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    Does Guts want to die, but is too good at fighting to do so?

    Thanks for clarifying. I am rather new to the series and still struggle to catch on all details, even major ones like causality within this story. That being said, I suppose I meant Guts had a role to play for Griffith, (Rise and fall) and I questioned if he might still have a role to play...
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    2017 Berserk TV Series (Season 2)

    I also missed Wyald, as the encounter with him and Zodd is WAAY to important to ignore! Same goes with the "rather" recent trilogy of movies. Why miss out on great story and context?
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    Does Guts want to die, but is too good at fighting to do so?

    Hello. I also found this interesting when re-reading Berserk. As Griffith mentions, Guts likes to go head first into seemingly impossible battles and challenges. It is clear that death is not his desire at this point in the story, but one have to wonder at previous encounters. Another thing I...
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    Serpico vs pre-eclipse Griffith

    So this is obviously only speculation, and maybe even more fitting of the category of fan fiction. However, I really enjoyed Skeletons view on how the IoE and causality technically would not allow Griffith to lose, or at least not take any fatal harm. This would mean, even when facing a...
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