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    I'm not sure exactly how to interpret this. I have always had respect for whatever opinion or criticism I have heard on these forums. So I suppose I want to reform my question. I guess I can first explain that "sickening" was my immediate reaction to the description only. My reaction to the...
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    Someone very close to me (who I haven't seen in a few years) published this book through Amazon. I recall reading some interesting debates about religion on these forums, and I thought maybe some of you would have a reason to read it. That isn't to say I recommend it, but I would be obliged to...
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    Adventures in YouTube
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    What Are You Playing?

    I'm also playing Red Dead Redemption. It is entertaining so far, but it plays too much like an old GTA game, which makes me figure I'll tire of it before long. Rockstar games get great reviews, but I'm not impressed with their repetitive format.
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    Brand New Knight of Skele On Horse For Sale @ YJA

    No not those. This was an official AOW job... I figured you were looking for the V3 because you mentioned such a high price, and these statues are rare. You see the statues weighed about a kilo and were imported from Colombia. AOW made sure the material was 100% pure grade A Colombian rock...
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    Brand New Knight of Skele On Horse For Sale @ YJA

    It was released a year or so after the original. It was insanely popular, especially among people in underdeveloped areas who don't know what Berserk is.
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    Brand New Knight of Skele On Horse For Sale @ YJA

    I think you're looking for the V3 crack rock edition that came out.
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    Berserk Quiz: Leaderboard & Discussion

    Prof Aaz is such a hardass! His test was impossible, and he didn't even tell us it was coming so we couldn't study! I should have stayed awake during his lecture-posts... :azan:
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    New on DVD thread.

    bought like paid for..? how are those twilight candy bars treating you?
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    Your plans for the future

    Just want to get some pussy from time to time and keep some sunshine on my face. RP
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    Dark Horse Releases

    That just makes my point. What nerve. The quality of their releases isn't worth a dollar more, and then they decide to "experiment" only to say "Duhh, never mind, bad idea" on the first volume with the new price. What incompetent shitwits. Way to justify the raise in price.
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    Dark Horse Releases

    I can't believe they raised the price. What nerve.
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    Merchandise (Open Thread) Now I need to find time to read 'em. :iva:
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    WIP - Commission 1/8 Guts Berserker from Headlong

    You piss on AoW. :femto:
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    Slicin' the Breeze

    Re: Slicing the Breeze They look boss. :griffnotevil:
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