Berserk Volume Covers Flipped in Half


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Just wanted to see what they'd look like. Some are cool. Some are just bizarre. Either way, doing this stupid technique did make me appreciate portions of the covers my eyes might normally gloss over.

I think 34 is my favorite.



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I really like the second image of 27, but yeah, 34 is definitely my favorite, somewhat unsurprisingly since it's also my favorite cover when not distorted.
Fun stuff Walter. I like the 2nd image of Skull Knight, he looks a bit menacing in it. There's a face in the 1st image of 34 along the collar-bone that kinda looks like Slithe from Thundercats, freaky!
The really cool thing to me about #27 is that either one of those could be uses for Gut's actual face at various points in the manga (IMO) and I wouldn't thing anything was amiss. If only one of them came out that way, then not a huge deal (see the 2nd image of #10) but the fact that both of them pass my internal "could be guts" test -- that's awesome :guts:


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Hahaha thank you I needed that laugh :ganishka:
Volumes 2, 8 and 13 are definitely the most disturbing. (13, oh my god :magni: )
Amazing that such a simple thing can make them so funny/weird.
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