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To liven things up a bit I thought to start a little game where the goal is to find a specific panel. The idea is that the winner has to then submit a panel for others to find, and so on.
We've done things like this before and they were fun, so I hope everyone gets into it. And to make things easier, you can just attach images directly to your posts if you don't have a place to upload them.

Well, to start it off, here goes below. Where's that from? :carcus:

The panel is from Volume 34, Episode 299 "Inhuman Battlefield". This is after the part where Griffith said "Demonic Release" and his whole army was first witnessing the War Demons in their apostle forms.

Hope you like this panel:
That is from Volume 29, Episode 249 "A Meager Supper," when Isidro and Mule are smashing each other's faces, and Puck's enjoying the show.

Here's one that's borderline mean:page.png
I found it. Volume 1, "The Guardians of Desire (1)," when Guts and Puck are following Vargas to his home/workshop. It shows one of the "unfriendly" neighbors.

Here's one that has almost no context :shrug::

Volume 7, episode 17 "Casca, Chapter 3" where Griffith and Gennon went on to do a "transaction" and closing the balcony door all the while Casca notices them.

Thought this one's neat:
That's from Volume 14, Episode 95: The Black Swordsman, Once More where a perverted bandit is about to test a tree ritual on Jill.

Figured that the fog would be the clue. Good catch! Ok, find this one:



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Figured that the fog would be the clue. Good catch! Ok, find this one:

To keep the thread going, since no one's answering, this is from volume 39, episode 350, when Farnese and Schierke experience Casca's memory of Guts and Griffith's fateful winter duel from volume 8.

Here's something simpler in the hope that it gets more people to participate.

Damn it I was just about to post the answer, but That one is also easy it's volume 8 episode 31 when the conspirators are burning in the tower with the queen.



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Also made me realize Dark Horse doesn't list episode numbers in their volumes lol.

They're not listed in the Japanese volumes either, it's something that's only used for the serialization in the magazine. We have a great guide for them that Walter made, available here.

For the sake of this little game though, simply giving the volume and describing the scene is fine. Listing the episode number is facultative.
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