R.I.P James Brown


I'll be back.
So JB dies on Christmas Day cause of pneumonia that triggered a heart attack. I did like some of his music, especially "I've got you". I guess some young teens and older people didn't know of him, until his mugshot pic. Well, too each his own.

handsome rakshas

Thanks Grail!
Weird, I was just listening to a crappy Industrial remix of that "James Brown is Dead" song on my way back from Chicago this evening. I haven't heard that song in like ten years and I just happen to hear the remix tonight.
May God bless James Brown's soul. It's especially saddening, how he said "I'll be leaving now" (or something like that) before he died.


Aeneas said:
Peter Boyle
James Brown
Gerald Ford

I wonder who's next? Sad, sad holiday season :judo:

Saddam Hussein!!!!!!!!
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