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    About me ...

    Why not just quarantine him? None the less. I must leave too. I have found a woman and a humble little spot of land in Canada away from the house that I have lived in for so long. This will be my last post. Walter: thank you for this site. I have enjoyed my time, reading posts and learning...
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    Well well!

    Now all we need is a stupiditycheck. ;D All the more, this is an improvement.
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    Berserk Wallpapers

    Another atempt. The center picture credit goes to DemonX. Thanks. 800x600 EDIT: Fixed broken link.
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    For Old Skool Gamers

    Thanks. But I guess I'm SOL... :(
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    What Browser do you Use?

    Real One media browser. Yeah, you know your jealous... :-\
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    My own speculations ...

    Is he really that bad Olivier? Your usually a humble character... but this?
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    Berserk Wallpapers

    I meant that it is not that good compared to other wallpapers posted. I like it, but there are better ones posted on this site.
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    Berserk Wallpapers

    One of my first Wallpapers. Ever. So its not really that good. Guts:
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    Guts paint over

    Thats totally gnarly dude. Love it. Welcome to SkullKnight. 8)
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    BERSERK not known???

    And Berserk isn't on cartoon network. DBZ used to be all over the TV.
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    BERSERK not known???

    Berserk is an underdog manga. Its not one of those popular mangas like Evan, DBZ, or whatnot so not many have heard of it.
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    Episode 248

    Funny. More funny. Aren't they the same thing?  ;D
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    Half Life 2 Vs Halo 2 Vs Doom 3 Vs Killzone Vs ...

    Now that you mention it, Duke Nukem 3D is probably my favorite FPS.
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    Berserk Tattoo

    Re: Tattoo of the Brand I always wondered, if Judo would have chopped off his arm would only his arm be sacrificed? ???
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    Greatest sword ever created

    Insane man. Great work.
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