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^Yeah, that definitely seems a bit weird... Looks like something pretty much every Berserk statue collector would purchase. I remember having seen that pic before but I always thought it was some independent project.
I've placed a pre-order for this 1/10 scale diorama, back in 2007. The price was 9,000Yen, it was supposed to be produced only if there was 2,000 pre-orders.
They should revise the sculpt and release it... but I highly doubt that it would cost 9,000Yen, nowadays.
I would like to request a new Zodd figure. I have been looking at AoW's release schedule (also, man those prices have spiked), and it's been a WHILE since we've seen Human form Zodd. I think his character design is absolutely amazing, and if we could get a proper remake of Revelations (His face is absolutely godawful in Revelations) i'd buy that in a heartbeat.

I need a human form Zodd in my collection :p
I wouldn't buy a remake of Zodd Revelations even if the face were different unless it were a different scale and not $700. Sure, I'd like to see a Human Zodd as well but I'd definitely prefer it if they put out statues other than just Guts, Griffith, Zodd or Skull Knight. So many other characters in wait ... Casca included.
I agree, it's pretty much all they've ever put out. I want the original Band of the Hawk aswell, but those haven't been released in yeaaaars, and probably never will.

Remake the original band of the hawk as a set, by having each base fit together so that it becomes a huge diorama when it's finished. It would look great.

Looked at the request thread, and would totally buy one of these:

4 - with Guts, on top of castle wall, hugging during Mozgus fight

Seems like alot of people want rape dioramas (iconic scenes, but damn):p
So I got a Questionaire from Art of War after I bought my Nosferatu Zodd 2013 version. I filled it out, and I actually got a proper response from Art of War where they started asking me questions about Shingeki no Kyojin Collectibles. I thought it was genuinely fascinating to receive a response, and it seems that they are kind of listening to customer feedback. Here is the entire thing (sensitive information removed):


1. Which item/items you purchased this time? How was the package condition when it arrived?
[ Nosferatu Zodd *2013 Version- no. 307 ] The Package condition was perfect. The wooden box and velvet packaging was very tastefully done. It gives off the illusion of a high-end collectible. very well done.

2. Do you like it? Say something about your statue.
I think the statue looks great, and is a great representation of Zodd. The pose is very intimidating.

3. Which part you are not satisfied with the statue? And which part you like best?
I am not especially dissatisfied with any part of the statue, but I guess the bit of flesh in his mouth looks out of place. The paint application was the best, especially the glossy finish on the Wings. They look otherworldly.

4. ★Besides Berserk and GANTZ, which Japanese comic, animation or character you would like us to recreate?
Name: Young Joseph Joestar from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Price you wish for a statue: If the size is right (atleast 1/6 scale) and it looks just perfect i'd be willing to pay X yen.

5. About our service, which part do you think should be improved?
New statues. There has only been repaints a long time now. If you created a new figure with love and affection there is no doubt it would sell out, there is no need to keep repainting your figures. It cheapens the earlier versions.

6. We have our Facebook page now. Do you think it is useful for you? And what do you want to see on the page?
The facebook page is great, you have been uploading high-quality pictures of your statues and I think they look amazing. I would like to see you interacting with the customers more, and using that feedback to improve as a company.

7. Say something to us. Anything is OK.
Stop repainting old versions of statues, and give fans new statues. You have the Berserk license, which is highly lucrative if you use it properly. there are so many iconic scenes, characters and dioramas that are waiting to be immortalized as statues,but you're not utilizing it properly. The Skull Knight was the last statue I wanted from your company, and it doesn't look like you're planning to expand your library of collectibles anytime soon. If that is the case, you will never see me as a buying customer again. Thank you for your time.

Art of War's Response:
Your suggestion is very interesting and important to us. We will discuss if there is any possibility to make statues from JoJo.
Thank you for your idea. And how do you think about “shingeki no kyojin”? It is very popular now.

Regarding the new items, of course we will go on recreate new scenes of the main characters. The problem is, to make totally new statues needs money, time and more sculptors. We will not try to complain about the situation of our company, but in one year we may only able to do 3-4 or even less brand new statues.
For other characters, we want to recreate them too, but we have to consider carefully if our customers would pay a big bill for them. But as long as our company exist, we will surely go on recreating Berserk world.

We will check the affected flesh part of Zodd, and avoid this miss next time.

Thank you very much for your understanding. We hope you can support us as always.
If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.
Have a nice day.

My response:
I'm glad to hear that you've taken my feedback to heart. I understand that creating new statues take time and money, but if you can produce 2-3 brand new statues a year that would be pretty amazing for your customers. I am sure that they would completely sell out if you make them worth the purchase. You are a company that produces high-end collectible statues and figurines, so it seems strange that a proposition to create new statues is something you feel the need to defend.

Regarding Shingeki No Kyojin and creating statues from this series: I think it would be amazing. Your previous work with Berserk has shown that you can manage to create great dioramas with blood and gore, so I am sure getting the Shingeki no Kyojin license would be a smart investment. If you acted fast, you could probably manage to secure a quasi-monopoly on high-end SnK collectibles. We are experiencing a huge Shingeki no Kyojin boom right now, as there is a live-action movie, an anime adaptation is currently airing, and it is being officially published worldwide by english publishing houses such as Kodansha Comics. If high-end statues became available, I am sure they would completely sell out.

Thank you for your time.

If this doesn't belong here, just let me know (or just move/delete it)
Good job Liad!

So they basically saying they can release 2 ~3 new statues a year...... This year being guts&casca and guts birth ceremony? Those are the only budgets they got? I can't believe what I heard and they've been over charging on everything for years. I will never buy anything just stand there and look cool from AOW from now on.

And about the new 2013 zodd... ....Liad can u kindly post some real pics up? Thanks.
Sure, I can post up some pictures. I'll find the zodd post and post some pictures soon (only a crappy iphone camera, but i'll see what I can pull off)
IncantatioN said:
It's an on-going thread. If you ask me, AOW could pick any of the suggested statues for a 25th Anniversary.
You are correct, and they could make nothing either. They are still looking for ideas, almost every contact mail from them proves that.
AFAIK they never show prototypes? For repaints they show number of requests on item page, but how they make a new ones?
Ganiskha Shiva form

Rosine apostle form

Femto with his space rift

Rakshas Apostle form

Casca in the iron maiden overflowing with specters

Borkoff Ogre battle

Ganiska Mist form
Beast of Darkness dog statue.
Guts with head half covered by beast, mid transformation.
Shierke casting spell.
Modus torturer with man caught in weapon.
Casca and Guts back to back in 100 man fight.
I’m not very up-to-date with the art of war statues anymore but is this a new one? I just saw at the berserk exhibit today. You could also pre-order it in the merchandise section of the exhibit.
Art of War Statue


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I’m not very up-to-date with the art of war statues anymore but is this a new one? I just saw at the berserk exhibit today. You could also pre-order it in the merchandise section of the exhibit.
Art of War Statue

Haven't followed AOW products too closely myself but I think it's new yeah. Looks pretty good too. Do you remember what the preorder price was?
Haven't followed AOW products too closely myself but I think it's new yeah. Looks pretty good too. Do you remember what the preorder price was?
I pre-ordered this piece back in September 2020 and I received it early August.
I went for the limited 1 version with Guts from Casca's dream bonus mini-statue. The price was 154,000Yen.
It's very expensive but I like it very much.
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