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    Berserk tattoo

    Super impressive! Thanks for sharing. They're really good at creating both realistic and stylized stuff, that's something.
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    Salty Kenny's Sketchy Sketches

    Very cute and funny, Kenny! I love the reflections in the pool of water, nice detail. And of course, the flowers, done in your signature style, are amazing!
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    Dark Horse is releasing Dragon Slayer themed bookends

    Alright, alright, I'm workin' on it! :zodd: Truth be told, while it is cool for those who have the budget, and a nice area to display it, this bookend thing is expensive and sadly, not very practical for anyone living in a small apartment or with limited shelf space, like Walter said. Since I...
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    The New Picture Thread

    Looks cool, Branded! Your car is turning into a regular Berserk-mobile!:isidro: Do you get a lot of folks asking you about the decals?
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    Jiniyas' Fanarts & master studies

    Guts is looking like he is holding down the roughest office job ever... Enjoying your stuff, Jiniyas! I feel like there's a lot to learn from Miura's work, and putting your own spin on it is fun too. :guts:
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    Salty Kenny's Sketchy Sketches

    Another amazing piece, Kenny! I love the chaotic, hellish nature of the creatures, so packed with disturbing detail that you can barely take it all in! Oh, and that bottom picture is pretty cool too. :slan: (Just kiddddiiiiing, great work as always!)
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    Grail makes doodlies?!

    Happy new year everyone! Here's a little something to ring in the new decade. I'm looking forward for some Danan and Skully antics in 2020! :slan: Here's the link if you're a Twitterer.
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    SECRET SCHNOZ 2019! Time to Send Out Gifts!!

    Sweet! I seem to recall that Gob had a fun time picking stuff out for you. Blue Velvet is a pretty intense experience though, so maybe start out with decaf. :magni: I love that old-fashioned style, it was really cool to see that applied to Mario! Thanks for the note, Branded! I've reached out...
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    SECRET SCHNOZ 2019! Time to Send Out Gifts!!

    Hope that everyone that is opening presents today is having a great Christmas! Here is what my Secret Schnoz, the great @Kompozinaut got me! I'm going to enjoy flipping through this today! :guts: Enjoy!!
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    SECRET SCHNOZ 2019! Time to Send Out Gifts!!

    Seriously, that card + gift combo was a roller-coaster from start to finish. It even looks like Walter might have borrowed his kid's crayons for the job! :ganishka: This really encapsulates what Secret Schnoz is all about. Sending gifts to long-time pals while simultaneously shaming them for...
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    Skullchimes' Berserk fanarts and stuff

    Really enjoying your explorations so far, Skullchimes! I agree that your Schierke sketch might be my favorite at the moment, looking forward to more! :guts:
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    SECRET SCHNOZ 2019! Time to Send Out Gifts!!

    A big thanks to my mystery Schnoz is for this year! My package arrived and I'm very excited to open it on Christmas! :serpico:
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    SECRET SCHNOZ 2019! Time to Send Out Gifts!!

    I just sent off my gift in the mail today before heading back home to eat leftovers! :slan: Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving!
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    Salty Kenny's Sketchy Sketches

    Skull Knight's reaction is just classic! Great work as usual, Kenny! By the way, for what it's worth, I don't think you're posting too much. Keep it coming!
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    SECRET SCHNOZ 2019! Time to Send Out Gifts!!

    Awesome, Xion! Thanks for sharing what you got! That calendar looks pretty dang cool. And that reminds me to remind you all, don't forget to post in the thread when you've sent out your gifts so that Canty and I can keep track of things, and ensure that everyone received their gift before the...
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