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    The Dark Knight

    I loved everything about this movie except for the batvoice. Did they not watch the movie themselves and realize that batman sounds like he's dieing of throat cancer? I kept wanting to jump into the movie and give him some of those menthol candy drops. In spite of that, I can still overlook...
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    Movies to look forward to

    Keanu Reeves as Spike? Most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, if it ends up that way someone needs to pay with blood. I'm not even a rabid Bebop fanboy, but that's such a retarded casting.
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    Episode 297

    I believe you, but something just doesn't seem right about that. Either way, I'm pretty disappointed that Berserk ended that way.
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    Episode 295

    My prediction is that Griffith will actually just stand there and do all of jack shit. Ganishka will somehow implode under the strain of this power that he's panickedly threw himself into but has no way of controlling. I think it'll end up that Ganishka got in way over his head, and when he...
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    Episode 295

    Well, my point to Funkmasta was that it wasn't entirely ridiculous to think that aquiring an idealized kingdom could be first and foremost in Griffith's intentions, even now, and that he might not care anything about the age of darkness. I always interpretted his role in god hand as something...
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    Episode 295

    I don't remember any ulterior ambitions being presented for Griffith. He wanted his kingdom....and what else? He might be playing along into idea's plan of making life suck for everyone, but I don't remember that he had identified any personal goals aside from accomplishing his dream of...
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    Episode 295

    I have a hard time believing that Griffith is going to completely embrace this 'era of darkness' if the events happening now are any indication of how miserable it's going to be. It doesn't make sense that he'd yearn so long for this kingdom if he were only going to let it go to shit. He might...
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    Woman To Toilet: I'm Stuck On You

    My sister was bitten by a recluse and lost a plug of skin out of her leg because of it. She was bitten while asleep in sleep tight. :ganishka: I have a hard time empathizing with these obese people. The amount of self-neglect and apathy it requires to even get close to such a...
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    Episode 293

    I think it would have been ammusing to have seen a two-page spread featuring a never ending army of naked women spanning the horizon as they march to safety. I guess Miura's approach is bit more intelligent though. I guess those girls were being held for use in his Daka factory?
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    How do you think Caska feels about Farnese?

    Re: How do you think Casca feels about Farnese? I'm putting my money on some animosity forming between a healed Casca and Farnese. Casca gets jealous pretty easily....we saw that when Guts was carrying the princess down towards Griffith's cell. We know Farnese is bothered with Casca's...
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    Episode 290

    More than half his life. The shit started for him at 3. By nine he was already getting ass raped. Most men make it to adulthood before being forcefully assraped by a black guy that's way bigger than them.
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    Episode 290

    I just read the full translation. Guts is pretty much a time bomb now, if the beast's words are going to hold true. It sounds like he's going to lay dormant until a significant enough opportunity arises, then everyone around Guts is completely fucked, no exceptions. :casca: :chomp: :isidro...
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    Episode 290

    I always thought along the same lines you do. I don't see how the "sacrifices" at the incarnation ceremony could have happened without the two brands stirring up all those evil spirits. I've never paid much attention to Puck's impressions, but the face he put on when Magnifico found him was...
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    Episode 290

    Damaramu, Ya done fucked up son. The accomplice suggestion went too far I think.
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    Killing your childhood memories: Velociraptors had feathers

    This is clearly bullshit. Neither Jurassic park nor the bible said anything about feathers on raptors. I know because I went to the creationist museum and the raptors in there didn't have feathers either, but they did have saddles and rear-view mirrors.
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