American Anime Awards


Mmm....You don't say?
Go vote for the best in Anime American way @

I think this is as official as it gets this year. I must say the selection is a bit biased, but I’m still looking forward to the results. And the main reason I'm posting this is Berserk is a choice on a lot of the selections!
I'm not too familiar with the English voice actors, although I've listened to a few of the series they've listed with the English dub audio track on and I was pretty impressed with Samurai Champloo, Fullmetal Alchemist and Cowboy Bebop (unfortunately not on the list of nominees :judo:). Other than that I said my favorite full-length feature was probably Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, my favorite less-than-13-episodes series was Hellsing: Ultimate, my favorite greater-than-13-episodes series was (and probably always will be) Rurouni Kenshin and for my favorite manga it was, of course, Berserk. :miura: If anyone else happened to vote, what were your picks? :???:


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JIN sent me that link last week I think, I skipped all the categories and just voted for Berserk. I don't think much of that awards ceremony and I'm not even American, way to go. :void:


:troll: good point Aaz. Well, I'm not American either, but there we go..

Voted on several categories. Berserk aside, I was also especially happy to cast votes for Samurai Champloo on theme song and long series.
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