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319 is out :ubik:

Vagabond keeps flowing

Art still as awesome as ever. I feel Inoue's putting more and more work and emotions into the manga. The rice not growing/growing have put so much excitation into me. The guy can captivate you with a story about swords and killing 70 men, then with a story about rice and paddy fields. a true artist


I'll be back.
Got volume 35 from amazon . Fir some reason vol. 34and this one seem longer than usual. Must be those long episodes Inoue has been doing.


This journey isn't ov--AARGH!
Just caught up with Vagabond.

I remembered why I loved the farming section of the book so much now - Inoue fully realized the emotions of those chapters in his retelling. Even though it seems to be ready to move on, it left me feeling very emotional and kind of wanting more.
Seeing Takuan was also a huge bonus and increased the poignancy of Musashi asking Sado for help by an order of magnitude.

Going to stalk the shelves of convenience stores while I'm here whenever Morning comes out.
A leak announcement in Weekly Morning #29 reveals that its return has been delayed until Fall due to the "Gaudí x Takehiko Inoue - The Source of Synchronized Creativity" exhibition. It also reveals that the 37th volume will ship out in July.
The cover for Volume 37 is here!


Pre-order link -

Releases on July 27. Going by the page length, the volume could cover chapters 316 to 322.
the art quality in vagabond is going down, it has not been that great at all in my opinion, the cover page for the magazine and the double spread look great but this doesn't look nearly as good as earlier vagabond episodes. the episode itself was great. not a big fan of the recent volume covers either, i think he could've done much better, the older covers are nicer. it's nice to see vagabond back again though
I also just read it. The art kinda looks worse then how it was back then imo, a little bit sloppy here and there. Although it also can be due to the againg of the character's although i still would say that some panels looked pretty sloppy. Overall the comeback of vagabond was very nice, some good plot points have been touched upon, especially the ones revolving kojiro which i really wanted to see.

Seeing more of other character besides Musashi was very nice. Im Glad that Vagabond is back :serpico:


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While we're at it, Viz' Volume 37 comes out next week:

These volumes are how I've been reading the series for the past 5 years or so, and it's been pretty nice to first experience it fully translated and in a bound volume. I wish I had the patience to do so for Berserk :farnese:
That slipped my radar, thanks Walter! Can't wait to finally read it translated.

Speaking of patience, I'm just as weak with Vagabond as I am with Berserk, grabbing raws in both physical formats before a translated volume. In that sense, I miss that first 'WOW' impression I got when I was first introduced to the series reading Viz's translated volumes. Big part of me doesn't want to read fan-translations for these episodes. I'd rather stick to Viz or if there's something more accurate out there like the ones Puella does for Berserk.
TheBranded1 said:
anybody read 326 and 327 yet?
Yep i read them.
I'm really enjoying how Inoue is handling Kojiro's character for now. Kojiro's reactions towards how they try to behave him are hilarious :ganishka: I hope that Inoue will come to a solution soon though, before this whole situation is dragging itself for too long.
As for 327, the ending was especially great :mushi:

Btw in the latest issue of Weekly morning, there was no date given for the upcoming episode of Vagabond which relates to Inoue working on Real again. Real will be returning in the next issue of Young Jump after a 6 months break

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