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    Berserk 2017 Blu-Ray

    Do you still have these? Forgot about this thread for a few years and just now clicked the links only to find them 404'd.
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    Volume 41

    I haven't seen anyone here comment on the audio drama CD but based on the description and cast listing, it looks like they're adapting the entire Corridor of Dreams journey from start to finish (possibly 347, maybe a bit earlier before the ritual, to 355). Nobutoshi Canna and Yuko Miyamura among...
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    Berserk 2017 Blu-Ray

    Would you mind sharing the concept art and storyboards (episode 3 and others)? I'm interested in seeing what the original 2D shots looked like before being transformed into 3D.
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