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    Berserk References Collection

    There was a scene in the manga kurosagi corpse delivery service where you can see the dragon slayer in a store display. I dont remember which volume it was though but I remember posting about it here years ago. (Im not at home right now so I cant help with which volume but I can edit this post...
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    Episode 369

    Now I really feel what Mori said about the continuation project "It will not be perfect.. " damn.
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    Episode 368

    But Rickert knows what happened to the Falcons. Anyways, I was talking about Skullknight and Danan here. The part with Guts I agree.
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    Episode 368

    Maybe the Skull Knight did that pit stop to also protect Danan cause he cares enough for her and she is in a weakened state. Its just depicted in a very slow way. I would have imagine him doing something similar to Albion when he saved Lucas who was at the same time on his path. Cannot wait to...
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    Episode 368

    Im not sure to be honest. I get a vibe that something similar to the events in Albion would have happened here. On the suspense/tension aspect without necessarily having Casca get abducted. Of course it would have been played out in Miura's excellent way of doing these kind of things. The...
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    The Big Berserk Exhibition

    Woah, these look great!!! Thx for sharing.
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    The protective barrier of Elfhelm is a graveyard for Gaiserics Viking army, are they about to emerge now that it's broken?

    Well maybe some souls did tried to do something when the world changed and thats when they created these kind of stones to seal them or something. We do see some ghosts/souls in the fantasia episode when the merging is done. Just a thought for ideas.
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    Episode 367

    The souls of the four other Godhand members. :ganishka:
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    Episode 367

    I think skullknight is in the first panel of the before last page. At least theres a shape that looks mounted on a horse.
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    Episode 367

    Well as its been said before, nothing points for sure that the beginning of the next arc will start somewhere else. It might be the follow up of whats to come. But yeah I do wonder where they are going with that.
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    Episode 367

    Copy pre-ordered! Now I'm very curious how this episode will play out. Are we gonna get a big fight between Guts and Zodd or will someone interrupt things before shit hits the fan. I'm also wondering how many more apostles are coming. I'm one of those who do believe it was not just Zodd that...
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    Thanks! I will.

    Thanks! I will.
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    Thank you Grail! Ill make an update as soon as I have one.

    Thank you Grail! Ill make an update as soon as I have one.
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    I have applied for a 2000$ grant for my comic book. Now it's the long waiting part to know if I...

    I have applied for a 2000$ grant for my comic book. Now it's the long waiting part to know if I get it.
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    The Story Behind Your Username

    My comes from one of my first character I've created in a story I've developped in early 00. The story was call Hell of Jackson Hurley. A man that has a violent nightmare and wakes up finding his girlfriend dead next to him with a fork stuck in her chest. The mystery begins there and he gets...
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