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    RIPOFF ALERT: Zoliv/ Olivier Brion from France

    Oh, that's so fucked up... If I lived near Nantes, I would go throw shit on his house :rickert: (and if I was you, I think I would have thrown out 2 grands more to go to Nantes and teach him a lesson). Edit : I haven't read every messages, but why didn't you try to contact the police ...
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    [FS] I'm selling some old Beherit and Puck figurines

    Hello everyone, I'll be moving abroad soon and so have decided to let go of some Berserk figurines that I've been keeping for some years. Never having had hundreds to spend, I mainly have Puck and Beherits (and I'm not selling everything :schierke: ). - beherit 2008 with eyes open/closed ...
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