Episode 345


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Feeblecursedone said:
If Molda gets to join the group I hope we'll see more of her blood-sacrifice magic.
Molda doesn't do "blood-sacrifice magic". She used a forbidden relic that had been in storage, probably since time immemorial, because the island's standard defenses had proven insufficient against Guts and co. Her own brand of magic will most likely be in the same vein as that of the other witches on the island.

Feeblecursedone said:
Otherwise I can't think of what use would her role be in the group since we already have two witches.
Well it's not at all guaranteed she'll join the group for now, anyway. In fact the evolution of the current group itself remains to be seen, what with everything that's going to happen. Some members might leave, others might join, they might split into two groups with different immediate objectives...

Feeblecursedone said:
I like her " fight evil with evil " approach to the situation.
I don't think that's really how she pictured it. To quote her: "dolls are made to be played with". She just used something that was available, and felt that it would be a waste to not use it when needed. And she disregarded the fact she wasn't supposed to do it. She's really closer to a rebellious teen than to a gritty "fight fire with fire" anti-hero.
I hope that while everyone is here on Skellig that Farnese can truly come into her own and get fitted with a witch outfit like all the other witches on Skellig. It would be fitting for her since she is at this point a true and genuine witch at this point.
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