Favorite Volume?

Volume 7 - Hundred man slayer fight, lots of character development, beginning of Battle for Doldrey Castle
Volume 13
Volume 26 (Best out of 24-26 which are all among my favorites)
Volume 33

Ok, this is too hard I like them all--those are a few of the volumes that really stood out for me.
This is very difficult to answer, I can pick two volumes for a few reasons.

Volume 21: Seeing Guts fight Mozgus and seeing how beautifully drawn most of the fights were, not to mention the volume also marked the grand return of Griffith. Seeing it when I read it for the first time was quite something especially since we hadn't seen Griffith since he became Femto.

Volume 23: Page 116 has possibly one of my favorite parts of the entire series where you see Zodd and the new Band of the Hawk charging down the hill against the Kushan empire, that moment/picture sticks out in my mind for being a moment where you know the Kushan's are doomed to be mowed down by an army of demons.


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Volume 34, which was actually at the time the most FRUSTRATING for me to get through, waiting for new episodes to come out.

It's something that I had to sit down and read all the way through to realize, "Holy shit, this is BIG." Griffith is WINNING. There was never much doubt in my mind that Femto would completely dominate Ganishka, but there was something in my head hoping just *maybe* Ganishka would hurt him just a little bit. Just once. But this volume solidified just how terrifying Femto's strength is. Absolutely untouchable. Skull Knight couldn't even scratch him.

I think many of us can agree that the confrontation ontop of Ganishka was fantastic. First of all, it was the first time we saw Femto show his "true colors" since volume 13. We've seen pictures or flashbacks to his demon form, but there he is, standing in plain sight.

Everything about this volume was so amazing. Oh, and the artwork blew me away.


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This... is actually easier question for me than I'd like to admit. Volume 22. For nothing else but Hill of Swords part. That's not to say rest of that volume or any other volume would be anything short of marvelous; just that I have always been more focusedly interested in the Guts-Griffith-Casca dynamic.

There are precious few other moments of manga or graphic novel storytelling that even begin to approach the sheer power that scene has on me. But YMMV and so on.
My favorite is volume 13, for the eclipse, and I believe it is the most important part of Berserk. I hope the new anime continues the story, and not cut like the 1997 series.


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Gaiserik said:
My favorite is volume 13, for the eclipse, and I believe it is the most important part of Berserk. I hope the new anime continues the story, and not cut like the 1997 series.
Volume 13 is probably the most significant in terms of the relationships between the main characters, but the merging of the worlds in Volume 34 is easily the most significant for the story and the universe of Berserk.
Three words......Guts and Wyald. Vol 11 was, in a way, kind of the last hurrah of the Golden Age before the Eclipse. Wylad was an extremely fun bad guy to hate, we got to see what the Hawks could do without Griffith, Guts and Casca continue to build on their relationship(other then during Gut's departure, this is the most publicly open Casca was about her feelings for Guts), Guts and Wyald is 1 or 2 on my favorite Berserk duels, Griffith going through his slow and deliberate decline then ending with Zodd going ALPHA on Wyald was very impressive. If I could only keep one volume, 11 would be it.

Though that being said, Vol 17 is a close second. As far as "major fork in the road" moments, Guts choosing to find and protect Casca was huge. Without that, Guts wouldn't be alive right now IMO.
My favorite is volume 24, there is so much development and Guts 'party' solidifies and becomes the foundation for what we have all the way through to volume thirty six which is the most current dark horse volume as I type this. Im also very fond of the sequences where Guts and Serpico sort of 'pin their ears back and snarl at each other' and theres one such sequence in this volume.

Second favorite is Volume 9. I sometimes open that volume just to read the part where Guts knocks Silat on his ass to save Casca, and how emotional all the old Hawks are to see their old Captain in a moment of need. Guts then greets his old rank and file raiders too (who are so happy to see him they are moved to tears) and for a brief moment Guts is clearly happy and realizes just how important he is to some folks. A very rare side of Guts that is very uplifting for me.

And I want to also mention volume 4 which is where Berserk really kicks into motion for me and is the point where I was totally hooked.
It's a draw between volume 16 and 17.I like volume 16 because of Rosine's story.The lost children arc is prolly my favorite arc, along with the Golden age arc of course .Volume 17 has Farnese in it, and Guts goes back to look for Casca, only to find out that she escaped.I think the scene with Godot is one of the most interesting scenes in the series, because we get to see how selfish Guts was when he decided to get his revenge, and left Casca alone , even though she's the most important person to him.


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Yeah, 16 really is a fantastic volume. I was just reading it yesterday. I really forgot how much I loved sadistic crazylady Farnese.
Gobolatula said:
Yeah, 16 really is a fantastic volume. I was just reading it yesterday. I really forgot how much I loved sadistic crazylady Farnese.
Lol yeah.Although she became more useful now. Back then she was pretty much useless.
It is very hard for me to choose, since there are aspects which i like about every Volume.

Volume 3, the first appearance of the god hand. A moment which i never will forget, the way the ceremony was done and Femto making fun of Guts existence is something that i will always remember. I overall really like the first 3 volumes, since it lays down the groundwork for the series and it also introduces alot of elements.

Volume 13. There is especially one episode which always really hit me right in my feels. Guts running out of the cave remembering his lost
comrades was a really emotional scene. Besides that what the character's go through and the whole emotions set to this volume is outstadning.

Volume 21. The conclusion to the conviction arc. Everyhing was beautifully set up. The imitation of the eclipse started on a great way with volume 18. And ended on a great way. Griffith using the demon child as an infant was a really good decision by Miura. I am not gonna lie, i was kinda worried that a for the most part emotionless femto would be uninteresting in some ways, but the addition of the demon child again expanded his character.

Volume's 24 and 26. Volume 24 is a volume to which i often go back, finally we get answers on the world and at the same time also some questions. The world buildung was especially great in that Volume. Guts confronting Slan and wearing the berserker armor are 2 things which i really loved about volume 26 and of course the acceptace to new comrades.

Finally probably my most favorite Volume. Volume 34.
A visual spectacle. Seeing the apostles and humans fight by side and sonia's speech was something. But then the appearance of the Skull Knight and his confrontation with Femto was simply making me jump out of my seat. The world transformation is one of my favourite scenes from the series. Seeing all kind of creatures and the glimpse at the god hand was just amazing.


For me it's 23-24 volume, when Guts and pack merged again to travel together, and then trolls apeared! (i've felt it just like first appearance of Zodd :D)
My another favourite volume, is the one with isle of the Sea God, not because of pirates (they were quite annoying ;D) but the village, and the mermaids. I would like to see more of Guts and the pack adventures in future.. especially when there is Azan with them.
Vol 33-34, when Ganishka becomes Shiva and the battle of Wyndham/Falconia - the way Ganishka was portrayed as his most vulnerable at the same time as turning into a massive beast - the episode that showed his backstory was the most profound and literary things I've ever read in a comic book, and evoked many of the same qualities that made me love works like Neil Gaiman's Sandman. Miura managed to turn him into a tragic and sympathetic character, and thats the sign of a good storyteller.

I think these two volumes turned Ganishka into one of the best villains I've ever read in a work of fiction, and the fact it was Griffith, rather than Guts, who was fighting him subverted all kinds of standard fantasy tropes about good triumphing over evil.
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