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    Berserk Tattoo

    Newest additions... Part one Gonna have him touch up and fix the Dragonslayer hilt >.> And two!
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    Berserk Tattoo

    Thank you!!
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    Berserk Tattoo

    My latest tattoos.. Quote from The Neverending Story That's 7 Berserk tattoos I have now woooo, still need to finish the Eclipse n Beast of Darkness but a travel back to Atlanta is required to do so. Maybe in a few months. >.>
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    Episode 340

    Ahhhh! NOT MY DARLING ERIKA NO! Bad Rakshas! Can't wait for the next episode to see how she lives! ^_^ I'd personally love to see Luka get involved somehow. I'm guessing Rickert will do something VERY dramatic, so exciting! ♡ BERSERK Thanks Miura!
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    Berserk Tattoo

    This happened finally , to go along with all my other BERSERK tattoos. I might get the silhouettes filled in but haven't decided yet if it would look better or not.
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    What if Skullknight and Zodd.....

    That's a really fascinating speculation, I hadn't thought of that before, very interesting thank you! I was also thinking as I read this how it has actually always seemed to me that if you wanted to make a connection between Zodd/SK and Guts/Femto, the correlation would be closer to Guts and...
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    Game of Thrones TV [spoilers]

    Also let's hope we get to see Bran again, and in fantastic fashion.
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    Movies to look forward to

    I'm excited for Episode VII, J J Abrams understands Star Wars and has shown humility in admitting his flaws like the lens flare problem, so he can totally pull this off. Also when I see the words Disney and Star Wars together my mind goes straight into "shared universe" territory and that sparks...
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    Movies to dread

    The casting choices certainly could have been done better for sure, John and Sara Connor's actors are uninteresting at best, however I do like the change in the T-1000. No one except Michael Biehn can play Kyle Reese in my mind, he is as Arnold is to the T-800 in my mind. Possibly my favorite...
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    True Detective

    You can see where the confusion comes from.
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    True Detective

    I read that Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch are also likely playing roles in the new season. I adore Rachel so I consider it good news, also I have no problems with Vaughn or Farrell so I'm fine on that front as well. I do agree a bit about the director, I really loved what she did with the...
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    Episode 337

    I love Rickert! He's turned out even more awesome than I had hoped for, it almost makes me tear up. Really just had looked forward to getting cool perspective for inside Falconia and now I just want to follow him for as long as possible! Slapping the damn King and "savior"? Yes sir! If we had...
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    Why do people say it went downhill after the Golden Age Arc?

    I've never heard anyone say it got worse after the Golden Age, maybe after the Conviction Arc when the trolls showed up, I can even understand that perspective however much I disagree with it. After the Golden Age though? I've always felt like Lost Children Arc was possibly the most loved part...
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    Episode 336

    Loved it! I definitely felt a strange subtle anxiety as Rickert and Locus walked down the huge walkway. Add Locus speech about the old Hawks and the "black sun" and it felt very impending doom to me. I'm right there with Rickert.. So excited about next episode!
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    Who will get along with Casca the best in Guts group?

    My first inclination was Isidro for some reason. When I thought about it I think it's maybe because of their fighting spirit, something primal about their characters I see as very cohesive. But no, really I think it's obvious she'd get along with Puck the best... If for no other reason she...
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