Favorite two-page spreads


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Ramen4ever said:
I am REALLY looking forward to this. Now that this is out in the open, theres no turning back, CnC!! :SK:
Well, I kinda just did something like this (color-wise). Perhaps in the future I'll tackle this one but I make no promises :serpico:
Omega Tom Hanks said:
My fav?

The whole manga itself, its just one big 2 page spread full of violence, sex and win. And I love every bit of it.
Yea exactly. You can't pick a fav, it just can't be done. It has a lot of good art all around which also visable changes as the time goes on - getting better. But that happens with everything and also allows one to see how the artist is improving and changing things but thats another story


Nor sure if I should say sorry for resurrecting an ancient topic but I just can't help myself. :griffnotevil:

I absolutely love the Conviction Arc, my (at the moment) favorite arc of Berserk with some breathtaking art. This before and after shot in particular.

Some more incredible art from the Conviction Arc, the latter has been posted before but I think this one is a bit neater.

To contrast to the first two images I want some horrible shit as well, which is just as much Berserk as moments of serene beauty. The artistic design that's on highlight here.. The spacial construction and flow of the images are just wonderful! :ubik:

And even more pieces to showcase Miura's absolute mastery of the medium. I wouldn't call this first one minimalist in any other context then that of Berserk, but I kind of have to lol. And the second spread.. oh my god.. My hands hurt from just seeing that. :isidro:

The juxtaposition of the beauty of Miura's depictions of Griffith's panels and the undertones in context of the series makes for some of the best art pieces in Berserk, but we always gotta remember... :femto:

This was just a few ones that I happen to like in particular for the moment, however every time I re-read the manga, or re-watch the -97's anime (happy 20th anniversary, just 1 day late :slan: ) I always fall in love with individual panels in every volume. Can't we just post the entire manga here? Illegal? Ahh, yeah... nvm.

Hope you enjoy and start sharing panels again! It has been a few years. :daiba:


even the horses are cut in half!
Well of course there is one awesome new spread that got out this year and I think a lot of you guys will agree with that one. The spread of the reunion (Guts/Casca Under the tree) in Elfhelm. Cannot post it because I'm at work but it should be fresh in every reader's mind! :guts:


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I've always liked this one

Not one of the most detailed or breathtaking Miura has done, but it gives me a feeling of old school badassery (I especially like the decapitated dog head hanging on to Guts' prosthetic)
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