Twin Peaks Returns


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SuperVegetto said:
I got a massive deja vu from this comment.

Is it future or is it past?
Walter said:
Wow! My face while watching. :ganishka: Alex should ditch his dayjob and become the key Twin Peaks theorycrafter.
I actually found the whole thing, and while I couldn't get through more than a minute more than what appears in the Peaks video, he's actually talking about some conspiracy concerning the elites being vampire pedophiles with the aim of becoming one with the machines!(!?) :carcus: Eat your heart out, David Lynch!

Also, if you found The Return's ending to be a bit abrupt, here's a coda for you:

Well... you can't argue with that! :isidro: :magni:


Excitement and Enjoyment!
Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier came out this week and it popery ties up Annie´s and to a certain degree Audrey´s story. A lot of the info within can be pieced together from S03 but this one is a sequel to it, unlike Mark Frost´s previous and much more labyrinthian The Secret History of Twin Peaks. I would be surprised if S03 (9/10) will be the very final word on the show but this is a good ending point.
...The overlapping realities shown in season 3 of Twin Peaks just brings up something from season 1 episode 3 with the multiple federal pins on Coopers coat in The Red Room outlining that his consciousness has spanned several dream worlds and is not simply old man Cooper but an older Cooper spirit.
I recently began my re-watch of season's 1 and 2 before diving into the new season and I'm on episode 3 of season 1. Can't help but hear the themes ring in my head while I'm at work like the opening of Laura's theme or Freshly Squeezed.
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