Passing Berserk on to Future Readers

So I was watching some Star Wars clips on YouTube not long ago, as my interest was rekindled after my 2nd playthrough of Jedi Fallen Order. Naturally, I ended up on some videos of folks filming their families' reactions to certain plot points, such as Darth Vader revealing himself to be Luke's father (er, spoilers, by the way). The comments were full of folks describing similar experiences, as well as their own experiences when they saw it all in cinemas back in the day.

I thought it was pretty great how these people passed a beloved story to their kids and how their kids in turn will pass it on to their own. I mean, that's pretty much how we end up with enduring classics anyway. My own parents introduced me to stuff like Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, and a lot of other stories.

Of course this got me thinking about Berserk, and how future readers will be introduced to it. I don't have children myself, but if I ever do, I want to introduce them to certain stories: One Piece, Dragon Ball, Disney classics, definitely Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, a whole lot of great video-games (such as Dark Souls :femto:)...and maybe at some point, Berserk. As fans of the work, it is important that we do our part to make sure it (and therefore, Kentaro Miura's legacy) endures.

So how about you folks? Will you pass Berserk on to your kids or any younger readers you know? How will you go about doing it, especially considering the material? How long would you wait? Or will you let them discover it on their own?

There's also the issue with the continuation. Will you tell them to avoid it? Or will you refrain from influencing their reception to it? Would you even bring it up at all?

I'm curious to read your thoughts.
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The sad truth is that recommending Berserk often breaks down into explaining what NOT to see. Any step outside the manga becomes a minefield of embarrassment and if I bring it up with friends or family I tell them to stick to the main series or, if they really have to, the '97 anime. I'm still technically holding judgement on the continuation, but in the future I will probably just recommend the inevitable, fan-made summary with the fat cut out which was the direction I was hoping Mori would go in the first place.

That all said, Berserk is such a timeless masterpiece that it probably doesn't need a bunch of hype-men and women running around for future generations to take notice of it. It's already a cultural landmark.
Obviously the manga is the best thing to point people to, but the average person doesn't read manga. Miura's death and the subsequent abridged ending we are getting will make it a unique property to pass on to future generations.

I've done my best to create a solid fan-edit of the many animes out there into a single viewing experience and I've used it to introduce people to the series. Most end up hooked and pick up the manga. That will be how I pass it on outside the comic book community.
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