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    Episode 358

    Hey, so people have been arguing over the meaning behind the Tower of Babel myth for a long long time and probably still will be long after we are all dead, and there are a bunch of different interpretation of it’s meaning. Some more religious views of it’s underlying themes is that it is...
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    Will Casca return to Griffith?

    Well, im sorry you feel that way Vixen :( i guess we will just have to disagree. i can't tell if you genuinely want me to answer those questions like why would Casca want to help someone who has murdered her friends/raped her and i feel like if i try you are going to be rude but i'd love hear...
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    Will Casca return to Griffith?

    Hey yeah, I remember thinking something similar as well that maybe what Skull knight was getting at was that Casca might not want to kill Griffith or that she might still have some attachment in helping Griffith achieve his dream. A possible motivation for her could be that she does not want...
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