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Last Guardian when? - CyberKlink 20XX before dying
So I was over at my mom's house(it's right next to mine since we live in a duplex) and noticed we had some packaged strawberry/banana mix and decided to search for smoothie recipes. I open up her firefox and see this:

I just had to take a screenshot. :iva:

I'll have fun reformatting her computer soon. :mozgus:


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Super Metroid was recently released on the WiiU's virtual console. Behold and despair at the Miiverse's reaction to this classic.

PS: "y can't metroid crawl?"


I played it this morning, and i was praising how well designed this game is. It wasn't until I needed the grappling hook that I need to back track. Before that, i just kept pressing forward and was upgrading the suit without too much trouble. Those are some priceless pics : D
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