Anime Director Satoshi Kon passes away...


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This is breaking news just coming in as I type this, emanating from the Twitter account of GAINAX's Yasuhiro Takeda and later confirmed by Madhouse's Masao Maruyama via the Otakon committee, but the renowned and much-admired anime director Satoshi Kon passed away yesterday at the age of 47.

During his life, Kon was responsible for a numer of high-profile animated efforts featuring his distinctive themes and styles, not least the movies Perfect Blue and Paprika, as well as the Paranoia Agent television series.


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Satoshi Kon passes away...

Kon will surely be missed, he could have made many more great projects. :judo:

[quote author=]Jim Vowles, a member of the Otakorp Board of Directors for the Otakon convention, has announced on Tuesday that director Satoshi Kon has passed away. Kon was 47. The staff of Otakon confirmed his passing with MADHOUSE studio founder Masao Maruyama. Maruyama had wrote on his Twitter account on Tuesday night in Japan that an important director of the studio had suddenly passed away. However, Maruyama declined to name the director at the time[/quote]
Very sad news, especially considering his age. Millennium Actress is not only one of my favorite anime movies, but one of my favorite movies period. It's definitely the film I will remember him for.

He's been working on a movie called "The Dreaming Machine" ever since 2008. Wonder if they want to finish it now when the man with the vision is gone.


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RIP, he was truly a great anime writer/ director. I own several including Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers and Paprika.


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Ugh, that sucks. At such a young age, too. I hate to admit it, but I haven't seen any of his movies yet. :sad:


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Damn, that article is really too upsetting to read, seriously.


You're not kidding. Man. I'll be over here wibbling sadly for a while. Goodbye Satoshi Kon. <3


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10 years ago... man. I did not see this posted to the forum previously, but Satoshi Kon directed this official AMV in 1997, featuring the song Forces. See article with more info here.

Yeah this is well-known, and I'm pretty sure it was posted here ages ago, back when people were excited about AMVs. I just checked and I have a file of it on my computer that was created in 2003. :flora:

That said, I'm not sure this was really "official", my understanding is that it's just something Satoshi Kon made because he and Susumu Hirasawa were friends. So it's basically one of the earliest AMVs ever made (as opposed to an official trailer).
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