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    Adventures in YouTube

    I felt slightly guilty about how much I enjoyed hearing this story. Yeah that was a good find - but videos like this make me realise even after 14 years I'm still no closer to understanding what the fuck Lucas was thinking..
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    Adventures in YouTube

    If you ever get one of your own, you would start to see it less as gross and more as painful and inconvenient. But yes, that was of course the appeal to upload it. What can I say, was a spur of the moment post. If you must know, I was thinking about a scene where Guts was struggling to walk...
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    Adventures in YouTube This was the recording of me popping a blister on my foot about a month after cryotherapy. Dumb shit of a doctor used direct liquid nitrogen contact for an excessive amount of time, very unprofessional - couldn't walk for over a month...
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    Japanese 9.0 earthquake thread

    Incidentally, it's worth clarifying the majority of the medias coverage on the nuclear threat is biased and incorrect, the Australian media in particular is juicing the situation to sway everyone away from nuclear power while they're emotional and impressionable, I suppose. I'm not necessarily...
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    Japanese 9.0 earthquake thread

    Re: Japanese 8.9 earthquake thread It's all pretty fucked up. I was living in Tokyo until the 17th of last month, but honestly I would rather be there with my friends during such a time.
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    Adventures in YouTube I was crying.
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    Current Episodes

    Current Episodes Thread I thought it was due in January, my mistake. It looks to be a heavy Matahachi episode, but I hope I'm wrong and it focuses more on Kojiro's little stunt.
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    Happy Chinese New Year and Australia Day

    I'm impressed you knew of Australia day.
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    Adventures in YouTube I just can't get sick of this vid for the life of me.
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    Japanese readers offered $thousands$...

    Remind me in a year or two, I should be much better by then.
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    Adventures in YouTube

    There is something so awesomly lame about this video, a must see for anyone who's seen Evangelion, whether you enjoyed it or not.
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    The Dark Knight

    I see where you're coming from. For me the biggest thing I can appreciate about the two Burton versions is they were an important step in the development of a contemporary Batman, being a middle ground between the more dark, gritty modern Batman movies we are now watching and the comical Adam...
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    The Dark Knight

    Re: The Dark Knight (7/18/08) Same, although I'm a tad concerned to the change in directors it still looks sweet. BTW, look forward to the Jokers magic pencil trick. XD Oh and Griff, you may notice they don't rely on quick, overused editing during the action scenes, I thought it was a big...
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    The Dark Knight

    Re: The Dark Knight (7/18/08) Saw it last night, thought it was really good. Dunno why it came out so early over here but I ain't complaining. ^_^ I wasn't particularly fond of Heath's previous movies but he really stole the movie. I'm a Bale fan but the Joker in this movie is one of the most...
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    Tribes in Brazil and Peru

    If they have seen things like this before it'd be a different matter. I may be mistaken but my interpretation was as they were considered uncontacted, they hadn't. If so it'd seem to me beyond an adjustment disorder.
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