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Aazealh said:
Yeah man, it sure takes us back. And are we even really better off now?

Nope, and Walter pretty much hit it on the head with AIM's wacky "we don't know any better" uniqueness. I also think it was a formative time or place thing that we and future generations can't recapture; this was before facebook and texting was prevalent for God's sake! This was IT!

Walter said:
No, we aren't. The tech behind chat platforms has become more streamlined, but features have regressed. I know people really love certain platforms like Slack and Discord. I've used them both extensively, but they lack basic features that made AIM such a crazy, weird thing. With F12 you could record 10 seconds of whatever sound was running through your PC. It was nominally for recording short voice clips, like a conversation. But me and Griff made it into a fucking artform by finding abstract/hilarious combinations of music/sounds + images. Every other chat platform since has been a disappointment...

Yep... I think another perfect example of AIM's beautiful wild west weirdness is how one could also use a small .wav file as your "avatar." Not because AOL designed it that way because it's cool, but seemingly because they didn't bother designing it to not be that way! We were truly free back then. :ganishka:

IncantatioN said:
Used to use AIM a lot in the early to mid 2000's alongside Yahoo Messenger. AIM was better than Yahoo or MSN back then. Remember ICQ? It was big for us my first year in college but the mania slowly died down. I haven't logged into AIM since 2009 and hearing this news, I kinda regret it. I moved to GChat ever since.

Oh man, MSN SUCKED! And you know, I never even made it off AIM really, I used gchat or facebook for a while, but it wasn't the same and I basically stopped chatting altogether within a few years of AIM becoming obsolete. I used to chat with Wally, Aaz, and friends on there every day for hours and even played D&D on AIM for a while when some of my friends moved away (#aimemories)
, but I could never get with the shit and just sort of faded away [size=1pt]maybe that's just me though. =)


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MSN was the big thing around these parts until fb took off. You could customize it entirely, play games with other people, record audio. After it disappeared, i guess whatsapp is the only thing i use to keep in touch with people since i left all social media years ago.
Why a 19-year-old Bitcoin millionaire built a working Dr. Octopus suit.


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Zeke said:
Why a 19-year-old Bitcoin millionaire built a working Dr. Octopus suit.

Haha boy, this is basically just one long puff piece for Finman.
LeBron the Laker:

Will his move pay off in terms of rings? :???:
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