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IncantatioN said:
Oh man ... these covers look really good. What do you think Walter?
They don't excite me. And this is the second time that I know of for the series to be re-released with new covers. After all that, I still prefer the originals. Each one tried a different style, so that even those that aren't great at least showed an artistic attempt at some fresh take on the characters/mood. And these pristine-looking things are really going to contrast harshly with the art inside them, which developed considerably across the years he produced Slam Dunk.

Anyway, this all seems like a cheap grab for attention and money -- a path of least resistance for Inoue to make a bit of cash. And why not? It's his series. But if Inoue is going to revisit this material, I'd prefer to see something a little more substantial. A teasing flash forward would be pretty powerful for longtime fans (Sakuragi and Rukawa in a college game, for example). The "10 Days Later" serial was too low-effort to satiate that appetite. I doubt we'll ever get a "sequel," despite many seeds having been laid for one throughout vols 20-31, though I can certainly live without one.
The new edition of Slam Dunk ranked #4 on Oricon’s top-selling manga in Japan by series in 2018 (Nov. 20, 2017-Nov. 18, 2018) with a estimated sales total of 5,214,085.

New poster preview for anyone that bought all 20 volumes of the reorganized edition of the manga in Japan.
Takehiko Inoue will release a new Slam Dunk artbook titled “Plus / Slam Dunk Illustrations 2”. It’ll feature over 130 illustrations including 11 new illustrations & cover illustration. First print copies include a special postcard with the cover illustration on it. It’ll release in Japan on April 3, 2020.

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