Grail makes doodlies?!


Feel the funk blast
Well, I could never say no to an SFX shirt, nor an inappropriately suggestive teddy bear, for that matter! I think I'll be making up my Christmas list early this year... :ganishka:


Feel the funk blast

I was planning to post this sooner after 295's release, but I don't think that the new episode has made it any sillier than it is on its own. :guts:

Page 1
Page 2
May i seriously say your work (here and on the drawing board) is beyond hilarious i literally look at it and laugh out loud...and feel crazy for it.
Def. a fan<3
if you published your own berserk parody comic i would seriously pay money to read it.


Feel the funk blast
Thanks for the comments, everybody! :guts:

In response to your requests, I went ahead and popped out another comic page. This is a continuation of Zodd's harrowing flashback.

I give you... page 3!


Feel the funk blast
And now, I present you with the grand finale of Zodd's flashback! Thanks to all who read, I hope to make a few more comics detailing the daily lives of the ultimate duo. :SK:

Also, I thought I'd add a frame of a God Hand cameo in an otherwise unrelated comic.

I'm currently working on a SRS BIZNEZ Berserk doodle right now, and hope to post the WIP this coming week! I look forward to hearing what people will have to say. :guts:


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Awesome comic, love the conclusion, and Skull Knight's face, he just looks so insane even when he's being friendly... or especially because he's being friendly. Great stuff.


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Grail, it looks like you just got BLOGGED! :isidro:

Comic is solid as always. Poor Skully always gets the shaft.


Feel the funk blast
I'm honored! :serpico: Thanks, Bears.

And much appreciation to everyone for all the encouraging feedback. By the way Bob, you should know better than to depend on second-hand sources for your Slan nips. :miura: Shame on you.
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