Sleeping pill side effects

This gave me a bit of a laugh. I would want to try it just to see if anything would happen.;D,20867,21157003-23289,00.html


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Wow, makes you wonder how this got on the market in the first place... Thank Sanofi-Aventis. :void:


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Wow, that's like something out of a bad science fiction movie.

From what I've heard, these drugs have been seeing huge popularity lately. Nobody wants to fall asleep the old fashioned way anymore. Pretty soon we'll have drugs for walking.
"The cases have led health authorities to warn that the sleeping pill used by 250,000 Australians is so powerful it can cause people to eat, walk and even drive while they are asleep."

Hm, that kinda sounds like z...Zombies? It's over, the Umbrella Organization has finally won.

News is old, but in semi-relation to mindless antics...


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Vaxillus said:
Pretty soon we'll have drugs for walking.
I use to chug energy drinks and un-godly amounts of coffee in order to stay awake on patrols and on guard in Iraq. It's supprisingly very hard to stay awake even with the fear of death loaming over your head.


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Funny, I was chatting with some friends and this came up the other day. I guess there used to be some stuff in Nyquil (sp?) and Tylenol PM that was supposed to put you to sleep, but got you high if you forced yourself to stay up. I think it was removed though, too bad :schierke:
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