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    JUNMAX's AMVs and more!

    Re: Berserk AMV - Pain :ubik: This is really good, very impressed.
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    Walter's Son

    Congratulations to you and your family Walter. All the best for the future!
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    Berserk related gifts

    Thanks from both myself and Leah for your great comments Yes! (and although this is the wrong thread, wanted to mention your fathers day comic was awesome - bought a tear to my eye)
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    Berserk related gifts

    First post for ages! It was Fathers Day on Sunday and my 13 year old daughter made me a card ....
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    1:6 scale Hawk Soldiers Series- Pippin (final product UPDATE)

    Re: 1:6 scale Hawk Soldiers Series- Pippin (Update photo 10Feb2011) Congratulations berserkberserk, looks superb.
  6. Grovel - discussion thread

    Great stuff - yet again! Congrats on creating another fantastic diorama.
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    Dark Horse Releases

    I was just about to enter when I noticed the small print - Contest entries only accepted from people living in North America (United States and Canada) No good for me in England, but good luck to all who have a go!
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    1/3rd Zodd bust from Narin

    Very impressive
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    Teez's stuff

    That is a truly stunning pic! :guts: Love it, can't wait to see more of your stuff.
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    Playstation 3 Demon's Souls

    Finished this last night, really enjoyed it. Had to get imported version as I live in England (couldn't keep hanging on for a PAL release!) and highly recommend it.
  11. Grovel - discussion thread

    Great stuff yet again Derek. Really like the purple/violet on the Zodd bust - looks like there is a U/V light shining on it.
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    Casca Sculpture round 2!

    Re: Casca Sculpture Wow... looks fantastic. Can't wait to see the whole figure painted up.
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    Dark Horse Releases

    Amazon UK informed me there is a delay on vol 33
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    Pre-order of New item: “BERSERK-commemoration statue of 20th anniversary”

    Looks even better to me without the blood! :ubik: Got mine a couple of days ago - special thanks to denishwang2001 for coming through in the end for me on this one. Just need to get my house extended now to give me enough room to display it! :guts:
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    WIP - Commission 1/8 Guts Berserker from Headlong

    Understatement of the year - great job Joa. Bet it looks incredible when it's on the table in front of you, I'd be interested to see how you pack up the huge beast!
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