Annapolis Shooter 'Branded' his Would-Be Victims on Social Media


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On two separate Twitter accounts he photoshopped a "Brand of Sacrifice" death symbol from the Japanese dark fantasy manga series on his targets' faces.

One account under the user name @EricHartleyFrnd used a photo of Eric Hartley with the horrifying symbol, while another Twitter handle under the name of Judge Charles Moylan also bore the death mark.

According to the Berserk Encyclopedia, the symbol marks out the "sacrificed" who is then "ritualistically murdered".

This pathetic shit is easily the worst portrayal of Berserk in its long history. I shudder to think of how badly misconstrued millions of people are about Berserk now. And this shooting happened in a place I'm very familiar with, just a few miles from me, and I knew two of the victims. So adding Berserk to the mix, this is all extremely surreal and disgusting to me.


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Damn man. This incident was already a tragedy and this makes it even worse.

This is some really sad, revoltingly misguided shit from a murderous loser who obviously isn't even familiar with the Brand as it is depicted in Berserk. But he unintentionally got one thing right: the "branded" people were the good guys, and he was the evil fiend.
Well...shit. Now on top of all the usual politicization bullshit that goes with every shooting from every revolting vulture with an agenda to push ("It was video games!" "It was toxic masculinity!" "It was the NRA!" "It was Trump!"), now my favorite goddamn manga has to be dragged into this.

And geez, sorry it had to happen so close to you, Walter. :sad:
God damn this is horrible... I'm sorry Walter, can't imagine how this affects you. Art is elevating but like anything it's effect has to be in the mind of the reader, Berserk is no exception, to me it defines that type of elevation, after coming in contact with it I was completly blown away by the scope of everything involved in it, has been such a motivator to rethink and reread Berserk and expanding my mind for the better. Just wanted to thank this whole community for the good and love it spreads
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