andrewz nonconformity with canon slice deal

First of all i want to apologize if that is not the place for this msg but i want to clarify that , i was just sent a msg from andrewz that he wants a refund from 300 usd because
puck figure was broken, he perfectly knows that puck was in perfect condition before shipping because he asked me pics and i sent them, so he is well aware that the damage
happened on the shipping process , i send this msg because i dont want anyone think i deceived someone and didnt send what i was supposed to send, any other buyer i had no problem
thats why i sent pics so you know exactly what you were buying and i find it a litter bit deceiving from him not to mention on the paypal claim that the damage was made on the shipping
process and imply that i cheated on him.
That s why i didn t accept paypal payment... Because you can loose your statue and your money. The best way is to take an insurance...

The more to blame is art of war because their statues are so fragile and packaging need to be safer....
Well this story is very sad for both of you....
Lol u haven't replied two of my personal messages till now for over 10 days before I put it to PayPal and now u do it here? Cut your bullshit and I see u in PayPal. You clearly didn't pack the statue well as the puck is not in one place where it supposed to be. I'm over w your lies and ignorance.
And nope u did not take the pic and send it to me before packaging. U merely sent the pic u took few years back when u first got the puck. Can u stop bs please?

This is what I got on the face, I tried to pm him twice and he didn't responded me back after I saw him login to the forum. I'm done explaining my shit. This piece is greatly devalued with the damaged puck. AOW charging attachments figures at 20000-25000 yen now as of I'm speaking ( sk 2018). I'm asking a fair refund as I need to send it to China to get a professional fix and send it back. I'm done explaining and good luck whoever wants to buy from this guy again.

Broken puck pic :
Ifi ddnt response before because i had pwrsonal shit to do and im responding now
That price they may charge now but not the cost of what i sold to you , im not going to pay the price you want and you want to give 300 usd back and keep the figure??? Are you aware how policies return work? You first have to send the item if you
Want money back!!! Dont pretend to keep the piece and i pay for it and the fixing work what a clever guy , and i pack it well as any other i sent and noone had problems so cut your bullshit too
Besides your other pins where not about puck but for the gantz statue show them too so everyone read
You never claimed anything just mentioned the broken piece, you pm bescuse you wanted me
To complete the deal of the gantz statue, the damage was done on the shipping period if you wanted
An insured shipping you should have paid for it otherwise asume the risk
Yes I wasn't trying to make a big deal out of it until u logged on at 9th and did NOT reply two of my messages. I paid 1200 USD and get a partial broken piece as a matter of fact. So what do you expect from a buyer who got a broken pieces from a seller huh? What do you expect him to do? I see you on PayPal I'm not wasting my time dealing w your crap.
And you are joking on returning the statue to you. It took me 4 weeks to get it via EMS shipping and it is broken. If I ship it back to you and the statue shatter into pieces wtf u gonna say then? Grow up and eat your mistakes. Your packaging is horrible, not enough shock absorption materials and the putter box are too thin. I'm not the only one having issue w your packaging I'm just miinding you. I'm done talking w you w all the dramas and u clearly not taking any responsible for shipping damage. If you get a statue from sideshow or prime 1 and received it damaged u guess who is responsible? Stop being childish.
i dont see anyone had problems with my package ,as far as i know they arrived ok, the one who needs to grow is you , first you wanted me to talk every day to the shipping company when i explained you it was normal delay
now you want to keep it and get money back you are out of your mind , you are triyng to abuse to get the price for free , if prime 1 does that go buy to them dont buy to particulars, try to charge more than they charged you for the piece in the first place and besides try to keep it
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