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I’ve been sorta debating whether or not to get the deluxe volumes. I want to wait till they all get released before I snag them, but with Dark Horses’s current situation, I don’t know if it will ever happen because if some other company gets the rights to publish manga translations, I feel they would just start over from the beginning instead of continue what Dark Horse has done. Anyways I’m goin off on a tangent. What are the major differences between the standard and deluxe editions. I know that Danan’s title “King Hanafubuku” was corrected to being the “Flower Storm Monarch” in the deluxe editions. The Standard editions also have some strange dark shading in the first few pages in the first 3 volumes that I believe the deluxe editions don’t have. What are some major differences between the two? Talking like dialogue changes, art changes, things of that sort.


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Here's my review of Deluxe Edition 1.

Dark Horse has retroactively changed some of their older, badly translated terms, like "Knight of Skeleton" becoming Skull Knight, "groovy" becoming "rugged," and the aforementioned Monarch change. They also added back sound effects to the older volumes that didn't have them. But by going in and editing the pages, they created some really unprofessional problems (multiple instances of leftover copy+paste elements overlaid on the art).

The first volume is rough, because they didn't address any of the quality problems they've had in vols 1-3. They just bound those same pages up and backfilled with sound effects.

We also have a whole thread about the deluxe editions, btw.
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