Is berserk ending soon? Will Kentarou Miura finish it?

I'm a bit confused I know that Kentarou Miura announced a new manga within this episode but does this mean Berserk is ending? I've seen some people say that he doesn't even have plans on finishing it?
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1. I've taken the liberty to correct your post and the way you were referring to Miura. Unless you're good buddies it's somewhat odd to be calling him by his first name.
2. No, Berserk is not ending any time soon. I mean Miura does plan to end it of course, and each episode (Berserk uses a specific naming structure) brings us closer to the end, but it'll still take over 10 years even if the releases got more regular.
3. Finally, the new series was conceived by Miura and is being produced (supervised) by him, but he won't be the one drawing/writing it. It's a separate thing that his studio (composed of his assistants) is doing.
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