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    did any of the long term users here read guin saga? what are the thoughts on that continuation?

    I have the first volume in english and its the only one Ive read since I never found the other 4 disponible. Im not sure they translated the rest in english or french. Id have to check. I liked the first one though.
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    Summary of new information from Mori's interviews about volume 42

    Thank you for putting all that together @Aazealh. I appreciate it a lot. I would definitely not want to be in his shoes.
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    Episode 374

    Seriously, I would not be surprised if Rickert's slap would no make another appearance but on Guts. Like @Aazealh said.
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    Episode 374

    On amazon japan you can for the moment.
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    Episode 374

    BIzarre but not surprising considering all of the crap from that episode. Like the magic ritual that needs everyone to help?! Anyways, I'm curious to see where this goes.
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    Volume 42 release

    Woah, I laugh hard for that one. Berserk sure changed a lot. :ganishka:
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    Volume 42 release

    So Griffith dye his hair pink. Cool, cool...
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    What was your Favorite Episode Release?

    As Walter, 303 was a very huge one for me. My level of hype was at its max in that time. Though like Aaz said, it's hard to pick one specifically. I started episodically around the fight with Guts and Serpico in the pillar chamber in Vritannis. I remember that I was very impatient to see how...
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    Remembering Kentarou Miura

    2 years already. Thats crazy how time flies. I still remember wakingnup to that dreadfull day we got the news about what 2 weeks after I think? God how I miss his art and storytelling. Berserk will always be my best story ever.
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    Sick! I passef mine a couple of weeks ago. About time for me! Haha

    Sick! I passef mine a couple of weeks ago. About time for me! Haha
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    How many times have you read Berserk and other questions

    Ish, Ive read it entirely from beginning the "end" each times a volume comes out. And the around another time per year. So Im over 80 completed reread. (Doing it again for the reread thread even though I havent posted aboht vol 2 yet.) So yeah Id say one to twice a year I reread everything.
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    What would you do if you lived in the Berserk universe (beginning of Golden Age)

    Yeah but then again, to quote badly Flora; it would be sure to come back in his hands when he'd need it the most. Thats how it works. I think the most we could do is try and give a warning and wish they'd leave so that when the sacrifice happens there's no one present. (Which would jot happen...
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    What would you do if you lived in the Berserk universe (beginning of Golden Age)

    But causality would still work its way. I would give him a better warning then skullknight (without the criptic) and get the fuck out of the band of the falcon before anything happens. As much as I love monsters, not sure Id like my life to end in one or more of them. Maybe warn Casca and some...
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    Episode 372

    Copy preordered. Very curious as to how this will go. Not expecting much though.
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    Berserk Community Re-Read: Volume 2 (current)

    Well, I'll post late my volume 1. Missed the deadline, sorry. I dont have much to add to what has been said already. My input though is on the art. Berserk has influenced me a lot in my comic book drawings. Not storywise but artwise. The level of details always made me want to add more on my...
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