Got my first 3 volumes!

Imperator Hanseatic

Ultimately just a crippled neet who loves Berserk.

Soon I'll be beginning my first reread since I discovered this series in my high-school library, six (I think) years ago. Truly though this will be my first complete reading once my collection catches up with volume 38 since the library did not have all of them. :farnese:

Related: Does anyone have recommendations for volume grouping? I'm looking to collect the volumes a few at a time - whenever I have money to spare - and was wondering if there is an established brainwave as to the "best" way to go about this.
I would recommend getting 1-3 volumes a month.

I was doing this for some time, and then used up the money I got for Christmas to get the rest of the series.
What kind of high school library has Berserk in it? Cause it sounds the type of library I could spend a lot of time in hah.

Congratulations on the beginning of your collection though. Those first three were typically how I got my friends into the series. Worked incredibly well. The amount of times I had rebuy those three because of said friends probably kept Miura fed for a month too bleh.

I'd have to flip through my books to give a proper idea of what to buy to make the story more fluid as you buy them. Unfortunately those have been shipped across Canada to where I'll be moving to though.

Toss me a PM if you want and I'd definitely be happy to help you figure it out.
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