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    BOPE and Slums in Brazil

    It's an awesome movie and I think you should also check out "Tropa de Elite" : It's about BOPE and, well it sort of goes without saying, it's pretty brutal; really good movie, though "Cidade de Deus" was better IMHO.
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    Lith's colors & tutorials

    AWESOME, everytime you get back to that farm scene it gets more and more gorgeous and Ganishka.... menacing. Thanks for sharing!
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    Post Wacky Images

    While at T-shirts: From Split Reason
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    State controlled names.

    I for one accept the Fieldmarchall's view of the event but would like to contend with VHB's view of the most fascist country: Thank you for viewing :ganishka:
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    Idea's Ultimate Goal

    I'm not even sure it would do much in any case, given that it is unsure whether the Idea really needs humanity at this point, and even if the whole of man kind were to suddenly turn good, get rid of all the emotions that caused it to spring to life it wouldn't necessarily mean that it would...
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    Diablo 3!

    It wouldn't change the strategy much if the minions were something like those festering appendices that Baal sprawls, you know the do-almost-nothing-but-annoy type, that you could kill for the orbs. Yes life/mana steal was practically a must for some classes, but I meant the monsters that burn...
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    Diablo 3!

    Or you could possibly pick up some orbs dropped earlier store them up and then... oh wait :troll: But seriously re-spawning minions could do the trick but It'll be a bitch to work out so that they're not actually making it a lot more difficult, plus it kinda kills of the man/hideous demon to...
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    Diablo 3!

    I don't know, depends on how they handle it I suppose. I know that potions could be a bit of a bother but then how do you heal in a boss fight, would it mean that the "mana burn" stat for monsters is out? These are just of the top of my head there could be a lot of issues with this I just hope...
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    Diablo 3!

    One of the many things that I'm curious about is weather Blizzard will do LAN or will I have to do that whole russian thing, oops said too much :guts: Seriously, I loved those Diablo2 LAN parties and I'd hate to be forced to hold them in a net cafe or someplace.
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    Diablo 3!

    Well, well, color me excited! It looks very promising, iso FTW1, and it's still early stages of development, so to borrow a nice title "there will be blood". I just wish another third installment to a series was getting the same treatment :'(
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    George Carlin is dead

    Very sad news, loved his work, he will be sorely missed R.I.P.
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    Adventures in YouTube

    Getting creative (and destructive) with home appliances:
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    Lith's colors & tutorials

    Simply awesome, I love the whole "less is more" approach, it really emphasises the basic emotion of the image; as for the purple that Aaz suggested, well I'd love to see it!
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    What are you listening to? (general music thread)

    Got to second this emotion, great band, though some people seem to have a problem with Amanda's armpit hair :schierke: (just kidding handsome you know I love you :casca:) Here's something I'm listening to: The Knife, electro with a beautyfull female vocal...
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    Episode 297

    Am I the only one still hoping that we'll get to see some sort of Ganishka flashback, a glimpse into his rise to power or something. It would be cool if the Falcon of Light was to serve as a focal point for him to get back in touch with his ego and take us on a little stroll down memory lane...
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