Griffith vs Serpico


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1v1 duel. No armor. No special equipment. Griffith (Golden Age) has his sabre. Serpico (Present) has his rapier. Who wins?

Aside from his bouts with Guts, Serpico has only fought in duels against weak noblemen. Furthermore, he only uses his Sylph sword after he obtains it. He seems to be very skilled however.

Griffith is clearly very skilled as he easily bests young Guts. He has had countless battles, in which he uses his sabre. He spends his later days in the castle and at parties. He often makes assumptions about his opponents next actions, and if they act un-predictably, then he is left countered. Serpico is very crafty and unpredictable.

I think it would be an interesting duel and I cant really decide who I think would win.


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Oh, I completely agree, this decadent dandy would be no match for me! Now, he did trade blows three times, once for an extended period, with someone that last beat me in one stroke, but pay no heed. The more I think on it, the more I think my sword had a defect. It was the sword that lost, not Griffith!



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N7Paladin said:
Isn't Griffith always going to win due to causality?
Not in a hypothetical fight that didn't happen in the story (and never will). Of course, by that same token, it's fairly pointless to consider this fictional battle to begin with.


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serpico69 said:
What if causality dictates that he loses?
If that's a consideration why does this thread even exist? I think the more "what ifs" you strap to this thing, the more it prohibits people from weighing in with a legitimate take.

My personal addition: What if Serpico had diarrhea that day because Isidro happened to pick the wrong kind of berries? BUT Causality wasn't a factor.
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