National Anthem... En español


"Bring the light of day"

And for the record. It was Florida. :void:


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Hey well, funny idea, at least these immigrants can know what it says now.

Some Internet bloggers and others are infuriated by the thought of "The Star-Spangled Banner" sung in a language other than English, and the version of the song has already been the target of a fierce backlash.
Hahaha whoa, such credibility! Internet bloggers are infuriated! :void:

"Would the French accept people singing the La Marseillaise in English as a sign of French patriotism? Of course not,"
Haha yeah right, if I ever hear someone singing it in another language I'll start a blog to rant about it. (that translation isn't so good though, I prefer the official one)


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"Would the French accept people singing the La Marseillaise in English as a sign of French patriotism? Of course not,"
Yeah but the French don't have thousands of American/British immigrants crossing into their borders and subsequently reproducing every 5 minutes, either. Accepting these immigrants as Americans is inevitable. They're here to stay. Let's just try to avoid some awkward embarrassments 20 years down the line, when we're stuck in line at Wendy's between two well-off Mexican-American families, OK America?


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ugh... not here too...

I can't believe people care that much about a song being sung in another language. There really must be nothing going on... oh, except that genocide in Darfur, war in Iraq, and corruption in abundance. But hold all that, lets get this anthem thing out of the way first.

el dios bendice América


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I'm so angry I think I'll sing the Mexican national anthem in English. That'll teach those dirty immigrants, right? :troll:

Seriously, this whole anthem thing is ridiculous. I think it wasn't exactly the most brilliant plan on the part of the protesters-nobody in there right mind should care-and the fact that it got people riled up is, if anything, an embarrassment to America.

In any case, why doesn't the US just put the money that will inevitably be poured into feeding and supporting the jailed immigrants into fixing up Mexico? There's a reason people jump the border, it's not just for fun.
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