Dark Horse's Digital Berserk Volumes on Sale: $4 each [Amazon]


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For those interested, this is how I've been acquiring the whole series in digital over time, even though I already own it a few times over the Japanese + English volumes (+ a smattering of the official Japanese digital volumes). At $4 a pop, I buy 3-4 during each sale, which happens once every few months.

These are viewable on Comixology and Kindle, and I've found them to be very convenient.
It's how I read the series for the first time.

Prior to covid, I travelled a lot -- so I really appreciated it being available digitally. In my opinion, it works best on an e-reader like a Kindle Oasis. You need a larger screen to appreciate the detail; but it also makes it look like it was drawn on the screen due to how those type of e-readers handle displays. I found that to be a pleasant experience than reading it on my Fire Tablet, for example.
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