ApostleBob's updated Guide to Reoccurring Apostles

In anticipation of the next Berserk Episode, I decided to update my guide to Apostles the reappear through out the series. It now includes MANY more apostles that appear throughout the series, including the New Band of the Hawk's demon soldiers. There are so many more reoccurring background characters than I originally noticed and I wanted a more complete guide that could be added to as the series goes on.

I've given them each nicknames so that I can track them easier. They aren't the most creative names but are pretty strait forward. One thing that I thought could be fun for the community is is to try and assign our own names to them. If we get really good suggestions I'll change them on the guide. Let me know what we should call these guys.

And of course if you spot any other re-occuring Apostles please point them out to me and I'll add them to the list.

Imgur has hidden my post due to violence, gore, and nudity, but I am still able to see it. I have since exported it for any who wish to see the consistency of Miura's Apostles designs over the years. Each one is unique, and many keep popping up in Griffith's army. I also try to track when (or if) they die.

Here's the new link. Apologizes for any line breaks the export has done.
The Apostles under Locus, Grunbeld, and Zodd are especially consistent. They keep popping up in every appearance of the demon army. It will be interesting to see if Studio Gaga continues this approach once Guts makes his way to Falconia.