BERSERK: RECUT (ベルセルク:再切断)


With the streak of a tear, Like morning dew
I told you it wasn't over, I've scrapped the whole project and reduced Berserk to it's core: KILLING ONLY!

BERSERK: RECUT (ベルセルク:再切断) Ultimate Blood + Guts Kills Edition


So... beautiful... :judo:


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Man, this is just fantastic! With Murder pumping in the background, it just makes this all the more awesome. I love it =)

It also works great just as background music+sfx.


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The Ultimate Blood edition can be compared to the greatest works of art of all time. The combination of the song Murder, with Guts killing man after man, is philosophical greatness.

Griffith left us too soon. :judo:
Sorry for bumping super old thread.
All the links are private or dead, is there any way to still watch thie project? I'm realy curious to see Griffith's take on this compared to Berserk REDUX.


With the streak of a tear, Like morning dew
Don't be sorry, you've inspired me to release the most indulgent edition yet for the streaming era!


BERSERK: RECUT (ベルセルク:再切断)



Buuuuuut... that's a reupload of the youtube downloaded videos, so it looks like ass (I don't have the originals anymore to upload at a higher res now either). I tried de-privatizing and unlisting episode 1, but it may not show depending on where you are due to copyright (that's basically what happened to them all). Let me know if it works and I'll try the same with the rest if you're interested:

Episode 1:

As a reminder, the idea here was basically to cut everything available down to Miura's own storyboarding of the manga, so no extra fat, filler, or coverage. And Miura's direction is already so dynamic it works! I don't know if Berserk Redux is that slavishly faithful to Miura's vision, but it did incorporate something I had in mind for an expanded version of this project, but wasn't sure would actually work: taking the scenes from the anime, the films, and possibly the new TV show, if it didn't completely suck ass visually, and use the best of each. I don't know that I'd have ever gone through with that because often neither version was ideal or contained everything (no Wyald for example) and the incongruity would kind of defeat the purpose of making a "better" edit (I actually DID do that once in this case, using cam footage of Skull Knight from the "new" anime movies! :SK:). If I had the time to redo and complete this project, I'd obviously use a modern hi-def source, ideally add original translation and dynamic subs, but realistically just go with the default hard-coded for ease, and perhaps try the black and white thing done right, properly adjusting the contrast and "color" correcting scene to scene. Realistically though, I don't see much point anymore beyond the experiment; otherwise, just read the manga. =)
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