POLL: Guess Miura's 'Next Project'

What's Miura's "you know what" project?

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I voted for Non-Berserk Miniseries.

So I haven't played a Mortal Kombat game since MK3, but I've been watching the trailers for MK11 on YouTube with interest. That prompted me to tell Walter last week that if a game had to have a fun and easy-to-pull-off Berserk cameo these days, I could see it being a Mortal Kombat game. It'd be cool to see Guts cut people in half as a guest character. Then, after seeing Miura's comment in the interview, and given that both MK11 and episode 358 are coming out next week, I realized yesterday there could actually be a chance of it happening now.
MK11 looks nuts, especially their fatalities. Geras looks like a fun character to tackle. A Guts cameo would be amazing!
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