The ultimate PC controller: a bad idea gone horribly wrong


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Jesus, just look at this abomination.​


Courtesy of Grail's doodling.
oh man, and I thought the Steel Battalion controller had a steep learning curve, that thing is a beast.
Finally a game pad that would allow me individual control over my characters toes and digits. I would be willing to give such a thing a try if only for shear amusement (though I hate track balls - which is clearly this things biggest problem... :guts:). One thing is for sure, you wouldn't run short on key bindings for a game. This is what happens when someone decides to map an established item on to a nonstandard topology.


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Looks like a joke, honestly. It's just so inelegant. Props to anyone managing to use this effectively, though I don't know what they'd use it for.
Wow, I never knew they could make controllers THAT bad of a monstrosity.

If this isn't a joke what is the company thinking that this thing will actually sell or be even usable for that matter.
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