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    Episode 353

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    Episode 352

    I hope it does, actually, not so much to mollify Guts-dog, but because I hope that underlying Casca's motherly instincts, there is a deeper connection or attachment to her lost son that the fragment/return to sanity will add clarity (and more questions) to. The final shard's container resembles...
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    Episode 341

    I had always hoped Silat would eventually ally with Guts (which may still end up happening), but allying with Rickert and Daiba and then traveling back to their homeland is really exciting. For all her amusing moments of panic, she's been courageous with all the the things she's seen and gone...
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    Episode 325

    By the way, there's probably a simple explanation as usual, but I wonder why Guts didn't try using his arm cannon prior to collapsing? Unless the blast radius is limited to point-blank shots, the heart's a big enough target that he likely would've hit it despite the distance. How effectual...
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    Episode 325

    As one of the few who's been following episode by episode since 2000, I've never had a problem with the pacing/breaks, as the story and quality of the art has consistently impressed me every time. I just hope Miura doesn't develop amyloidosis (or befall an accident) before he's done. :schnoz:
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    Episode 325

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    Episode 324

    I think he managed to at least nick the heart. Hopefully that's enough to cause a fatal arrythmia and heart attack :carcus:
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    Episode 323

    Yeah, but Guts isn't choking or drowning obviously, so it IS still air and he's not truly underwater. I was only mentioning it more as an observation (as to how clearly supernatural and like the sea the area of the heart is, as Guts said. If being inside a sea god wasn't enough.)
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    Episode 323

    Don't forget the vampire squid, 'swimming' through what should be air :schnoz: I'm interested in whether or not the sea god will eventually communicate with guts/schierke, or if it's too primitive/monstrous. It wouldnt really change what either party is trying to accomplish, though, so I...
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    Episode 321

    Seems like Guts got sucked through the hole he made, implying negative air pressure from lungs, assuming the monster has lungs and breathes. If he was in the monster's actual lungs/airways, though, he and those spiders would go flying with each breath, so he's probably on the surface of the...
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    Episode 320

    More like fred flinstone :carcus: On that last page, it looked like the slugs are extremely close to the ship on the 2nd last image, but possibly further away on the last, also with bright light emanating from the ship. Wonder if it's the 4 kings spell taking effect? Or it could just be...
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    Episode 318

    Well, it looks like Guts' "Beastman" mode was easily reproduced. The Beast said the first time was a one time fluke, so I wonder what perspective it'll have on the situation now...and if Schierke can extricate herself and restore Guts without incident. Although the imagery with the ocean...
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    Episode 315

    The feeling I get about her is that she's patiently packing the info away for when it will become better understood (e.g., she isn't delving into Guts' past despite being confused) or relevant to what the crew's trying to do...besides, Isidro usually just busts out some wisecracks whenever she...
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    Episode 315

    Well, it seems only natural that she would be secretive when it comes to people she just met. As for not warning the rest about Sonia's vision, it seems that she didn't know what to make of it since she didn't think about it again until they saw the tiger wasn't going to change...
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    Episode 315

    I was just glad it didn't show his muscles, tendons, and ligaments getting torn...the way his joints are getting stressed, I wouldn't be surprised at seeing them rupture.
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